Tasting His Fruit

I very much LOVE to give oral sex to my husband. It’s often the center of my fantasies during the day, and when he gets home I tell him I can’t wait to put the kids to bed and taste him! It’s a big turn on to myself as well and will definitely put me in the mood for other things.

Cinnamonsticks has already posted a brilliant introduction on oral sex. I’m going to follow with some specific suggestions of things you can try. So let’s talk about giving oral sex to our husbands! I have had countless women ask me how in the world to get started. Newlyweds tend to be a little shy about oral. Let me give a few pointers to any beginners reading this.

My absolute favorite position for performing OS on my husband is him standing beside the bed and me kneeling on the floor. He then will lift one leg and put that knee up on top of the bed, so that he is opened up, so to speak. This way, I have TOTAL FREE ACCESS to all parts that need my attention. This is great for the both of us. You may prefer for your husband to sit in a chair or lay on the bed. Some positions are easier on the neck.

Go down and lick his thighs lightly, to make him anticipate what you are going to do. Slowly spread his legs and start by licking his balls. Roll them all around and get them lubed up with your tongue. You can gently be stroking his penis if you want….but nothing hard….because you are almost teasing him, making him WANT your mouth on him BADLY. Gently suck one of his balls into your mouth and caress it with your tongue. Be careful with your teeth. Then do the other one. Make sure that you lick all around his testicles, including the area just under them between his testicles and his anus. That patch of skin is called the perineum. Many men love having this area of skin licked or stroked.

Okay, so when you have worked him up, and he is really wanting you to take him fully into your mouth, then start going upward, licking his shaft with your whole tongue as if it were an ice-cream cone. When you get to the head, circle it a few times and then take it shallowly into your mouth a couple times. Then stop and make eye contact with him. Let him know that the fun is just starting. This would also be a great time to talk dirty to him or say something like: I love the taste of your ______. Then take him into your mouth as far as you are comfortable with. You can use your hand to grab hold of the base of his penis…and hold it in place while you are taking him in and out of your mouth. There is NO RULE that says you have to go super fast at this. I wouldn’t go slowly, but you don’t have to act like you are sprinting towards the finish line. Moan and allow your mouth to make wet sounds…he’ll like this. Look up at him from time to time. If you can, you could use your other hand to fondle his balls at the same time, or caress his anus. (Many Many men really like that. Just find out if he does, or you can do like I did….I just did it one day without asking, and although he was embarrassed about it afterwards, he admitted that it felt AWESOME to have his anus rubbed)

Anyway, if you can find a rhythm, then let your hand and your mouth work together. With your hand wrapped firmly around his penis, take your mouth all the way down to where it is touching your hand, then when you are coming back up, just bring your hand back up with you. See if you can keep your lips touching your own thumb and finger at all times. That way, your hand is almost like an extension of your mouth (instead of two separate things) and your mouth and hand will be working together to bring him there….and if you have him lubed up pretty good, he may not be able to tell where your mouth ends and your hand begins.

While you are doing this, you can be using your tongue to make swirling motions on the underside of his shaft. Especially when you are coming up and your mouth is right on the underside of his head, because that is an especially sensitive area on him. You can make your tongue go back and forth or if you want some creativity, you can try to do a figure 8.

If you get tired it is okay to remove your mouth and take a break. Continue with your hands though…..one pumping him up top and the other down below fondling and caressing him. Again, if he is into dirty talk, then use this time to talk to him. Tell him things and ask him if he likes what you are doing to him. speed up as you know he is nearing the finish line and try to get your mouth back into rhythm with your hand again. Make sure that you are pumping him with a firm hand stroke. Some women do not hold a man’s penis very firmly. They think they will hurt him or it’s fragile or something. But, if you don’t pump him firmly enough, it may take him longer to get there. So make sure you have your entire hand (all your fingers) wrapped around him.

Find out how he likes to finish the best. If he really likes it when you swallow, then towards the end, tell him that you want to swallow his come. Tell him you can’t wait until he explodes in your mouth. That may be a huge turn on for him to hear and may help to get him over that edge of climax.

There are some things that can give oral sex a different feeling for your husband! Try chewing up several altoids right before you go down on him. He may get a new sensation from it. I’ve heard from a couple ladies that a small piece of ice will help too, although my husband doesn’t care for that one.

If you are worried about the taste, either of the lube or his come, then you may benefit from flavored lube. There are several good flavored ones out there. I personally love caramel.

If you have a quick gag reflex, then you may want to think about trying some Good Head. You put some on your index finger and stick it on the back roof of your mouth. Then you swallow. It coats your uvula and numbs it, making it easy for you to take your husband’s penis deeper, and you don’t gag!

Once you find out the things that he does like and the things that he does not care for, then you will be able to get him there faster and you will feel more confident in your abilities. For a more in depth look at how to finish your husband, read There He Blows!

So come on ladies! Let’s all decide to taste our husband’s fruit this week!

Oral Sex: Spice or Sin?

Did you grow up in a family or church that taught that oral sex was a sin? That it is dirty? That good girls don’t do that? Many people in the church did. We’re here to tell you that not only is it an amazing expression of love for your husband (many husbands love both giving and receiving oral sex), but the Bible also seems to allude to oral sex as something that it is expected to be part of the sexual relationship between a husband and a wife. Consider these verses taken from the Song of Solomon:

“Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men. In his shade I took great delight and sat down, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.”

“Awake, O north wind, and come, wind of the south; make my garden breathe out fragrance. Let its spices be wafted abroad. May my beloved come into his garden and eat its choice fruits!

The poetic language of Song of Solomon seems to imply that the bride and groom were both giving and receiving oral sex. I have also understood from several sources that Song of Solomon was given to Hebrew newlyweds as a sex guide. When you read Song of Solomon, notice that the Shulamite woman is not shy in her passion for her man. She has given herself fully in her love for him.

If you grew up with the idea that oral sex was a sin or dirty, or if you were sexually abused, it may be difficult for you to be comfortable pleasing your husband with oral sex let alone actually enjoying it. But if you have not been comfortable with oral sex until this point and it is something you wish to include in your marriage, there are ways to become comfortable with it.

First, pray. Ask Jesus to give you His revelation to see your sexual relationship with your husband, and specifically oral sex, as He does. Ask Him to lift off anything you feel is keeping you from enjoying this as part of your marriage bed. Guilt. Shame. Disrespect. Ask Him to heal you from past hurts which rise up in you when you participate in oral sex. He wants to bring freedom to you in every way.

Second, start small. A little kiss on the head of his penis or a lick down the shaft might be a good start. Sometimes you might need to mentally prepare yourself, or you may be better off if you just do it as soon as you think about it without putting too much thought into it. So start off small and just add to it as you feel comfortable. Find a position that is comfortable for you. Often having your husband lay on the bed is a good one to start with.

Third, let him know that you would like to incorporate oral sex more into your love making and I can assure you he will do all he can to cooperate with you. As you feel comfortable in offering your husband more than a kiss and a brief lick, if your senses are turned off by it, surprise him when he is fresh from the shower or with a small candy in your mouth (something minty could give him an extra nice sensation), or with a flavored lube or chocolate. (Just avoid intercourse until after the chocolate is washed off if you are sensitive to getting UTIs as the sugar may contribute to one.)

Finally, realize that there are no rules about this. You don’t have to do any of this, but it is a wonderful way to add spice and variety and intimacy to your relationship in the bedroom. Just do what you feel comfortable with now and stretch yourself as you can.

For those of you who have come to a place where you are enjoying oral sex as a regular part of your love making already and you are looking for a way to spice it up I humbly bow out and offer you our very own Cumin Girl, who is the most brilliant “how to” writer I know when it comes to all things sexy.

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