His Kiss

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a kiss as:

v. kissed, kiss·ing, kiss·es

  1. To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness.

Kissing! What a fun topic to discuss! Do your husband’s lips send you into overdrive? Can you become aroused just by closing your eyes and imagining him kissing you? Ya know, I haven’t really given it a lot of thought, until yesterday.

My husband is sick right now. Major head cold. That did not stop him from asking me for some lovin’ yesterday though! He didn’t feel good but he was still kind of “in the mood” and he asked for a quickie. I said yes, but we didn’t do any kissing or any foreplay. Well, I gave him oral sex, but no other foreplay. We ended up making love with him taking me from behind. There was no kissing at all. Even though it was good sex, I really missed feeling his lips on me. He didn’t want to give me any of his germs, so he kept his face away from mine. I felt like something was missing the whole time. Have I been taking his kisses for granted?

His lips. His wonderful lips. Soft and moist on my skin. How wonderful it feels. A touch here, a nibble there, and one by one, my worries seem to melt away. His warm breath on my skin is calming to me. It helps me relax in his arms. It creates a euphoric feeling inside me, where I feel loved and cared for.

I wish every stressful day would end with his kisses. But more times than I care to admit, I get busy. Busy with the kids and homework, and packing lunches for the next day. Busy catching up on laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I’m going to make it a point to kiss him more, to let him know that his kisses are important to me. To let him see how my body reacts to his lips on mine. Whether it’s a quick “Honey I’m home” kiss or a seductive good night kiss, I want my kisses to speak to him the way his do to me.


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  1. To me, making love without kissing just doesn’t do anything for me. I have to have his mouth on mine at some point. Great article! I need to go kiss my hubby now!

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