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The mission of Christian Nymphos is to teach married women to walk in sexual freedom with their husbands, so they will be able to reach out and help free the women in their lives.

The Christian Nympho Name

We recognize that nymphomania is a legitimate illness for some women and we don’t mean to minimize that in any way. We started referring to ourselves as nymphos long before we started our blog. We saw ourselves as incredibly passionate wives and found wonderful freedom in embracing our sexuality. The definition of a nympho is “a woman with abnormal sexual desires.” Sometimes we do feel abnormal, and while sometimes it is with people who are not Christians it can also be when we are in groups of Christian women. Moms groups. Ladies Bible studies. A night out with our Christian girlfriends. It is not uncommon to hear women speaking negatively about sex. It is also not at all uncommon for us to hear people telling us that our sexual standards are rigid and uptight because we are so firm in our conviction that sex as God intended it is most intensely fulfilled within the marriage covenant.

While our name includes the term “nympho,” we also first and foremost refer to ourselves as Christians. The core of our identity is that we belong to God and have a connection to Him because of our faith in the saving power of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. This allows us to submit all of our sexual desires to his authority so that our expressions of passion with our husbands are healthy and appropriate.

The word Nympho has a negative connotation for some. It doesn’t have to stay this way. Why can’t we take something “of the world” and make it into something good?

We are here to say to women everywhere:

“Be fully released to embrace all that God wants for your marriage! Ignite that intimacy with your husband, and grow in Christ together! Witness to others about Jesus, and at the same time, let them see you as a healthy, strong, happily married woman. Be a role model to other young women who need someone to look up to and talk to. Instruct them on marriage and don’t shy away from sexual questions they have. Young women need experienced women to talk to and get sound, Christian advice from. Let us honor God by showing these women what He wants for them in marriage!”

Please feel free to use the category listings, FAQ page and search box to find information on a variety of topics.  Also please read our Summer 2011 page for more current information about our site this summer.  Also please be sure to read our GUIDELINES page for important information your need to know about posting on our blog.

We welcome all married women to enter our community at the Christian Nympho blog and interact with the articles. Just know that we speak from the heart. We write honestly and in some cases, bluntly. We are not embarrassed or ashamed to talk about what the Lord has done in our lives, including our marriage beds. We hope you bookmark us and come back to see us regularly!


  1. Ladies – THANK YOU!!! It’s so wonderful to find a site that I can so completely agree with – I love my husband and like you all – I love being intimate with him as often as possible. I’ve truly been enjoying reading your blogs and have shared them with my husband often. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  2. What a great post proclaiming your passion for passion in a marriage! I guess I’m a fellow nympho because nothing excites me more than giving my hubby pleasure. It makes him feel so loved, and it makes me feel special. He takes supreme care of me too, in and out of the bedroom.

    Keep up the great work ladies! You have a very special ministry going on. 🙂

  3. I am excited to find your site, and even more excited to know that there are other nympho wives out there! I think what you are doing here is awesome and I look forward to reading what’s to come!!! Thanks!

  4. I am really glad that I found this site. I’ve always wondered if there was something that was especially designed for christian women who were married, believed in the Word of God, and dealt with sex and sexual issues. Thank you ladies so much for taking the time to put something together like this. It is helping me tremendously.

  5. HONEY I’M HOME!!!
    Well if It isn’t a bunch of like minded ladies! so very glad to meet you all..

  6. Thank you so much for this site!!!

    I have been absorbing the information from this site for the past couple of months but was a bit nervous about posting. Yesterday, you posted about an activity that has been weighing on me in that I LOVE doing it to my DH, but I had been feeling terrible afterwards.

    My husband of 16 years and I have a blessed love life, but I grew up in a conservative household and sex was a dirty and sinful thing. If it wasn’t missionary with my DH, I felt guilty. A little guilty for being taken doggy-style, a lot guilty for my DH taking me that way in my rear and REALLY guilty for taking him that way. I’ve learned to deal with it over the past decade and a half, but I always felt dirty and sinful to some degree for really enjoying lovemaking with my DH and engaging in the activities that really excite both of us.

    I think I like the fiery spices in our marriage more than he does, probably because of how taboo I grew up being told that they were. Go figure. This site has opened my eyes on how my Lord Jesus Christ gave me a body that was designed to feel pleasure from all the different ways my husband touches me, and he has a body that loves to be pleasured by his nympho wife! Taking my advice for bedroom activities from The Holy Bible has been so healing for my marriage versus listening to those voices in my head from my parents.

    May God continue to richly bless you and all the Christian women that are receiving a blessing from sharing about how wonderful lovemaking with the man God created for us to be can be.

  7. Thank you so much for this site. It was a blessing that came along to me just at the right time. Let’s just say things were much spicier tonight than they have been in a long time thanks to some time I spent on your site last night.

    Praise God for he knows exactally what we need and when we need it!

  8. Hi to all the spice girls,

    I am new to your site and I love it! I am a 50 year old female who has been married for 23 years to a wonderful man! I came from a home where most sexual acts were ok as long as you loved the person, then becoming a Christian at 21 and believing very little was ok even in marriage! I have come full circle and believe all is ok again as long as you’re married and it is mutually agreeable and there is no harm your body! Thanks so much for this site!

    I would be very interested in how you gals all got together to start this endeavor! You don’t have to give your life history but just a little would be nice . Also how long have each of you been married and how old are you!

    I love your site name and I am definitely a sister nympho!!!

  9. This thread tells more “About Us”

    How did we get started? We were chatting one day about blogging and then got to chatting about writing a blog for Christian women about sex and then the more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea. We decided to go for it and are so blessed to hear from women like yourself who are finding greater freedom and using the ideas in our blog to propel them deeper into who God created them to be!

  10. Wow! My hubby of 10+ years found this site and showed it to me. I’m so glad he did! I’m already confident that this site, and your candor will help me in my very own “freedom of expression”!

    Thanks for sharing your lives!!!

  11. I have to agree with some of the other ladies. Thank you for this ministry. I never knew before that there was a site such as this for Christian couples to get tips and hints for the bedroom without feeling that they should be guilty for seeing such a thing or being redirected to a porn site. We wanted to keep Godly principles in our marriage and it felt wrong to look anything up to help until we found the site. Thanks for helping us not to feel quite so uncomfortable in learning more.

  12. Girls,

    How exciting it is to find passionate Christian women! It’s good to know that there are Godly women who are not ashamed of the blessing of marital sexual love. My husband and I have been married for 4 months. I have struggled with pain during intercourse (maybe a touch of vaginismus?) on and off during that time. I am multi-orgasmic and that’s a blessing, but I can only orgasm during manual stimulation. I really want to be wild about sex, but sometimes I’m afraid because sometimes it hurts… other times it’s just bland because it’s not stimulating to me. As you can tell, I have a long way to go, although I know I’m on the way there. I’m looking forward to the encouragement and help that your site is going to be (and has already been during my week of following your posts). Thank you girls SO much for “teaching the younger women to love their husbands”!!! May our Father bless you and reward you for your service!

    In Jesus,
    Isaac’s Girl

  13. Hey Girls,
    Married for just over 20 years, I can appreciate the endless blessings that a healthy, spicy, satisfying, sex life can bring to a marriage. I must admit there were times that I felt concerned about our love making and explorations and how they fit into our Christian lives. Fortunately, with a little digging I was soon relieved. I share your opinions and am pleased to see that you are affecting Christian women in such a positive way. What an awesome ministry. Being involved closely in a ministry, I see that you have created a “meet them where they are” invironment, that will surely educate, fulfill and ultimately save marriages.
    Hugs and Blessings!

  14. I found your site a few weeks back and think it’s wonderful. My husband and I have only been married 2 years. We were both in very difficult marital situations previously. God took my husband’s first wife home – he had a very difficult marriage and was treated poorly by his wife up until the end sadly. I’ve had my own set of abusive and difficult relationships, but it is by God’s grace and my relationship with Christ that I can now live a life of godliness. I believe this includes a deep and intimate relationship with my spouse. Since we have been married we’ve realized that we are a little bit on the “crazy” side, but finding sites like this confirms we are not the only ones! We have learned so much from one another and have been able to express ourselves sexually in ways we believe 1) God intended and 2) to fulfill our heart’s desires in a spouse. Recently I had struggled with hormonal changes that really took the fun out of our sex life – my husband is so patient and loving and I felt well cared for during that time. But then once I started to recover and feel better….wow! Last night he came home from a business trip – while I showered, he prepared himself by covering himself in rose petals as a gift for me! When I stepped out of the bathroom he was waiting for me with nothing on by rose petals – whew! I was totally surprised and overwhelmed! Needless to say it was an awesome night and we are thankfully back on track. I have never been so safe, secure and satisfied. He is the man of my dreams! It took me a long time in my life to be this comfortable and free and I know I was misinformed about God’s purpose for sex, but more importantly I know with the Lord’s confirmation in my heart it is His intent for us to enjoy the wonders of our sex life! It can be a challenge for those of us who have suffered abuse or have been treated badly, but through patience, prayer and commitment to our spouse, everyone can have an amazing love life. I am so grateful to God for this! Thank you for your boldness in this website – it’s great!

  15. Beautiful, ladies; absolutely beautiful.

    I am not a theist (yes, I’m one of those atheists) but there’s nothing more beautiful or precious than intelligent creatures being who and how they are. Augustine ain’t turning over in his grave, he’s been tossed into a blender. With any luck he’ll be sane when he gets poured out. You ladies can do that and more for real people here and there and everywhere. As for your husbands … It’s no wonder they believe in god.

  16. I think this is the most appropriate place to leave this comment: I found your site very recently as well as reading The Sexually Confident Wife. I haven’t heard verbally from my husband, but from my point of view, our love making has never been more exciting. I appreciate all that you ladies do – especially your openness in discussing “taboo” issues. You have a special ministry here and with God working through you, marriages can be what God intended for us to have. I have always felt that a “lady” should not enjoy making love and felt ashamed by that. (Maybe too many Victorian romance novels that have female characters believing that a wife is to produce an heir while a mistress is to enjoy sex.) DH has tried to convince me otherwise, but not until I found your site did my eyes begin to be opened. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  17. Yesterday I mentioned that I had not heard verbally from DH – just wanted to update you – last night he told me, “I don’t know what website you are reading, but keep it up!” Thanks, ladies!

  18. I love this site, ladies! My husband and I thought we were weird. I never understood why people would not want to have what me and my husband have. It is a blessing beyond belief. I am so glad that there are others that understand this.

    I love it that you are willing to be open and honest about different aspects of sex that are looked down upon. I know a lot of people that would benefit from this site. Be sure that I am passing the word.

  19. Just found this website and it has been a good source of enlightenment for me. Not often do you find a site that christians can come to and express their sexual thoughts etc. Good work keep it up and God bless you all. I am currently in the process of reading all the materials…good stuff so far.

  20. Hello Sisters! I am thankful for your blog and found it very useful and encouraging. I mentioned you all on my personal blog and noticed that Spicy Nutmeg posted a comment to my post. How did you girls know I wrote a blog singing your praises? You are just EVERYWHERE =}!

  21. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site. I found it yesterday and have spent a lot of time trawling around, literally devouring all the advice and suggestions.

    I am engaged to a wonderful Christian man and we have started to talk over our expectations and practical details such as contraception. I have three wonderful older sisters and a sister-in-law, (not forgetting my mother!) who have helped me figure out where to start looking, (after the Bible!) and are happy to talk things over with me. I know that I am unusually blessed. I have found as girlfriends of mine get married it has often been me, the single virgin with no experience, to give them some advice! Which seems so ridiculous to me. In church there are so many women of different ages to become friends with and relate to, my non-christian friends find it astonishing, but there is a big hole in the communication when it comes to sex. So YAY! Now I can send them all here! THANK YOU!

    I had so much fun coming up with this username, I’m praying it’s prophetic!

  22. (tnbaer’s wife here)

    This blog is great! I found you through TMB.

  23. I just want to say how much I appreciate your stand for biblical sexuality in everything God intended for it to be. Your desire to help other women understand and fully embrace it is very admirable, and I believe honors God. You are very much pioneers in the sense that you’re advocating that crucial balance greatly needed in this day and age.

  24. Wow! For so long, I thought there was something wrong with me! It’s great to know there are other Christian women in the world who desire to live and love so passionately!
    I found your website two days before my husband (of 15 years) and I went on an overnight stay at a seaside resort, alone. We have three young children and two very demanding careers; therefore this time alone together was crucial to our relationship. Thanks to you, it was hotter than ever!

  25. I totally agree with wowgodisgood!! I kept feeling like there was somthing wrong with me too! I told myself that it was all ok with God but my totally outrageous desire for my hunnie was making me feel… well, outrageously nyphatic!! Even my husband asked me if I was normal. I said “well when it comes to you I REALLY CAN’T HELP MYSELF!” lol! So THANK YOU for giving me a big sigh of relief that there are many many others out there just like me with a naturally large appetite for thier gorgeous and wonderful spouses!! I can’t wait to fully explore this site!
    Thank You Lord!!

  26. Thank you for this website. I never knew such a website existed. The first time I visited the site I read various articles and comments for about 2 hours. I cried myself to sleep that night. You see, you speak of the type of intimacy I crave in my marriage. But alas, it doesn’t exist right now. But I am committed to my marriage and I believe the Lord can use all the difficulties we face in our marriages to mold and shape us. I find my husband intensely sexy and desirable, but there is such a lack of real intimacy in our relationship that I am really starting to despair. We have sex, but there is no intimacy. I will continue to pray and persevere. I hope to have a praise report very soon! Blessing to you all!!

  27. I love this site! I sumbled onto it almost 2 weeks ago (The same day I found The Marriage Bed) I didn’t even realize there was anything wrong with our sex life exactly. Dh and I have been married for 7 and a half years and have 3 young children. I was very into making love at the beginning and attributed my downward desire to babies and life ever after. Dh kept asking what was wrong and why I didn’t desire him like I used to, I just thought what’s wrong with once a week? We have a wonderful marriage and are much close than most couples I know, so the issue didn’t seem huge but I know it bothered dh more than me. I was looking up some ideas to spice things up a little and flopped onto this site. What bliss! The last 2 weeks have been amazing. At first I think dh was a little concerned and maybe worried it wouldn’t last. I just explained, It’s like I was sleeping and had no idea how to wake up. I’m awake now and love it! Thanks for putting all this information out there. Everything witnesses in my heart as true and I love being set free and furthering our amazing relationship. Again Thanks for letting God use you to reach the rest of us that may have been sleeping!

  28. Oh my gosh! I am so gratefule that I am not the only woman out there willing to try anything with her husband! I have been feeling so guilty about everything we do(vibrator, toys,anal sex, multipla O’s ….) I didn’t know what the bible said about it and couldn’t find anything either. But you have made me feel normal, even excited to call myself a NYMPHO! All I can say is thank you!

  29. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  30. I had posted a comment a couple of days ago and realized that I posted it in the wrong spot. My mind must had been in shock with what I had found in this wonderful website. So, I will repeat what I wrote in another place…I am so blessed and thrilled to have found this site. It came at the right time for me as well. My husband is a very sexual man (what man isn’t). But, he could be half a sleep and if I came on to him, he would wake right up! This site has given me as a Christian woman the OK to move forward in all the areas of intimacy that my husband and I can dream up. My husband is not a Christian and I am beginning to think that God has revealed this to me to see that God isn’t just a ruling, dictator and we are his puppets. Thank you so much all of you that have contributed to this site! I have even emailed my husband a link to the Multiple Orgasm page and told him I wanted us to work on that. He was totally into it and said that he would LOVE to work on it. I will continue to visit and watch for more updates. GOD BLESS!!!

  31. I had left a comment a couple of weeks ago and now it is gone, was just wondering if I was inappropriate.. Anyway, I am so glad to know I am not the only christian woman who is totally into her hubby, and is willing to try almost anything….For years I had thought there was something wrong with me, I had even left my faith at a young age because of it but I now realize it is O.K and God is love and wants us to love 🙂 What a beautiful thing….

  32. I just found this wonderful page. I’m still overwhelmed at all the great information, it’s so much to take in all at once!

  33. I heard about this site on Slate and was a bit skeptical but after finally checking it out I am so excited to find that there are other women out there that feel the same way I do. None of my friends understand this, they act put out when their husbands want sex more than once ever 2 weeks. So for a long time I felt like I was the weird one with abnormal desires. Thanks for taking the time to put this site together and creating a place where for once a women like me doesn’t feel like there’s something wrong with her.

  34. I love this site! My sister sent it to me as a joke, because I’m one of those women who gets teased by my friends for being “abnormal”. I was pleasantly suprised. My husband and I will be using these resources ! thank you!

  35. I heard about this site on Slate and was a bit skeptical but after finally checking it out I am so excited to find that there are other women out there that feel the same way I do. None of my friends understand this, they act put out when their husbands want sex more than once ever 2 weeks. So for a long time I felt like I was the weird one with abnormal desires. Thanks for taking the time to put this site together and creating a place where for once a women like me doesn’t feel like there’s something wrong with her.

  36. I want to thank you for your website. I will be celebrating 12 years of marriage this year and blessed with 5 kids under 5, so being intimate with my Dh was not a priority. This last Christmas, we decided to put ourselves on top of each other’s priority lists. It is refreshing and a blessing to find such useful information that is clean. I look forward to learning to be the wife my husband needs me to be. God bless you!

  37. I’m happy and grateful for a site like this where people (mainly women) aren’t afraid to read or share about sex. I agree there’s too much out in the world right now to lead us away and divide marriages. It was my husband who found this site and I’m grateful to him also. I’m sure I will be writing in and sharing because I feel as though this site is a way for me to share without judgement or condemnation. Thanks again, God Bless You all and keep you in his word.

  38. I appreciate all the oversight a site like this requires. I am blessed every time I return here to read. God has brought me to a place where I can talk about my amazingly sexual marriage with my husband and in a safe arena. Thank you. I will be posting when I think I have anything to add to the conversations.

  39. I can’t remember if I have commented here before or not, (I know I have wanted to many times!), but I just want to say that I love, love, LOVE this site! I am so thankful to you women who put it together, and devote your time to it-I pray that God blesses your lives and marriages to overflowing, because He has used you ladies to bless mine! In this world where media and the secular mainstream are taking over and perverting sex, and God’s people for the most part are silent about it, (or worse, treat is as something negative), it is absolutely refreshing to see that there are people trying to take it back! I love that you don’t shy away from any issue that might be considered taboo, but confront it head on, in love, with God’s word. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles and discussions, love the fact that although there is almost never an issue that everyone totally agrees on, there is almost always respect for eachother’s opinions. It is wonderful to have a safe place to go to get ideas, and reaffirm in my mind GOD’S plan for sex, and know that I will not have to see fifty naked women in the process. 🙂 And a place where I can admit that sex with my husband is pretty much one of my favorite things here on this earth, and not have people think I’m crazy! Thanks again!!!!

  40. I just found your site the other day. It’s great to see other Christian women devoted to their husbands and excited about their sex life together!

    Thanks ladies!

  41. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  42. Well I’m back after 2 long months. I posted earlier about my daughter who had chose life for their baby when medically he didn’t have a chance (!rain defect). He was born on March 18 and Jesus took him to heaven on April 17. A short life but still orchestrated by our God. Since the funeral we have learned of 2 decisions to accept Christ as a direct result of our families trial. Praise God.
    I’m here to tell you no matter what your going through God is always there for you and wants to help you. Never give up that hope. Put God first in your marriage, your life and he will bless you for it.
    I’m very excited to be back on this site and seeing how God is being glorified through intimacy in marriage.

  43. Thank you so much for sharing! I know I speak for all the CN girls when I say that we are sorry to hear that your grandbaby had such a short life on this earth, but we all rejoice with you that the Lord has received him into heaven and that He is doing what He does so well; taking the bad things in our lives and redeeming them for His kingdom. Welcome back!

  44. Hello intendedforpleasure,
    So terribly sad to hear of your grandbaby but so wonderful that you got to see and hold him before he went to be with our Lord Jesus.
    My prayer reminder is going to be replaced with a smiley face for all the good things I will be praying over your family. Thx for getting back on here.

  45. intendedforpleasure

    You have my deepest condolences and my complete understanding of the pain you are feeling. We lost our infant grandson almost 3 years ago. It is a pain that cannot be explained, that cannot be understood by anyone who has not had to live through that Hell. He was born 4 months early, weighed 1 lb. 13 oz. He lived for only 2 hours. My daughter had lost almost all of the amniotic fluid early in her pregnancy, so he really had no chance to develop correctly, especially the lungs. At times like this you learn how important it is to hold on to our Lord. He will see you through your pain. You also learn just how much your church family, those brothers and sisters in Christ, really mean to you.
    You might have your daughter check out http://www.mybabymemorial.com. Our daughter and her husband set up a memorial page there for their Hayden, but they did not make it public. It was very therapudic for them.
    Again, our condolences

  46. It is a blessing to find such comfort in and being able to associate with others who are open minded and believe in marriage. I have always had such a healthy sex drive, but it is never bad to be able to gain new ideas and/or insights. I crave orgasmic release often, so I glad I am not alone. This is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to do such here. I have looked at each part of the site and it is remarkable. Thank you, the founders, for the opportunity. Thank you, the fellow posters, for sharing your questions, your opportunities an your lives. I shall be back with any questions I have!

  47. @ intendedforpleasure
    glad to have you back. You are such a challenge to me; your trust in God’s faithfulness and unshakeable belief in His goodness NO MATTER WHAT! I join my voice to those of the other CN to say – wecome back. May our God cause you to see in this life all the good you are believing Him for. AMEN!

  48. Browneyedgirl,
    Thank you for your comments.By the way God already has shown me his goodness, everyday! I have a wonderful life and God given joy, more than one could ask for! Truely I say God is Good.

  49. Hi girls,

    Thank you so much for your site. Your ministry is brilliant and absolutely needed. God bless you all richly. I look forward to reading and commenting on many of your posts, and reading the new ones as you write them!!

    PS My husband says thank you too!!!

  50. i wanted to thank you for the wealth of info on your site, i believe it has helped my husband and i .weve been together for 30 yrs ,26 of them married and wish this site existed years ago.keep up the good work.

  51. Just found your wonderful site. I must admit to being skeptical at first but having read most of your statements . I am so glad to have found a place were caring and godly women share support and answers on intamacy.

  52. What a wonderful gift to find this website! Now I know I am not alone (except for my newlywed daughter) in being hungry for sex with my husband. What a relief to feel “normal.” Too bad all those other women don’t have so much fun. LOL Actually, I found your website doing research about some sexual issues. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of your site. Perfect.

    I have spent a huge portion of my day reading your site. What great ways to help rekindle our sex life I found. Thank you, thank you.

  53. I almost cried when I found this site. I couldn’t believe all the links to toy companies that make sure there are no porno images on their packaging. Thank GOD!!! I’ve had problems with my hubby looking at things he shouldn’t have before, and that made me pretty much hate my body. I like to get toys to spice things up, but I’m always worried there will be something lewd on the package. Big breasted sluts on packaging makes me feel terrible. I got so obsessed about my breasts that I’ve started a natural breast enhancement routine. *sighs* I’m a toy reviewer, and I always make sure to tell my readers whether or not the packaging is lewd along with if it has parabens or phthalates. That’s another thing you have to watch out for. Parabens and phthalates can damage your physical health, and pornographic packaging can damage my mental health. Ok, I’m starting to cry now. I just can’t help it. Thank you! Seriously, thank you for starting something for us Christian Nymphos! *big hugs* And now I need a tissue. I didn’t think in this age of porn and filth that I would ever find a site like this. God bless each and every one of you! Thank you!

  54. Finally! Women like me. Love God; Love their husbands. AMEN!

  55. Dear CN website girls!!
    Thank you,thank you, thank you! I have been married for 18 yrs and your website has really opened my eyes. My husband and I had a good sex life but I knew if I somehow let go of my sexual hangups it would be wow!! I was afaid to love sex and to be really open with my husband until I found your website. My husband was blown away (no pun intended) when I gave him the best oral sex of his life from reading your tips. He couldn’t stop talking about it and said it made him feel like he could do anything. He even brought me flowers the next day. As a christian wife I know that God wants me to enjoy sex and please my husband. Thank you again!!! I am now free and I thank God for it. Michelle

  56. I love it! So glad to find this site. I thought I was the only one who desired sex with my husband all the time!

  57. this is a really great site and i’ve only read the first page! my husband actually found it a couple of weeks ago and got me interested.! it’s really great to see how many christian women with the same beliefs i do, wanting and experiencing the same sort of sexual desire and satisfaction i think should be present in every christian marriage. it’s great to find a christian site that will deal with things so openly and bluntly without having to read some sleazy magazine. i look forward to becoming a regular part of the CN group 😉
    i completely support the mission of spicing up christian marriages and can’t wait to see what come up next! *wink*wink*

  58. Hi Ladies

    Thanks for all your comments and advise – it has really set about a righteous sexual revolution in my marriage! (Cape Town, S. Africa)

  59. Hey guys I love the website…I am SO GLAD I found this. I really enjoy sex with DH and we work at manintaining great communication and sex. My DH is an travels alot (corporate pilot) and a freind from church that I play tennis with asked “are you ever afraid he will cheat while traveling?” I told her and absolute NO. She asked why and I explained that we email and talk daily….plus sex happens before he goes and when he gets home. She made this “AGRRRHHH” sound and roled her eyes and said ” I can’t belive you do that, how can you stand having sex that much?” and she went into a huge rant about it being a chore and she trys to avoid advances at much as possible. I’m sure she loves her hubby….however I feel sorry for them….
    Sorry to be so long….love the site and thanks for the good work. God Bless.

  60. Well, it’s about TIME!! I’ve been saying for the longest that the church needs to stop acting like sex within marriage is boring! To stop frontin’ like they don’t secretly want to get their groove on! I’m a firm believer that missionary-style isn’t the ONLY position out there. I’m about to get married to the man of God and I intend to rock that man ’til he yells TITHE on our wedding night!!! Halleujah for your blog and keep doing what you’re doing.

    Miss Dee

  61. I’m glad that I found this website. Now I can spice up my sex life with my husband without having to resort to pornography on the internet. It’s nice to know that as a woman I can enjoy sex and learn about different ways to experiment without feeling guilty about it.

  62. wow. i am glad i found this site! some topics you just cannot bring up at your woman’s bible study class.. you know?
    How comforting to know there are others with the same questions and desires for a more interesting sex life out there in the Christian community!
    This willl be bookmarked in my favorites section from now on.
    thank you

  63. Hello everyone, I am new to your site and must say that I am in awe over what I’m reading here. Congratulations on really breaking the “rules” and giving women a chance to really explore and discuss our sexuality in a repectful manner.

    I am the daughter of a Pastor so was raised in church in a pretty traditional enviroment. Althought my mom took the time to have serious conversations about sex with me and my siblings, perhaps the emphasis was too much on the “serious” part.
    I grew up and became extremely uptight about my sexuality, with serious commitment issues as well as fear of intimacy.

    During the last 5 years, I ‘ve denied my husband sex on a regular basis for many reasons. I am very ashamed of myself and it’s quite diffiicult to openly say this. Life got complicated and we grew up more and more apart.

    I started to pray and ask God to help me deal with my issues. I decided to start doing some things for myself. Began to excercise, eat well and enjoy the little things in life once again.
    Then a second miracle happened: My sexual awakening came somehow like a wave, and it really shook my world !!!! I felt like a new woman. I’ve never experience the type of sexual awareness that I’been feeling these last couple of months!! Really amazing.

    After so many years of being sexually inacitve, my libido was very low. But little it started cominb back and I started feeling better and more confident about my body. My husband and I started to “date”, going to the movies, having dinner, listening to music, but without any physical contact. We needed this time because we felf too emotionally disconnected.

    As you can imagine, my husband would not take the first step, I had rejected him too many times before, so I knew that it was up to me to reactivate our sexual life.
    At the same time, I was frozen with fear that he would reject me…

    About 3 week ago, I gathered enough courage to show him how much I wanted him. We were watching a tv show and after I heard a joke and laugh he said something that somehow turn me on and that was the trigger for me, I kissed him and he kissed me back. After that I started massaging his back ( I know he goes crazy with this!!!). We ended up giving each other massages and had the most amazing sex ever.

    I am asking God that he will continue helping us in our relationship and especially that I can overcome my problems. I also thank Him for giving me a husband that stayed with me even though I had practically abandoned him.
    I found your website a few days ago and it’s been extremely informative and helpful. It’s still kind of shocking for me to find women, especially Christian women talking so openly about their sexual lives. But it’s feels so good to hear that you are not alone in your experiences and feelings….

    My husband and I have been spending lots of time in bed having amazing sex, but also talking to each other and working on healing our wounds. In the meantime, I can tell you that weI can’t stop smiling….

    Thx once again for this amazing ministry!!!

    Many Blessing!!!!

  64. I just found this site and let me say it is awesome. I have just recently, after 20 years of marriage, been able to open up and try new and exciting things with my husband. This came after a heartfelt prayer and God answered. Thank you guys so much!! It’s nice to know there are other women out there who have strong and healthy desires for their husbands like I do. I can’t wait to share this with a couple of my friends.

  65. Hi there,

    I found your site this am, while googling the meaning of the word ‘nympho’. I am a 30 year old married woman, who just love sex, anytime any place with my husband. He loves that also. We are both christians who did not experience sex before marraige. We learned from books, porn and hearing other peoples stories. This site is a wonderful one. I think that when the woman is more open to sex, it flows better with the man, because they would be pretty much be up to the game!! Keep it up!!!

  66. this is a really great site

  67. I have said for years that churches needed to be teaching this. Women can be sexy, sensuous, and spiritual. I make no bones about being very sexually active with my husband after 30 years of marriage. Hooray for your website! I have recommended it to other Christian friends. I would even love to be a contributor! 🙂

  68. You can contribute, by leaving comments and helping us to open up discussions of the topics we cover here. We LOVE hearing everyone’s different perspectives! 🙂

  69. I don’t believe in God, and I am sometimes annoyed by Christian ideas, which can be arrogant and dogmatic (as in “all moral behaviour has to be based on the bible”) or at odds with common sense (“even though studies show that sex education helps reduce teenage pregnancies and STDs, let’s try to prevent people from distributing information in schools anyway”).
    I am happy to see that this does not always have to be so! Although I’m sure I disagree on many things with the people who run this site, your treatment of sex is a breath of Christian fresh air. Good job nymphos!

  70. Thanks for the snow!!!! Love it!

  71. Thanks for the snow!!!! Love it!

  72. I must say, I just discovered this site. When I googled “christians who love sex”, this came up as one of the choices. This site is a GREAT idea!!! I’m 5 years married now, and wish I had discovered this site back then. Great website for married or singled folks!

    like the last post, i just discovered this site and so far it makes me happy

  74. Hello from Zuerich,
    i just want to say that i like your website very much.
    I will come back soon.

    Yours Ivy

  75. I am estactic that I found this site just a fews days ago Jan.7!!!…I could say I found it by coincidence because when I found it my husband and I were looking for natural personal lubricants thru google, but because I don’t believe in coincidence, I’ll say that without us knowing God led us to this site to continue the restoration process He had already begun in our marriage 14 months ago. My husband and I have been married 27 years, we have 4 children. I was 19 and he was 23.I have always loved my husband and never have had any regret of marrying him or marrying young.Throughout all of our married life , our sex life was very routined and inhibited.Sex was a silent subject growing up and when I got married I had already become a born again christian and seemed like a silent subjest within the church too. I don’t even remember any mention of the subject during maybe one session of pre-marital counseling. So the lack of not having any teaching and preparation for sex in our marriage, we were left to assume that perhaps God would not be pleased if we engaged in certain acts, like oral sex, because those acts were from the world…what a lie now I realize, I felt embarrassed to verbally communicate to husband my needs/ desires. I was so inhibited, sex became a chore.I didn’t look forward to sex that much, I felt that why bother I don’t get much out of it.So we had a quick session about every 3 weeks. During 2008 I began to feel very disconnected from my husband, I couldn’t understand why, we had even had a 25th anniversary wedding and renewed our vows the year prior, i thought it was the stress of dealing with a challenging teen son and my ill mother, I felt helpless not really knowing how to really communicate with mu hubby and it really didn’t connect that the reason why I felt disconnected was because we were not intimate. One day I told my husband that if i didn’t have sex for a year that I would be fine, he was offended by this and even wondered if I was being unfaithful to him, I just had no libido. In a heated argument my husband said I needed to do something. We went to a health food store in hopes of finding something that my help me with the hormonal changes/ mood swings….within a week and a half, I began to feel better more affectionate towards my hubby I also began reading A Celebration of Sex a book I had in my personal library at home since the early 90’s and had never read thru.God began to reveal His truth to me about how sex in marriage should be. God has totally restored our marriage bed since then, and we are so connected now I am in love with my hubby, I feel like I just married him only better than then because now we are free!!! So for the past 14 months it’s almost like we have learned alot and are enjoying what we have learned but it’s our little secret because the issue of sex within married christians is still a silent one. So that’s why I am so estactic to have found CN’s. Your site is God’s gift to us in this New Year… as we still have more learning and exploring to do… We are trying to catch up on the 26 years of not truly enjoying the gift of sex that God gives to a married couple because of the lack of knowledge and wrong mindsets.We were shackled and perishing .I hope this helps any couples out there that can relate.

  76. Hi my name is Silke,

    i just want to say that i love your side.
    Please go on like this.

    I will be back soon.


  77. I’m Quickly falling in love with this site!!!! So many times I’ve seen women who are afraid of talking about sex (which is why I started my site a few days ago). YAY FOR A SITE dedicated to it…. I’m totally subscribing

  78. I just wanted to say God Bless all of you for this website. It is wonderful to have someone to offer help and information. I have been married 28 years and have had problems with issues in the past. You have helped me work through a lot of these problems.. Thanks Marcy

  79. I am thrilled to have found this site. I all of a sudden feel more normal.

  80. Love this site! My husband actually found it! I wished I had known about this when we got married 17 yrs ago. Sex was never talked about in my house and I was very shy and inexperienced..not many sexual encounters outside my husband. Biut this site has given our marriage hope. Keep up the posts!!

  81. Just wanted to thank you for this site. I found it when I was looking for information to give to my daughter as she is getting married in 3 months. I have been very open with all of my children throughout the years, but wanted some resources for her in case there were things she didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about.
    Since then I have pointed many young women to this site.
    This site has given me the courage to be more open with the young woman in my life. They have so many questions as they begin their married lives, and have no one to turn to. I have told them that they can ask me anything. And they do.
    Anyway, thank you for this site. It is a blessing.

  82. I love what this site stands for. I agree. Christian women need to embrace their sexual side. I’m sure God didn’t intend for sex to be dull. It is a gift He gave mankind, and as long as we adhere to His guidelines, it is not a sin to enjoy it. Keep up the good work CN !

  83. so glad i found this site! Thanks for all the information. It has helped in my marrriage of almost 14 years sooooo much.

  84. As I can see, you all have heard this before, but I have to say it! I’m so happy to have found this site!

    I am in a loving, monogamous marriage, go to church every week, AND have a healthy sex life without guilt! I started my blog not very long ago, because I felt it just wasn’t being represented enough! So kudos to you ladies!

  85. Love your site

  86. Awesome site!

  87. This site has opened my eyes to alot of things.

  88. Been looking for just such a group of like-minded woman. amen.

  89. I am in near tears. I was ready to go into counseling to get some help. I love sex and crave sex almost daily. I have allowed myself to feel rejection and demeaned because my husband does not want sex nearly as often as I do. Women and men come to me to talk about their sex lives because they can sense something about me. I am honest and blunt and give them suggestions to the best of my ability. I love my husband and no I have not wanted to cheat but I do need to find other ways to fulfill myself so I am not putting undo pressure on him and our lovemaking becomes a chore. We are very free and enjoy trying new things and new toys and so forth. I will check in with you all quite often. My husband found you in an article he was reading.

  90. I think what you’re doing here, i.e. encouraging openness and facilitating discussion, is amazingly encouraging. It’s not always easy to talk about sex in the Christian community, so three cheers for you all for having the courage to stand up and embrace your differences.

  91. For years, my need for sex has scared me. I love my husband, but our busy sceduales has left me feeling unsatisfied. i found myself looking at porn, but that made me question how strong my faith was. I was so confused and embarrassed until now. Thank you…. for the first time in a long time I don’t feel alone.

  92. Hi, thanks for this site – it is truly liberating and makes me feel normal for desiring my husband on a regular basis.

  93. Thanks so much for this. I grew up in a traditional Southern household where my grandmother taught that sex was not something to be enjoyed. It was more of the married woman’s chore. It’s amazing how things like that stick in a girls mind after she is grown and married. It has taken me a long time to realize that having fun with my husband isn’t wrong. I still have a long way to go and am blessed with a fantastic and understanding man. We’ve been married 20 years and I’m more in love with him now than I was in 1990….and our sex life is way better! 😉

  94. I stumbled on this site today while looking for ways to Seduce my husband. He always says I don’t initiate it enough. This sight is truly inspiring. It is so hard as a Christian woman to find people I can talk openly about sex with. I have had a Christian friend tell me I should keep all of that private for just me and my husband, but how else are we supposed to learn and make things more amazing if the only person I talk about sex with, only knows what I know?
    Thank you thank you thank you for this sight. I love real people. Why so many people think you have to be uptight in order to be a Christian I will never understand.

  95. AMEN!!! My husband and I talk all the time about how people in the world look at Christians and have no desire to be one. And a big part of that is our fault because we come off as self-righteous sticks in the mud who think that if something is fun it must be a sin! Welcome to the site! I think I found it about two years ago, and I come back every week. It is such a blessing to me. 🙂

  96. Thank you for this site, it has helped me heal and renewed my belife that even after a bitter seperation there is hope for me to find the close loving relationship I have always wanted. I guess really I want to be looked after and have a mutually satisfying love life. If you ladies have done it, so can I!

  97. I am so happy to have found this site. I fantasize about having sex with my husband all the time. He is such a good lover, and for no reason, our lovemaking sessions would could to my mind and I get extremely aroused. I was thinling that something was wrong with me because I require sex at at two to three times on a work day, and I beg my husband for even more during holidays and weekends. I was praying about it because I thought that I had a problem always wanting to have sex. I even started questioning my faith because I fantasize all the time about new exciting things my husband and I can do together…I thought women like me only exist in porn movies. Thank you so much for this site. It has helped me a whole lot!

  98. i’m so excited that i found this site! my FH and i are so excited to get married and try these tips and positions out!!! it’s making the countdown to our wedding thrilling and we’ve finally been able to focus on breaking the awkward-sex-conversations and put it in the light of marital bliss in Christ 😀 i’ve been looking for a cite like this to answer questions i have, cuz i’ve been starting to feel estrainged; feeling so intensly interested in sex, and yet finding all the warped answers to my questions in the secular sites….and it’s perfect timing to have stumbled upon it right now! …a God thing?? 😀 i’ll be checking in here often when me and my man are finally married! 🙂

  99. I am so glad my youth pastor and his wife told my husband and I about this site! We just got married last week and are having tons of fun as newlyweds! I look forward to using this webiste for fellowship and new ideas! Thanks!!

  100. Wow! I am glad I was led to this site! Here is my story: I wouldn’t say that I want sex all of the time, but it is frustrating not having a libido that matched or was close to my husband’s. When I was pregnant with my first child I had zero interest in any kind od sex. After I had my first child, it was even worse. I had an episiotomy, and after that, just pain when we tried to have sex. It was very frustrating for us both. It has been that way for three years now. I feel that I have had an awakening finally since being away from him when I was deployed last year. I missed him sooo much and the distance made me soooo horny of course! 🙂 I also realized how much more in love I was with him and I just went all out before I came home, ordering lingerie, and being open to trying toys, and new positions. The most important one has been loving and accepting my body the way it is now after baby number one, and being pregnant now. He tells me I am sexy all the time and always has his hands all over me! Hey, he has something to hold on to when we get down to business, and THAT is sexy to me now! I’m so glad we can share our feelings on this site, and we have Christ as our bond. I am blessed to have stumbled upon this great site! God bless!

  101. Hi, thanks for this site – it is truly liberating and makes me feel normal for desiring my husband on a regular basis.

  102. I am very excite about this site also. Im so glad i found you on the internet. Already after only looking one day on here it has help my marriage. 🙂 Thanks and Godbless

  103. I definately need help in my marriage, glad to find this site.

  104. i’ve been devouring the archives since i found your site about 3 or 4 days ago. i can feel the changes in my thinking all ready and am looking forward to moving forward with more freedom and a sense of fun.

    i’ve also been convicted in my heart about denying my husband. i will ask his forgiveness and pray that moving forward i’ll be a more willing wife. 🙂

  105. It’s great to see Christian women reaching out to one another in honesty and trust. I believe in keeping things fresh, fun and exciting, it prevents the enemy from winning us over with temptation and destroying marriages. I’m proud to be a “Christian Nympho”, my husband has learned to embrace it and he knows he is truly blessed! I’m happy to say that after 12 years our love life is more fulfilling than ever! May the Lord bless each and every one of you and your relationships with unity ~ over flowing!!!

  106. This website has been such an incredible blessing.

    Some days I still struggle to overcome my conservative Baptist raising. My drive for touch and sex and intimacy has been off the charts for years now. I felt so alone sometimes as a teenager, since sexual desire isn’t something we talk about openly in the church. I felt very much like the dirty girl, despite the fact that I never acted upon any of it.

    It has been a long and painful journey, but these days, I am recently married to an unbelievable Godly man who is terribly eager to be the recipient of 25 years of pent-up sexuality. I am learning that God’s design in our desire for sexual contact is a BEAUTIFUL one, and there should be no shame in it. And yet, I know that many married women remain in that mental bondage, and many married men have felt the sting of unintended rejection because let’s face it…attending church every Sunday doesn’t teach a wife how to be sexy. How to enjoy sex. How to openly crave it.

    Thanks for helping to bridge that gap. You guys are kind of miraculous, I think. 🙂

  107. Thank you so much for sharing about your conviction. I have also been convicted about denying my husband. I believe this website will free us from what has been very damaging in my marriage. We are completely in love and have a great, open relationship. This is the only area that is a consistent problem. Thank you for acknowledging the need to repent for this. I will do the same.

  108. Love this site! Thanks for the advice!

  109. Sorry you grew up in a conservative Baptist church that forgot/neglected to teach that area. My dad is a pastor in a conservative Baptist church, and I am SO GLAD that he (and my mom!) have taught in nearly 40 years of ministry how very special married sex and the marriage relationship in general were meant to be. May you and your husband grow to be an encouragement to others.

  110. Being raised as you were, midnightmadison, I realized the error of those ways fairly quickly after marriage. I spend so much time counseling friends and relatives raised in the same conservative Baptist ways to help them realize sex is good. I recommend this site as often as I can and pray that God will help these dear women see how enjoyable married life can be. Just saying I am with you on this one!

  111. Thanks – this site has been so great for us as we discover eachother!

  112. I just have to thank you. I happened upon this site a week ago and it is absolutely what I wanted to find to a) spice up our love life after 20 years of marriage and b) to find new ways to surprise my husband and show him how much I love him.

    I love “the generous wife” tips and am so excited to tackle the Monday Missions as well as make my way through the list of positions.

    Thanks so very much for creating a place where we Christian women can come to share and learn and strengthen our marriage in an open guilt free forum.

  113. It is such a relief to finally find women like myself! I love God, & I love my husband & I adore having sex with him & him alone! So many (all) of my friends hate sex & don’t find it enjoyable in the least. They think I’m nuts because I love to please my man all the time. Thank you for helping me to feel normal!

  114. Thank you so much for this site! I have always been ‘shyer’ in the bedroom and I’m sure this has frustrated my hubby in our 8 years of marriage!

    My family has recently been ripped apart with the knowledge of my father having an affair and being involved with porn. One of the questions I asked him was ‘how do I keep my husband from doing this?’ I know that men need to be accountable to each other and God but I’m so grateful for finding this site and the help I’ve received in becoming more free about my body and the bedroom. I know my husband does cartwheels thinking about what I’m going to suggest next or surprise him with! It’s even better than when we first got married!!!! I plan on making sure I’m doing my part in helping my husband keep his eyes on me only – and it’s more fun than I ever imagined it could be;-)

  115. I can not even tell you how surprised my husband was when I showed him this website. I don’t think he ever thought I thought about sex that much.:)

  116. Thank you 🙂

  117. Thank you for this site! I only discovered it two days ago, and already have used ideas that I discovered here. My husband and I have been working to improve intimacy in our marriage for about two years (with quite a bit of success!), and I am excited to have this resource to help us. I appreciate that you strive to be grounded in Scripture and to help marriages become everything that God intended them to be.

  118. just found your site today through a random internet search and now hours later I am still here and LOVING IT! so much information here as well as motivating comments from others. I am just glad some of the things I am experiencing in my marriage are not isolated to just me. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun and this site has shown that to be true. I am so glad to know that I am not alone. I appreciate you all and I am sure I will be on this site A LOT!

  119. Thank you for this site, I always thought that women were not allowed to talk about sex, it took me a long time,,,now am with my soulmate and we talk openly and we are not afraid to try new things.. albeit be either a toy or other..this is a great service y’all have put together! Keep up the wonderful work you’re all doing!! Thanks!!

  120. Thank u for this site, I have told my friends about it, I’m open to learning new ways to please my husband. Sex is not discuss or talked about openly like should be. Keep up the great work, I could stay on this site for hours

  121. excellent reply!!

  122. My husband and I had so many taboos in our sex life – things we just wouldn’t talk about, to the point that sex was hardly fulfilling for either of us – before I discovered this site (about a year and a half ago). Through things I’ve learned here, I gained the courage to go to God about our sexual problems and communicate my thoughts about them with my husband in a humble, non-threatening manner — when everything in me wanted to lash out at him in anger. Now, our communication is so much more open, and our sex life is far more satifsfying for both of us. Is God glorified through that? You bet He is.

  123. I just had an experience that I felt the need to share, mostly because I always feel that I identify with more with husbands than wives. My husband is not normally the initiator of our lovemaking and I relish those times when he does. This is even more important when physical affection is my number 1 or 2 love language.

    I was having a really bad day yesterday and by the kids bedtime, I was done. My husband come into the room and did one of the most annoying of his habits. I lost it and said some things I am not proud of. This is ugly to begin with, but when you know that your husband’s primary love language it is shameful. I know, and my husband confirmed, that saying mean things to him sometimes stays with him for days.

    So, the last thing I expected an hour later at our bedtime, was for him to initiate sex. I was surprised to say the least. As I laid in bed after, I realized what an act of unconditional love it was for him to show me love in the way I need, when I had violated my duty to respect his need for unconditional love in my speech. I spent the evening feeling both ashamed and in awe of having such a loving, forgiving husband.

    Anyway, I wanted to share because I am sure that there are wives who would definitely not understand the impact their physical openness can have on their husband when he doesn’t deserve it, just like I didn’t deserve my husband’s affection.

  124. Excellent Site for Married Christian Couples

  125. really glad i found this blog. just what i need. have learnt a lot already from the other women here and i hope to learn even more. I’ve been married seven years and some of the situations i’ve read here suddenly makes me feel normal and willing to work more on ML to my hubby.

  126. What a great website. I am very open about my sexuality and before I stopped ignoring Jesus I had some physically awesome experiences. Later when I became a Christian I found that many Christian women had no idea about sex. One of my younger girlfriends asked if I know of any Christian porn. Um, no. So a few times I have just used humor and anecdotes to enlighten some of my dear sweet “saving it for marriage” girlfriends. This website is so awesome! I will refer my friends and their daughters to it – great job ladies and an obvious spiritual gift of empathy and wisdom and faith. Thanks so much. And to anyone who learned about the Lord late in life, I am happy to say that as a married, Christian woman to a wonderful man, it is TOTALLY different than when I was 17 and completely ignorant. Thank God for all the (infinite) chances he gives us for redmption and then piles on the blessings too. Marvelous God.

  127. thanks for all the comments i read these women are real open minded i just discover this site and its great

  128. My husband and I have been married for 22 years, and I am just starting to understand what it means to be intimate. I was not sexually abused as a child, but abused myself as a teen and young adult because I thought sex meant love. When I finally married my husband I was a sexual-emotional wreck. My husband has been faithful as I have been trying to understand how to love him in the way he ‘needs’ and still find my way to healing. I am surprised and delighted to discover this site. If it were not for this site we would all be subject to the world’s view of sex/intimacy, and we all have an idea how that will end… Thank you for being available to help me understand how to be open intimately with my husband, how to embrace and enjoy God’s gift of intimate love, and for addressing these intimate issues with grace, respect, and biblical knowledge.

  129. You pretty much described my life. We are in our fifties but sex troubles since he was thirty. I am dying for sexual attention, but he shows no interest. He is very functional, no problems there. Then again,,,,,,maybe that’s why he goes without so long. Who knows anymore. The last time we had sex was back in July,,,before that,,,mm,,mm,,mm,,don’t remember. He always has an excuse to avoid it. We had such a wonderful sex life our first seven years, turned thirty,,,,,,downhill from there. 20 hrs later he did go to a dr who found that his testosterine was zero. He takes meds for that and did show improvement for a couple of weeks. But,,,,,,downhill again. I’m like you, I really don’t know what to do anymore.

  130. Will he go to counseling? My husband and I went to counseling to talk through our feelings and attitudes and it helps have a third party – it took a while and it was work, but we both wanted to save the marraige and so felt it was worth it to do whatever we needed to do. I am curious why you do not love him anymore. In my experience that does not just stop, and can be reclaimed by communication and friendship and commitment and choosing to rekindle the flame. Praying for you.

  131. I cannot tell you how happy I am about finding this website. We have been married for 14 years and I am finally getting to the point of a sexual awakening. I was saved right before we got married. I love my mother-in-law, but she was my only example of a christian woman. Her idea of a nightgown was one that was to the neck and feet with sleeves. I have had tremendous guilt about the sexual feelings I have been having. I have wanted to be more for my husband, but felt guilty about it. He has been so patient with me. Now is my time to make it up to him. I want so much to just let loose on him and make up for lost time. I wish I had not wasted all of these years being so frigid. I want to drive him crazy with how I can make him feel. It is amazing how I have changed. Thank you so much for the information! I have been spending the last two days just reading article after article so I can learn how to please him more. I know he appreciates it. Thank you!!!

  132. So happy for you that you are having an awakening and have found this Web site. It is really terrific and has helped me and many other women so much. You might also want to check out the book Sheet Music by Kevin Leman. I read it recently and now my husband is reading it, so hopefully we will talk about it and learn even more ways to improve our intimacy.

  133. Wow, I stumbled upon this website while looking up pegging, and I must say I am impressed. I am not Christian, nor do I ever intend to be, as I am an atheist, but I am so glad that this website exists for Christians! My mother was a devout believer, but was never able to really have discussions with me about sex. I think a lot of it had to do with this assumption that many people have about sex, especially some Christians. That it’s something you have to do, and only pleasurable in very specific ways. I don’t care what your belief system is, that’s no way to live. Good on you guys!

  134. I’m so excited about this website. I have been married 4 years and my dh and I had felt we where free in the bedroom, but that we had hit a plateau. The excitement was only once in a while. And some things that my dhwanted I had been told by my pastor was wrong. Since I found this website our bedroom has the spice back. When we were first married my husband used to jokingly call me a nympho. And I would take offense. Now I love it when he calls me that. My views have changed so drasticly. The articles that show what the bible really says about sex have freed me. Thank you!

  135. I am so happy I came across this page. My husband and i have only been married for three months and our sex life has change dramatically. as newlyweds i can count on my fingers how many times its been and it scares me cause were just starting ours married life. we were having premarital sex and it was just the opposite. I get frustrated cause he doesnt have that drive anymore. i pray about our bond and communication but its the “be patient” part that im having to learn to deal with. i guess the devil made the premarital sex good and now im having to get him out of my system and thank God for giving us favor in marriage and learn the sacred bond of sex between husband and wife.

  136. Very interesting website.
    Could have done with this years ago when I had no-one to ask. Suffered years of sexual abuse until courage to divorce (30years!)
    Remarried and wow! sex to die for!
    In 60’s now but still active geriatric nympho, love it, daily if possible. Worth the wait.
    Its never too late beleive me.

  137. Oh wow! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I found this site. I have been married for 16 years, and I swear, I thought I was the only one. I am so looking forward to reading more on your site. How did I find it? I was researching kegals making me nauseous of all things and your site came up on one of the google responses. Anyway . . . thank you so much.

  138. There is a book out there ladies to help you talk to your daughters about the changes they face from puberty to adulthood. It is called “Talking to our Daughters” by the Graftons and can be purchased at ChristianWomanhood.com. Whether or now we agree with all the contents this book is very helpful and uses Scripture to explain how we can help our young ladies. Let’s not cower in fear and allow the rest of the world to give our daughters a tainted view of sex and their bodies. And let’s not leave them so ignorant that they have lost out on God’ perfect intents.

  139. Hallelujah my prayers have been answered……just found this site today!

  140. am glad u did, i also found this site when i was feeling very low & going through seome hard moments as a newly -wed ..and couldnt believe it- am forever grateful to Cinnamom sticks ad her colleagues who started this page ..WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!

  141. Merry Christmas to all of you Christian sisters! My husband and I were in a very deep discussion this eve about our marriage and sex life. We are both Christians. I have a history of sexual abuse as a child and I know I have used this negatively in my marriage. I have left Satan direct me and let him rule my sexual desires. He really loves to SHAME every chance I’ve let him.

    My husband has certainly not had his needs met,nor have I. I’m afraid to “let go”. I know what the Lord wants! As the 2 of us were talking this eve I said “hey maybe there are Christian sex toys”. My husb. said “You aren’t serious?”. Yes, I am. He found this and then asked me to have a look while he went off to give me privacy.

    Thank you for having this site.


  142. great site!

  143. This could be exactly the information I have been looking for to spice things up in my Christian marriage.

  144. I am currently engaged, and as such, have no experience with any of this stuff. I feel like I am totally new to all of this! It is good to know that there are Christian women out there who have passionate sex lives with their husbands. This is often a topic that people, especially Christians, shy away from, so it is so awesome that you ladies have created this site! I would like to stay in touch as I prepare for my marriage, and after, so I can continue to get ideas as to how to spice up my sex life with my future husband! Thanks so much!

  145. Thank you! I will be sure to do that!

  146. It has been my privilege to talk to young women before they marry, including my daughter. And you are right, too many older Christian women do not do a good job being available to our precious young ladies and the marriages they are building. So glad you found this site. I share it with all the young ladies in my life.

    One site that is linked from this site has great information.


    Very good information for the soon to be wed.

    Enjoy this special time in your relationship with your soon to be husband. A great marriage is something to be treasured.

  147. I’m in the same boat, Trisha! I’m getting married a week before Easter, and thinking of our wedding night has me more than a little scared sometimes. I’m SOOOOO glad to have found this site–just surfing thru the articles has helped me feel more relaxed (and yes, excited) about what is to come! I too plan to stay involved here for more tips and advice as a married woman. Thanks a million to all the “spice girls” for creating this great site!

  148. I am so glad i just found this site 4yrs into marriage and husband wants more seduction from me. I seriously lack in that department our sex life is down to almost nothing and i don’t want to lose our sex life and have him stray because he is bored. THank you for having a site that can possibly help me show my man i want him all the time and that it doesn’t have to always be on him to get the ball rolling.

  149. jut found your website today! i’ve been married for 10yrs and found the sit to be so helpful, thaks much for all your hard work and insight.

  150. My husband stumbled on this site and showed it to me this evening. I love it so far!!! We have recently opened up to each other after almost 8 years of marriage and wow what a difference in our sex life!!! But I have never found anyone to talk about the wonderful change. Even my Christians friends and family kinda deem it an subject never to be talked about. I am so happy my husband found this site. Thank you for starting such a blog as this, I hope to become a regular here!!! 🙂

  151. Welcome Simone and Trina! So happy that you found this site – it will truly bless you!

  152. Wow, where have you gals been all my life. Hubby and I just celebrated our 30th Anniversary. He retired from the USAF in 2002 and we have 5 kids and 4 grandkids.

    We have had our share of struggles sexually over the years but have worked though some things by late night chats and arguments. I’ve always thought myself as being strangely over-sexual (until I found you ladies). Just this past weekend, we talked about someone to be accountable to about some issues in my life. So I surfed the Internet for some help and … to my amazement I’m still in shock to find this blog! I can’t wait to continue to read and interact. I showed hubby and he’s excited for me/us!

    You are a God-send!

  153. Ladies,
    Thank you so very much for what you are doing, a much needed ministry to God’s women of today. I will recommend your website to all of my church friends and family and to any woman of God that is not free in her sexuality with her husband. Thank you again.

  154. wow what an amazing website…I have often wished there were a positive place where I would find others excited as me about God’s fabulous gift of married sex!

  155. Welcome! You’re right – this is a great site! So much information and support.

  156. Thank God for all you ladies!! I come upon this site because I am told I need a full hysterectomy becasue I have had stomach cancer. I was worried that I would not be able to have an orgasm after the surgery (which is still being scheduled) but after reading many of your posts, I am relieved to learn that it is still possible. I have been married to an awesome guy for almost 13 years!!! We have a great marriage and wonderful sex life!! I am so happy I found your site!! Divine indeed!


  158. i, too, have read through this book a few times. the first time, i was leading a group of singles through it, and the second is now with my husband as part of our pre-marital stuff.

    i like that the book validates that we have different needs. men and women are wired very differently. no, we’re not all exactly the same or just so but, overall, i think most of the stereotypes are founded in truth.

    i also love and cling to the reminder that my husband is a good-willed person. so often, it’s easy to get caught up on the issues or my feelings that i forget that he truly loves me and wants the best for us.

    lastly, i don’t like the portrayal of the nagging wife either!! you should watch the videos–it’s even more annoying!! =)

    i look forward to these conversations!

  159. I stumbled onto this site by accident, and I’m so glad I did. Too often the Body of Christ neglects to talk about “the body” and “sex” in a positive, healthy way, and this site breaks the stereotype. I am a young married woman of almost four months, and God has really been teaching me that I can glorify Him through healthy expressions of my sex, love, passion, and intimacy within marriage and that Christian married sex can be fun, exciting, and heated. I have so many questions about sex and it’s wonderfully encouraging to know that there are other Christian women out there who are bold enough to talk about it openly and within the context of Christian marriage. The purpose of this site echoes my thoughts almost completely. Thank you for writing this website!

  160. Welcome! You will find so much information here to build you up and encourage you in your marriage3.

  161. I am so happy to have found this website. This is a place of solace for me, a wife with an energetic sex drive, in a world that that puts so much emphasis on male sexuality, which is almost always in immoral ways. Even within the context of marriage, too often the view is that we wives “give it up” just to keep our husbands doing what we want outside of the bedroom, like washing dishes, taking out the trash, and, even valuing us. I’m proud to say I believe sex is not a “guy thing,” but a “married couples thing!” It’s fabulous and exciting and delightful – a sensational secret within a marriage that is freeing and bonding and pleasurable!

    All my life, I’ve been told, “Men only want one thing! Even if they want other things, sex is their top priority!” Of course, naturally our primitive goal is to procreate, and biologically, men have an intense urge to do just that, but as a woman, being told that is so devaluing. How am I suppose to feel like I’m more to a man than just sex if that’s the belief so many have tried to convince me of? Even within my marriage, this belief was driven deeper when I found out my husband had a porn problem. Through all of this with the grace of God, not only am I becoming a stronger, more passionate woman with a devotion to dispelling sexual stereotypes, my husband, who has been set free from porn, and I are building up our sexual life to be what it should be within the plans God intended for it – an awesome, faithful, loving one! Thank you, Christian Nymphos, for your contribution!

  162. THANK YOU so much for this fantastic website! I found you ladies by googling “sex + virgin + honeymoon” about 2 months ago, and wow! I learned so much, and really set my mind at ease about my upcoming marriage. I’ve now been married for 1 week and 2 days, just back from our honeymoon and settling in to our tiny condo. I showed my DH this website, and we now have a list of positions/techniques to try! It’s so nice to know there are other Christian wives out there who truly enjoy sex with their husbands! I’ll most definitely be back–often!

  163. Welcome! It is great that you found this site so early in your marriage. You will find a lot of great ideas and support here.

  164. I was a prude about sex before marriage and my first husband soon got me over it. He once said if you cannot enjoy it with me then who will you enjoy it with. He was right.

  165. Wow! Praise God for all that’s he’s doing in your marriage and in you, Melissa! Keep submitting to His perfect will, and He will continue sending the blessings your way. Even in the midst of trials, He will be pouring His abundant blessings out upon you.

  166. Most Christian sites make a woman feel guilty about any sexual needs.I remember a Bible study long ago where the men were helped on the matter of sex but the women were scolded when they wanted to talk about sex.I think how Christian families raise boys and girls so differently so when it’s time for marriage the girls become women who become very afraid of sexuality.Many Churches teach women to not be too interested in sex or your husband will think you’re like a prostitute..how sad! Another problem women face is the constant men are visual nonsense..oh please! so are us women and to the same extent! I’m so tired of this Mars and Venus nonsense and people have to let go of it! Great website! Also women tend to reinforce guilt about sexual needs among one another.Women tend to say sex is something women give instead of enjoy..this has to stop so women can fully enjoy sex with their husband.

  167. Women have the intense urge too but when we have expressed it in words and mostly to other women,we are made to feel guilty.I have noticed it isn’t the men that have a double standard so muich as it is other women who are themselves afraid of sexuality.It’s the guilt trip thing.Women have just a strong urge but we have to taught to repress this need.Women ARE equal and we need to learn this to makle sexuality come alive.

  168. am getting married in eight days and just dis morning i was searching non christian sites for help about sexuality. Now i know where to go. Thanks so much for being honest and helpful.

  169. I was told about this website from a friend who’s wife had discovered it. Needless to say when he told me about it, I was somewhat stunned and when I finally checked it out I was taken back.

    I feel so naive after reading some of the stories and also releived that I actually am normal. I haven’t told my husband about this site yet, nor am I sure I will. His attitude is if he can’t please me by himself without toys then what good is he. He likes basic stuff while I would like to experience new things with him. Its going to be a long road ahead, but am confident after 25 years of marriage I can slowly introduce some ideas. Wish me Luck and thanks to a special friend for telling me about this site.

  170. This site is a great blessing. You will get a lot of great ideas here for increasing intimacy in your marriage. Start praying now that God will give you and your husband a desire to have wonderful intimacy and a great sex life. He has transformed a lot of marriages, as many of the women here will attest!

  171. I cant tell you how much of a blessing this site has been to my marriage. I am in my fortys and most of the women i know are more excited about other men instead of theirhusbands and their husbands are sexually inactive at least with them.

    After years of acting prudish but feeling naughty i have finally let my hair down. The sexual freedom i now enjoy has changed my life and made me very popular with my hubby.

    After bragging too his buddies about his great sex life i am now giving advice on masturbation and dressing naughty to the ladies at my church what a turn of events.

    Keep up the good work.


  172. not a coincidence that i stumbled upon this website! thank God for a circle of women to be free and share! very happy i found this!

  173. Hello ladies
    Just a quick post coital email to say one huge massive thanks. I just had my first O in a year- pregnancy and baby had left me libido less, with a fair bit of marriage damage. I knew sex was a key pillar of mine and my husbands relationship but just couldn’t bear the thought. I knew there was inspiration out there and found this site. Suddenly I had the inspiration! I used the hot tips to give my hub one earth shattering BJ 3 nights ago and he just returned the favour after being guided by your cunnylingus article. (gosh I can’t believe I’m writing these words)
    We have massively turned the page and I can’t thank you enough. God bless you all with delicious sexy marriages. 🙂

  174. That’s exactly how I found this web site!

  175. I am not a Christian, but I have a close relationship with God and feel that sex is a sacred act of love between two devoted people. I found this website about two years ago, when my hubby and I were having many sexual problems, and it helped me a great deal. Knowing there were other women out there that felt the same way I do about sex, that it’s sacred and not something to be ashamed of, made it easier for me to accept the feelings I was having for my beloved husband.

    I don’t agree with everything said on this website, but more often than not I do. It’s so wonderful to know I’m not alone in the way I feel and think! Thank you for all you do here.

  176. This a very cool site! As Christian woman married more than two years, I have had struggles about sex, and even having, at times, a stronger sex drive. I rarely hear about sex in the church, only that it’s bad if it’s outside of marriage and within context of having children. Even when Christians do talk about sex around me, it’s quite guarded. I was just praying to God about my concern and how isolated I felt and stumbled onto this site. What a blessing

  177. wow! really glad i randomly stumbled upon this! lookin forward to reading more!

  178. Thank you so much for your website. I’ve been saved for many years and I love Jesus but I must say that after I got saved and married my sexuality changed dramatically. I was taught mastubation was a sin so I fought tooth and nail not to do it and be delivered from it. Mind you when I did it my relationship with my husband was on fire. Because of my lack of knowledge on it my marriage has suffered. After reading your website I called my husband and told him it was ok. We had and amazing time on the phone intimately and I prayed that God would give me a sexual awakening. Its like I feel alive again sexually. I desire my husband and want to experience love with him. Thank you soooo much. I can say I’m free in Jesus indeed. I got my mojo back. Lol

  179. Wow, this is nice ! I love the fact that you are open about this, im not ashamed to say even though im a mother of 5 kids, that i love the sexual life i have with my husband! Pleasing him is also completly please him sexually, and i cant help but do it as much as i can!

  180. Amen Romy, please pray for me because I know that there are women in my congregation that need to be set free. My husband and I are marriage counselors and we counsel many marriages. This website will be a powerful tool I can send them too. Its so sad to see marriages in the church being destroyed. I will keep this site in prayer and pray that God gets all the glory as we exhalt the name of Christ and live in sexual freedom with our husbands. God bless

  181. I stumbled onto this site today. I don’t even remember how now. I have spent half the day reading and it has answered some of the questions I’ve had lately (is it ok to seduce your husband). I am so glad I found this site. It will be so helpful to me. It has been hard finding answers to questions of a sexual nature that are biblically based. I’m so glad to find a Christian site that meets that need.

  182. my husband actually stumbled onto this site today and called me to tell me about it. my first thought was, seriously? how can they put christian and nympho in the same sentence, least of all a whole web site??? in my ranting and raving, he said just check it out and see for yourself. so i did, and i so so so love it!!!! thank you ladies for all your knowledge, wisdom, strength and courage! continue to be blessed.

  183. I just stumbled upon this site and I must say that it is quite interesting!! You will definately be seeing more of me…

  184. There is a women’s Christian forum that recommended this site. ROCK ON!

  185. I came across this website as I was searching for natural and more Christ like birth control options. My fiance and I are getting married in 26 days there were a few questions I needed answered. We both believe in waiting until marriage so I am walking away for now. But believe me, I will be back after I am an “old married woman”. Thank you for your article on birth control, and thank you in advance for all the future information to be obtained when the time is right. Oh and thank you for stating that lingerie doesn’t have to be trashy ;).

  186. This site is such a blessing. To be able to read and share and have some questions I have had answered, is wonderful. Spicing up our marriage every night! 🙂

  187. I actually asked a question on Yahoo! Answers about some issues that I am STILL having issues with and someone posted this blog. Thank God! It has helped a lot. I know most of my issues are mentally and emotionally. I’m still trying to figure it all out and I still have a lot of unanswered questions.
    Thank you!!

  188. wow. this site is great 🙂 i love reading your articles. its good to know that we Christians can openly speak up our minds about sex and marriage without any malice intended 🙂 great job ladies. God bless you and your family 🙂

  189. It is enjoyable to know there is a site where I can give and get advice without worrying ab vulgar comments. I am a bit of a nympho and very open and confident inmy husband and mine sexual relationship and would be glad to help any woman to be able to find the fullest potential in there relaitonship with their husband.

  190. i so love your site.
    i am so a nympho for my husband!
    i believe it is a sacred gift for us as a couple to be able to enjoy the great sex within the bounds of marraige.

  191. i so love your site.
    i believe it is a sacred gift for us as a couple to be able to ENJOY great sex within the bounds of marriage.
    Thank you Lord for this gift!

  192. I have learnt a lot from this website. God bless you. Serah from Kenya.

  193. This website is an answer to prayer!!! Every woman out there needs to know that “He who the Son sets free IS free indeed”! May God bless you all and strengthen you in your pursuit of truth……..

  194. hello, I found this website right after I got engaged. I enjoyed reading through the posts and anticipating my honeymoon. We had a beautiful wedding a few days ago.

  195. I am so glad to have found this site. I always felt inadequate with my sexuality in general–what was immoral or not. The articles on lust and erotica really helped, since I’ve always struggled with those. Thanks for all the insight.

  196. Thanks for the site.

  197. As a wife and a marriage and family therapist, I APPLAUD the work that you are doing! To be Christian and have a passionate, fullfilling, sexual marriage are two concepts that do NOT have to be mutually exclusive! I am so glad I found your site. Please keep up the good work!

  198. I love this site and the great sex tips. Recently during foreplay I had my husband Discover My Ultimate Pleasure Spot! I was so turned on and couldn’t wait to ride him soon enough. I have always enjoyed sex and my husband realizes I am ” always ready to hop on pop” and have fun in the bedroom. Thanks ladies!

  199. Man, I am so happy I found this site…. God Bless you guys!

  200. Fab site I’m loving it it will help in highs n lows of my drive as it and I can be so like that …..one day no pulse t next bury me in a Y shaped coffin …begining to realise nothing to be ashamed about and I’m sure all this will help me and hubby…keep up the good work

  201. Discovering this site is a real blessing for me.

  202. I love this site more Christian women definitely need more sites like this. Anyone hardly talks about sex or how to go about sexual problems at church it’s like if it was taboo almost

  203. Like alot!!!

  204. I have really enjoyed this site. I’m so glad that there are other married women out there that are christian and have an abnormal desire for sex. I stopped talking about sex to other christian women years ago because of negative reactions.

  205. This is a great site. Thanks for your words of wisdom and openness in this topic.

  206. Very interesting website. Christian men and women need this is the type of information that will help lower the divorce rate. More good Christian sites like this are needed. What a great website to bookmark and visit.

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