The Diva Cup

My friend gingermama was the one who first tipped me off about this wonderful little invention. The Diva Cup is an alternative to tampons and I have loved using mine. I love it because the Diva Cup is reusable so people who use a Diva Cup are saving money and space in the landfill. I love that it is comfortable to wear and as long as it is properly fitted it is leak proof. It probably took me three cycles to get used to using it, but it really has been great. You can buy it online which was the cheapest way I found, but there are also a growing number of health food stores and pharmacies that are carrying it.


  1. Yay!! I’m so glad that you posted this!! I want to chime in here and say that the Diva is indeed a very nice little tool. It pays for itself in no time at all, and it’s so much better for the environment. You’ve got to try one!!

  2. NOTE: The Diva Cup is not to be used during intercourse.

  3. We had someone email us asking us to post this since they do not have a wordpress account:

    “I checked out your article on the diva cup and decided I would try it. I was delighted to find that on the site you can order one. I also then found that right now you can get the wash free with it – a savings of $9.95 and if you also look around on their site there is a page where you can request $5.00 off an order over $30. So this brought my savings to $14.95 or $5.00 off and the wash for free- since I wasn’t really planning on buying that it is a bonus!

    Thanks for the post on this item…. Looking forward to trying it out this month.

    I have really enjoyed your site. After my own awakening it’s nice to find others enjoying their husbands and not afraid to post about it!

    May God bless your marriages and families!”

  4. just chiming in as another happy Diva Cup user!

  5. I’ve used Diva Cup for years, and I love it! I’m not sure, but the design seems to have improved over the last couple years, making it even more comfortable. I never have to worry about leaks or discomfort, I don’t even realize I’m wearing it most of the day. Give it a shot–some people need a couple months to “practice” or get used to it, just like tampons, but its worth the effort. I’ve purchased them from the Diva Cup website, Whole Foods Market, and other natural/organic grocery stores.

  6. I’ve been using a Diva Cup for about a year and am very happy with it. We have an 1800’s house with old old plumbing and tampons are just not flushable. Wrapping them up in tissue and putting them in the garbage was…eh. Plus the environment, bleachy toxins, etc etc I decided to try the DC and have never looked back.

  7. Jade and Pearl sea sponge tampons are another great option. I discovered them a couple years ago. They are SO soft and comfy, and they can be worn during sex (it’s very clean… cleaner than “regular” sex). You just rinse them out and put them back in, then sterilize them with peroxide between cycles.

    I’m so excited because I was never comfortable with all the chemicals in tampons, plus they always leaked now that I’ve had kids and I’m not as tight. And pads just feel so gross. And it stunk to be off limits sexually during that time of month. I feel like I actually enjoy my period now… I can just appreciate my fertility without all the hassle.

    So glad you posted on this!

  8. Ok just a quick question how do these things stay in? Are they hard to put in as well just seems so odd but man I might try them!

  9. How do they stay in? Suction! 😉 It can take a bit of trial and error to get the cup to fold and keep it folded as you insert it. I use a small LadyCup (different brand, same purpose) and it took a while to get it in right. The way you know it’s inserted properly, you can’t feel it as you go about your day. If you feel something irritating you down there or you feel something bumping your undies, it’s probably not inserted far enough.

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