Pubic Shaving: For Women!


Pubic shaving is a pretty common topic.  Women generally have tons of questions (and opinions) about it.  Some women start shaving at a young age, while others may not even think to do it until much later in life.  There are also some women who shave for the first time after childbirth, in the hopes of keeping the mess under control.  But yes, we girls do like to talk about it.  I have a few girlfriends who trim or shave part of their pubic hair. One, in particular, likes to have a landing strip.  But to some, bare is best.  This article was written for those of you who have wanted to try shaving, but was a little nervous.  Here are some tips of the trade, for those of you who are interested.

Make sure you have a fairly new razor. Old or dull razors will leave you with irritation and ingrown hairs (i.e.: bumps) I use a regular Venus razor and some Skintimates shave gel.  If you don’t have shave gel, then hair conditioner works GREAT as a shaving gel!

Trim up. If your hair is fairly long, then you may want to trim it first with either some electric clippers or scissors to get it close to the skin.

Shave all the outer parts first. This includes the bikini area where your thighs meet your torso and also the whole ‘top part’ above where your clitoris is located.

Open the lips and carefully shave the inside parts where hair also grows. That small patch of skin right above the clitoris is a little hard to get. Just spread the lips open with one hand and take it easy, but don’t keep shaving the same patch of skin over and over. That will result in a shaving rash or irritation.

Shave the perineum (the area of skin between the back of the vulva and the anus) and the anus area. Yes, you read that right. Squatting in the shower helps to open that area perfectly, so that you can get your razor in between the cheeks.  If you don’t want to do this part then just skip this paragraph, but some women like all their girlie parts to be smooth! 😆

Afterwords, put on some kind of lotion. It helps to moisturize the skin. Coconut Oil could also be used.

Shaving at least every other day helps reduce irritations and ingrown hairs. Also, if you shave daily (or every other day) then it doesn’t take you long at all. You can easily add this to your shower routine and it will only add 2-3 minutes to your shower time. (The very first time you shave it will take longer though.)

I know that shaving is not for everyone.  Some people think that God gave us hair there for a reason and we shouldn’t mess with that.  If that is how you feel, then I totally respect that.  I just happen to think this falls on personal choice.  I wanted to write about it because it’s something that many women enjoy doing. It’s also something that many husbands love for their wives to do!  I’ve heard so many people say how much nicer oral sex is with smooth skin, or how they really love the feeling of intercourse since they started shaving.

If you’ve been thinking about trying to trim or shave a bit down there, then I encourage you to go for it! You don’t have to shave your entire region. Just start out with a little here and a little there. Then the next time, you may decide to shave a little more. Or you may decide that you like having it half shaved like my friend does. Just do what you are comfortable doing.  You could even invite your husband to help shave you sometime!

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  1. I love it when my wife is clean shaven. She likes the look and feel almost as much as I do but it is an inconvenience for her. To address this she has received a lasar treatment for her bikini line. She has black hair so that makes the treatment more effective. She got a really good price (after beach season) of 5 treatments for $500 dollars.

  2. I have been thinking about doing this however every time i shave close to that area I get red bums. How do I stop these from happening and when they do how to I stop them from itching?

  3. I used to get the bumps and itching too. I have found that if I shave DAILY, or at least every other day, i don’t have that problem. It’s when i forget or don’t take the time to do it, and several days go by…. that is when it gets red and itchy for me. Also, as soon as I shave and get out of the shower, I immediately apply moisturizing lotion to that area. Make sure you are using a new or nearly new razor too. Using an old one is just asking for problems.

    Some women say that using hair conditioner to shave with helps them with this problem too. I have done that, but most of the time I just use Skintimates shave gel for sensitive skin. I hope you find something that helps!

  4. I use Eucerin. Let me see if i can give you a link: Eucerin is thick and dermatologist recommended. My doctor told me about it cause i have eczema and so do my children. It contains no perfumes or fragrances so that it doesn’t clog pores. I rub it all over down there and it keeps my skin so soft and not itchy!

  5. you mentioned using moisturizing lotion. What kind of lotion do you use?

  6. Not only do I love being shaved, but I love being shaved and going commando!

    I second that remark about using a new razor. At first I was a bit scared to use a new one, afraid I would cut myself, but once I used an old one…. never again. 🙂

    Oh, and ever so often, I get my husband to do the shaving for me as part of foreplay.

  7. I don’t know how you all get so smooth and so… far…down! I decided to try this and have been shaving since the beginning of this month. I have yet to feel totally successful and smooth. It seems like now matter how new the shaver or what angle I use to shave, I still end up scratchy. I even bought something like Nair called “Veet” and lets just say I was less than satisfied with the results (some spots it burned and everywhere else it didn’t really remove the hair). I don’t know if I just need to keep practicing or if I am missing some secret tricks…

  8. I know what you mean mackeytr!!! I have been shaving for over a year and I still have to work really hard to get it shaved perfectly. Most of the time I don’t mind if it isn’t perfectly smooth, but when I do care 8) it helps to shave every area in every direction. So in whatever area I am shaving, if I take each square inch and shave in every direction inch by inch it really helps.

    I couldn’t have done this at the beginning though because the skin wasn’t used to being shaved so I would have had major irritation. But after a year, I can do it this way and the results are really nice.

    Also, try shaving with shaving gel first and then shave again with conditioner. That trick helps too.

    Keep trying. It does get better. And shave every day!

  9. Nair and Veet do not work for me. I do shave one area at a time, in several different angles. I’ll start out shaving with the grain and then I’ll re-lather and shave against the grain. If you are new to shaving though, this could cause irritability. I say to just give it more time.

  10. Thanks for your replies! One other question. On the Marriage Bed boards, I read a lot of people suggest exfoliating. Do you do this? If so (and you shave everyday), do you just do it before you shave or do you think it makes any difference? Thanks!

  11. I use to exfoliate often. I don’t so much anymore. I think that after a while, my skin just got used to the daily shaving, and I didn’t need to as much. But I know that all women (and skin types) are different, so it may help you.

  12. My doctor had suggested exfoliation and I think she meant to do it before hand. But I didn’t think to clarify it at the appointment.

  13. I have been shaving now for about three months and love it! However buying new razors so frequently is killing my budget. I was wondering about an electric razor. do you think you could use an electric razor to shave pubic hair? Would it be sharp enough or get close enough? I was just wondering what you ladies though.

  14. You know, I haven’t bought an electric razor in years. But I’ve heard that there are some really good wet & dry ones out there now! Have you read my pubic shaving article for men? There is a link on there for something called the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.
    It is specifically designed for hair BELOW the neck 😎 And I’m sure there is probably one like this out there for women too. My husband shaves with regular razors because he says that an electric razor doesn’t get close enough for him, but I have heard from others that an electric razor works just fine for them. I think it’s a personal preference thing myself.

  15. Shave everyday?!?! My legs don’t even get that kind of attention! About every other day for them.

    And I have DH do the shaving. Started when I was pregnant and he loves doing it. I used to beg him not to take it all off. I don’t know why. Guess I felt funny.

    OH and I use those little razor made specially for there. They work great, but it never dawned on my to use shave gel! I had him using soap! But definately going to use the CO from now on. Hated the bumps and itch, too.

  16. My DH and I have the Ultimate Personal Shaver for this type of shaving and I think it does a great job. I just make it a part of my daily care–I’m already a bit of a high-maintenance woman (physically, not emotionally!) , and this adds less than 5 minutes. I powder well and buzz it and then I’m done. I love it…and my DH and I love the hair-less look and feel on each other. 🙂

  17. Okay, I just read all of the comments on shaving. I have tried it in baby steps – first with clippers to shorten the hair and shave closer around the pubic area. Then I tried to shave it all and you got it – bumps and a itchy. It took a while for the hair to grow back to a length that was comfortable again. My husband really wants me to try it again…question – i didn’t like the feel of panty shield, underwear, etc on the shaven area…what do you wear or not wear?

  18. For someone who has never done it before, shaving bare can be a bit of a challenge. It also takes some getting used to. If you shave too roughly you will get the itchy bumps. If you shave one “strip” and then re-shave that same strip again, it will irritate your skin and again, you will get itchy bumps. You don’t get itchy bumps on your legs or underarms, right? It’s because your skin has become accustomed to you shaving it and you have learned how to do it effectively. The same can be achieved for your bikini area.

    As far as the feel of things against the shaven area… I go commando 99% of the time. I have had a hysterectomy, so I don’t have to worry about pantyliner and such. I don’t mind the feel of my jeans/pants/shorts against my shaved skin. I always make sure that i apply moisturizing cream after I shave each night, and I think that helps the skin to not become “raw” feeling. But getting use to the feel of clothing against your newly shaved skin will take some time to get accustomed to!

  19. Okay, I am back and I have shaved everything…however, the area at the top of the clitoris is very difficult to shave and it is never smooth. I looked at the wet/dry electric razors that have some type of “tweezing” attachment and thought if I let it grow back a little and then tried that, it should be removed and not grow back as prickly – what do you think and have any of you bloggers tried this?


  20. You know, I have seen those types of razors too, and I’ve wondered about them myself. I do regularly tweeze my eyebrows and other stray facial hairs, but I’ve never attempted to tweeze my pubic area. (Maybe out of FEAR!) I have wondered about purchasing one of these. If you do decide to try something like that, please let me know! You’ve got me wondering now!

  21. Hi girls,

    How bout microwave heated wax for waxing?

    Bought a kit from Walgreens for very little and can re-use it….warning, not for use with a second person as hair can carry much bacteria even though the wax is re-heated. Re-use it for yourself only. Probably three or four uses before wax begins to become a bit brittle. You’ll know when to chuck it. Wax gets gross.

    I hate shaving so I switched to bikini waxing and got a bit more adventurous with the wax by creating a more slim line of hair….I love the look. Makes me feel sexier than ever.

    Any of you doing the wax thing?

    I did receive training as a beauty therapist so do know what I am doing. Still yoddle now and again which is hilarious and keeps me focused !!!.

    The smooth lasts much longer. Have to wax the following week to catch the newer growth but still nice and smooth and no horrible stubble and pimples…drove me nuts as my bikini skin itched like crazy.

    I have very sensitive skin so probably worse for me than some. Will be experimenting on my hinder parts as I hate the bushies back there although we are not anal folks…..just looks lousy when I bend over and heck, have to always give a show for my man, right.

    Oh, also wax my underarms which is fantastic as I also got horrible stubble from shaving. Hardly any dark underskin growth to be seen either. Way to go for my skin type which is Englishy and delicate.


  22. Interesting article. Personally, I wax (full Brazilian) – professional jobs are WAY better than do it yourself kits.
    I used to shave and it was ok, just didnt’ like the fact that I would get a bit irritated if I shaved too often then I’d have to take a break for a little bit and have to put up with stubble down there – not fun. Switched over to waxing and it was LOVELY….then for some odd ball reason I decided to shave instead of wax – ended up with ingrown hairs. YUK!
    I went back to waxing and take measures to decrease the issue of ingrowns but I have about 3 spots that are discolored (I think there may be a hair trapped there, not sure). I’m trying to be patient, moisturize a lot, I keep waxing every 2 weeks…hoping those spots go away on their own. Not so pretty to see dark spots on fair skin!
    If anyone has any suggestions, it be greatly appreciated….
    It seems like it’s a lot of work but it’s really not. I just hate dealing with ingrowns.
    And honestly, I don’t think I could ever go back to the “natural” look – it’s so much nicer not having hair there, personally….and the hubby ADORES it.
    He loves to reach down and touch when I’m freshly waxed – smooth, soft, and tasty as he likes to say! Lol…

  23. Cumingirl wrote: “Some people think that God gave us hair there for a reason and we shouldn’t mess with that.”

    Anyone who believes that statement needs to re-examine from this perspective:
    God put hair on our head also… but we all mess with that.
    God put hair on the face of men… most of us shave it off, others trim it.
    Why should the hair down there be treated any differently then the hair up there?

  24. I think that debate could go on back and forth jedijohnjohn. The key is to respect others personal choices when it comes to their own body.

  25. I am sooo please to find this site and to read articles like this…
    I have been fully shaving my pubic area for months now and my DH totally loves the way it ooks and feels and I have found it to improve physical sensations when we are m/l…however I recently heard a christian “sexpert” on tv saying how he though ti was “worrrying” the current trend for women to have hollywood waxes etc as what men are therefore finding attractive is the equivalent of a pre-pubescent female genitalia and surely that is encouragiing paedaphilia…after hearing that I have been really confused but it is helpful and affirming to read stuff like the above. Does anyone have any comments on the link between women having shaven, waxed whatever genitalia and paedophilia in men??! To me if feels like women being made to feel responsible for evil which is already in the world!

  26. Hi illi.

    I’m sure people can come up with a myriad of reasons as to why some men/women like the shaved look…fact is, people like what they like and it doesn’t always mean it’s because of some evil desire lurking in their brains. There are some people that may be turned off by the look for the main reason you stated (pre-pubescent) and that’s fine for them…and others don’t think of that at all, just simply like the look of womens genitalia which can obviously be admired better without any hair.
    I’ve never read anything that linked pedophilia with an affinity to shaved women/men…then again I usually dont read up on that sort of thing, LOL.
    Bottom line is – what goes on in your bedroom, with your body and your husband’s body is between both of you and the Lord. If God hasn’t explicitly set a boundary to how you care for your genitals (nor do you feel He’s speaking anything directly to you or your husband about it), and your husband and you have a preference for a shaved look, THEN ENJOY IT and dont let other’s ideas and preferences make their way into your marraige bed.
    Honestly, I feel this is one area which is all about personal preference…although if my husband was turned off by it then I’d go back to the natural look.
    As for me – I feel women’s bodies look more attractive with less hair…my husband definitely loves the look too but if I decided to grow it back he certainly wouldn’t be turned off by me. I just think he enjoys me orally much more when I’m soft and bare down there.
    And I find it funny – all this talk about a small patch of hair, LOL!!!!

  27. This is a great question that we hear a lot.

    I would say that if you and your husband enjoyed you being shaved with freedom and pleasure and then you heard someone tell you that it can be related to pedophilia, that someone put a burden on you that is not yours to carry. Most godly men and women who enjoy their spouse being shaved do so because of the practical reasons like the smooth feeling of the skin and the ease with which they can give oral pleasure without hair in the way.

    Also a woman’s shaved genitalia is different from a girls in that with a girl the inner labia doesn’t protrude like a woman’s does.

    Bottom line is that if your husband doesn’t show any signs of deviant sexual behavior towards little girls, I would encourage you to keep on enjoying this if you both like it.

  28. Thank you to Cinnamonsticks and Havannaspice for your comments. Really helpful to me. Someone putting a burden on me is exactly how it has felt, but it is easier to tell yourself that its not yours to carry when you know you are not the only christian woman who holds that view! I am new here and would just like to say thank you so much for your site I am finding it so totallly helpful and affirming. I have been married for 13 years but only really begun to engage with my sexuality as god intended it over the past year as god has been healing me and setting me free from past abuse…however I have found it hard to know where to find godly and yet honest advise etc…I am so pleased to have found you girls! Thanx, Illi

  29. I get waxed too, HavanaSpice. Do you exfoliate in the days after a wax? I had a couple of ingrowns after my first wax, and my mother’s hair dresser told me to get those little round facial exfoliators and use though when I am cleaning myself for a day or three.

  30. Hi JMC.
    I do exfoliate….practically every day or every other day. I didn’t start to get ingrowns till several months after beginning waxing and I have a feeling it’s because the hair gets thinner/weaker and breaks off inside the follicle easier.
    What I started doing and it works great is sitting in a warm/hot bath (good reason for a bubble bath!) for at least 10-15 minutes. It makes the skin and hair follicle soft, supple, and open up a bit making for removal of the ingrown hair much easier.
    I’ve decided to stop waxing for a while…I went back to shaving for now. Shaving never gave me ingrowns but I occassionally would get a bit irritated if I shaved too often.
    In a couple of months I may get laser hair removal for that entire area – I believe it’s anywhere from 6-8 sessions total with relatively little “touch-up/follow-up” sessions post laser.
    It’s so funny – I don’t think I’ve ever been this concerned about a small area of hair! Lol. But needless to say it makes our sexlife funner, makes me feel sexier/cleaner, my husband loves the bare look…why not invest some time and money in taking care of that for good!!!! In fact, he may look into getting some laser done too (I’m surprised).

  31. I hope this is ok to ask…I have been shaving my pubic area for the past few months and although I and DH are loving the result I am finding it to be a bit of a hassle. I am really wanting to try waxing but am far too much of a wimp to do it myself …tried it once and couldn’t bring myself to pull the strips off. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be to have a beauty therapist do it for you though?! does anyone have any experience of this they wouldn’t mind to share? Also, just how much does it hurt??! Honestly!

  32. I have not had a brazilian wax, but I would in an instant if it were not so expensive. Once when I was getting a pedicure I asked the esthetician if it was very common and she told me that yes it was and it was not a big deal to her at all.
    If you decide to do it, go to a reputable place.
    How much does it hurt? I can’t answer for pubic hair, but other areas have a burning sensation for a short time and then it dissipates quickly. I have a high pain threshold so maybe others find that it hurts more…

  33. Hi Ili,

    I’ve done both – shaving and waxing…..after a few months of waxing I started to noticed some ingrowns that I hadn’t gotten while I was shaving (mainly over the mons which isn’t very nice looking having ingrowns there, ARG!) so I have now gone back to shaving and it’s getting better.
    Overall to get the more intimate part of you (vaginal opening/inner labia, and rear section) waxing is fantastic and never had issues with those parts. As for the bikini line and mons area different story – initially it was fine but like I said, after a while ingrowns were appearing regardless of exfoliation and moisturizing.

    As for pain – the first time was an eye opener, lol! But not the worst pain I’ve ever had either….just take a pain killer about 30 minutes before (Alleve or Motrin, something like that). I found that all subsequent visits weren’t as bad if you keep up with it – I was going every 2-3weeks max. What you’ll feel is a heavy sting/burn as they pull the wax off but it only lasts for a few seconds as they pull then it resolves. Once you’re done, that’s it – no pain afterwards. I think it’s worth waxing initially – it does make the hair softer over time…if you feel you start to get some ingrowns then stop and go back to shaving.

    As for the embarassment – these people do this day in and day out…brazilian waxes are VERY common….but then again, I’m in the medical field so it takes A LOT to embarass me, and I didn’t feel that way at all.

    Good luck!

  34. It looks like the shaving issue is always on someone’s mind. Anyway, I finally began shaving almost the entire area, except the very top of the clitoris – I have made it a daily routine with a disposable razor (Daisy). I tried the Venus and an upscale Shick (like Venus) and I good results shaving with the Daisy. Now that it is routine, I don’t have as much trouble with ingrown hairs, etc. My husband loves it. I am writing this as an encouragement to those women who try and don’t think they will ever be comfortable during or after shaving.

  35. I’ve been shaving for about 15 years now. Each person is different and will need to experiment what works for them. For me, the INTUITION was a life saver for shaving. I nick myself much less. We are expecting our 7th child and it’s especially tricky to shave while pregnant. 🙂 The INTUITION helps with that. Also, I have to wait at least 3 – 4 days or I get a rash and sometimes ingrowns. I also have to wait at least 30 minutes before I moisturize or same thing happens. Now I use some homemade lotion with only pure ingredients and essential oils. Very nice!

  36. My wife get a full (brazilian) wax and she says it is the way to go, I have to agree. It last a long time and there are no razor burns or ingrown hairs she has to deal with. It took a couple times to get used to the pain, but she said it actually is mild unless there are loose hairs that need to be tweezed.

  37. I have really sensitive skin.

    I stay shaved but I’ve had to switch to an electric razor because my skin was getting really irritated with a blade. I love the look of being shaved and so does my husband. It is so much easier to feel clean, especially during THAT time of the month. I won’t go back to my natural state, but shaving is really time consuming for me. I tried waxing at home once and my skin was broken out and rashy for a week. Same thing with cremes like Nair. It is very frustrating.

    Does anyone know how professional waxing goes for girls like me? Or is there a creme or ointment to help calm my skin? I’m a massage therapist and I’ve used everything I can think of from my arsenal of oils and herbs, but nothing helps.

    Sometimes I just want to cry. I’m feeling a little desperate. Any help would be appreciated.


  38. Cumingirl, I have been using the braun silk epil excel for almost 8 years. I LOVE it! It does hurt a bit at first when you start to use it, but if you follow the directions it’s really not that bad.

    The directions say to start off by shaving and then using the epilator over your smooth skin just to see what it feels like. Then use it every day for about a week to gently tweeze new hairs as they start to grow. (Every hair grows at a different rate, so you won’t have as many to tweeze if you start like that.) After that use it once a week for a few months, and then as needed.

    I’ve been using it on my underarms and bikini line for 8 years as I said. Now I only really need to use it about once a month or so, and I only get a few hairs each time. I also don’t ever have that annoying dark hair under the skin or stubble the next day. I only recently started to use it on my legs faithfully as well, because it is so time consuming to go over my entire leg every single day that first week, I get kinda lazy.

  39. Hi-

    I have had one child and have had alot of weight gain and loss. I have a lot of stretch marks on my pubic mound – do you have this issue after many pregnancies (I am not meaning any disrespect.) I feel kind of self conscious when I am “bare” down there – but I kinda prefer it too. Any enlightenment you can share on the matter is appreciated.

  40. CHG,
    Was checking out my mons the other day and since making a ‘heart’ shaped hair pattern 😉 my battle scars are also visible now.
    Seeing those white scores in my skin reminded me of the daily olive oil massages I always did during all of my pregnancies and that because of all the care I took of my very fair/delicate English rose skin, I have not one belly mark!
    It is almost as if God placed two marks in my most private region to remind me for the rest of my life that my husband and I made beautiful babies when we made love.
    I am changing my attitude towards my stretch marks on my mons since they were earnt during labor with our precious children.
    I hope you can settle this issue in your heart as well and look at your body in a new light since reading my post.
    Pregnancy is miraculous and children are precious so that is what we must associate our stretch marks with.
    Now, I watch my man going down on me, I see those silvery stretch marks and I smile to myself in pride. I am a multiplemommawarrior with a man who still gets it on with me, so much so, that he goes down on me in passion…kudos for me!

  41. I too, received these at some point during pregnancy with my three kiddos. Those marks are natural, and even people who haven’t gained and lost a bunch of weight, like us, get them.

    I used to have a nice little round pooch of a belly…well since those blessed stretch marks hit, it’s more of a messy sag there. However, even with that unsightly business, as well as the stretch marks on my mons, DH still thinks it’s incredibly beautiful and sexy.

    Don’t be self-conscious about what naturally occurs on many women. My DH playfully calls them my racing stripes.

    One other thought: like wildcherry mentioned earlier, that she shaves in a shape of a heart on her mons: some people don’t shave that area at all…just the other parts. Keeping hair on your mound…trimmed up nicely, with your labia freshly shaved all the way back is a nice alternative too. I’ve been doing this lately because my mons is the only part of me to ever get razor burn! ACK! The rest doesn’t, so for now, that’s my solution.

    Embrace those marks and marvel at your body’s God-given ability to stretch and grow to facilitate that baby!

  42. Like I posted my wife does the brazilian. She has told me that when she takes ibuprofen about 45 minutes before her waxing it does not hurt that much. Of course the first time was the worst but she said if she keeps taking the ibuprofen it does not hurt. The only part that still hurts is when there are stray hairs and the waxing girl needs to use tweezers to get every hair. Good luck on whatever you methode you try

  43. I’ve been using a product for about a year now called Azulene Oil. The company that makes it is “Parissa”. When I use it after waxing at home, and for several days after (2 or 3, occassionally more) I have very few, if any infected pores. It has been GREAT for me. WAY WAY better than shaving!

  44. Thanks.

  45. I had a bikini wax the other day, I have had them before with no problems. This time they used hard wax on me and she said most women like it better. It has been 4 days I still have bumps and pustules that I had not had before with waxing. I put oil on the area afterwards. I guess I have sensitive skin as shaving really irratates it and it never seems to settle down. I would love laser but not in the budget right now. What can I do to prevent the bump/pustules. I prefer waxing but will this happen next time too or skin will get use to it. Certainly isn’t very sexy! Had plan to put swimsuit on today but because of that and other reasons I did. Would appreciate advice. 🙂

  46. Hi wishihadknown,
    Pro. waxer here…sounds a bit like the wax may have been a little too hot?
    There could be other reasons but think back to the treatment concerningt the heat you felt.
    The waxer should pretest the wax on her wrist before applying it to your body, espcecially the delicate bikini area.
    I have extremely sensitive skin so wax instead of shave as I end up taking a few layers of skin off with a razor…ouch.
    Pulling the wax off in an upward motion can cause bruising which seems worse on sensitive skin. Going over the same area too many times can cause irritation. On sensitive skin, the best proceedure is to do a few patches and then tweeze the remaining hairs.
    Your skin should toughen up but I would seriously seek another professional before going back to the one you experienced.
    Ask around for references if you can. It’s worth trying again as waxing is a wonderful hair removal option.

  47. The wax was pretty hot. Maybe that is what caused the probs. It is looking better but still not great. Thanks for your advice! 🙂

  48. Mdcccc, and Nurseywife,
    I moved comments to this area just to stay in bounds.
    I have only recently started to shave everything and love it. I used to just do the bikini line and then trim the other areas. I guess I always thought shaving everything was a little weird, but since being on this site I’ve found how common it is! I have to say we are really enjoying it, I’ve even managed to get my DH to groom his private area.:) I think I orgasm much quiker when it’s skin on skin. DH mentioned that he loves the visual,(same for me about his)
    I only use a disposable razor everyother day in the shower and havn’t had any problems. I’d like to wax, but I’m a little scared of burning myself….ouch.

  49. i always do. i had to when i was younger in the summer because i always wore a bikini and lived on the beach, but when i got married i did it because my girlfriend suggested i do it for my hubby. men are very visual. he loved it, so i just continued.

    but now i do it because i am used to it.

  50. Finally got the gumption to ‘take all the hair off’. Feels amazing and I love does my husband. However, shaving and the after burn hurts like the blazes. At least with waxing, the pain was temp. and then the smooth lasted a few days. Shaving takes every day maintenance and my skin is about to send me to the cleaners!

    Anyone use Nair there 😉 Read that the clitoris is to be avoided but I wonder about the hair I wish to remove closer in. Ditto for the removal of hair surrounding the anus. Nair may burn and I am almost turning myself inside out shaving back there. Great for flexibility!

  51. Does anyone use a electric razor? I am getting very sick of having to buy new razors every week. I was looking onto getting a nice electric razor to shave everything. Anyone have any suggestions on a good electric razor?

  52. The Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver (available from Amazon) has received excellent reviews from men and women.

  53. Hi Koffeebug
    I purchased a Body Bare intimate shaver (think it may be available form amazon if you are in the us but it wasn’t for me in the uk. Anyway it is a shaver which only works on stubble so ideal if you are planning to just keep any growth away on a daily basis but can’t be used on longer hairs. The results I get from it are great really smooth and the blurb on the website I bought if from said something like if you want baby soft skin wiithout risking perfomring your own circumcision! I had previousy had some not so great experiences with other electric shavers in terms of accidentally cutting myself not so great down there!
    Anyway, hope that helps…

  54. I haven’t used Nair, but Brandi’s Amazing Pubic Hair remover works well. It burns if you leave it on too long, but if you take it off soon enough it doesn’t, and you don’t get razor bumps!

  55. Thx Gmae…turned back to waxing this past weekend in sheer frustration at the raw skin and rashes from shaving. Will try Brandi’s and see how that goes. My creativity causes my husband to chuckle but he LOVES the results.

  56. Anyone who waxes–Any idea if you prefer to wait a day or two for sex after the first time waxing? I am a bit afraid of pain, and don’t want to be in pain the day we plan to have some fun! Any suggestions of favorite wax?

  57. I tried shaving about a year ago and had horrible problems with ingrown hairs, horrible bumps, and always felt “stubbly”. I always used a new razor and shaving gel. I did it at my husband’s request and I liked the look and feel until the bumps and stubble became a problem. I thought it would get better with time and kept trying for over six months, but finally gave up. I felt like I looked like a plucked chicken with all the bumps. Not sexy! Does Nair work better or will I start getting bumps as it grows back in? This is the only request my husband has ever made of me and I really want to grant him that wish!

  58. I would say that waxing works the best, I also get really bad ingrown hairs bumps and irritation, and the next day its like you never shaved! then you shave again, and it gets worse from there. the best waxing kit I can tell you about is GiGis Brazilian Bikini wax kit its 17$ at sally’s beauty supply. most other kits you get will either not work at all or will only get a few hairs, this one gets most of the hairs and all you have to do is pluck any stray hairs with some tweezers. I remove all of mine, and it works great for me, it lasts longer, and your skin actually has a chance to heal from all the shaving bumps and niks. nair hair removal creams can work to but sometimes they give you burns, and bumps, and the hair grows back almost as fast as shaving, also doesn’t usually get all the hairs. hope this is helpful!

  59. So–waxing on my own did not happen yet! I do find waxing my own legs, but gave myself bruising along the bikini line. Pubic skin is WAY more sensitive, and it is hard to hold taut.

    Having a professional do the waxing would help, because she would position me in such a way that skin is the most taut possible–and my hands could help hold my skin, while she did the waxing.

    I did do some research, and it suggests 24-48 hours recovery time after pubic waxing, before intercourse. (Of course, since I can expect to be smooth for quite a while, unlike shaving, no problem!) The only problem is $ for waxing. 🙂

  60. I did this twice about five years ago. Since I did not do it for an extended period of time, I can’t tell you if bumps grow in–I did not have any trouble, but idk if multiple applications would be a problem.

    You will want to be aware that pubic hair is thicker and coarser, and takes longer for the Nair to dissolve. I actually used VEET with the razor-shaped scraper. It worked pretty well, and if I had been accustomed to the angles and motions for pubic shaving, it would have been easier. 🙂

  61. Do you wax yourself? Any tips on product type? positions?

  62. I’ve kept it clean shaven down there for a long time now, DH and I both love it! Be careful with Nair, Veet, etc, they WILL burn if you leave them on for too long, and be VERY careful where you apply it! It is like fire if you get it at all on the sensitive parts, including the anal area.
    I’ve found that if you put it on for just a very short time and then rinse and shave whats remaining, it softens the hair, therefore making it so much easier to shave, eliminating razor burn and bumps.
    Also, sells a product for during and after shaving called “Coochy” that works really well with reducing and eliminating razor bumps! Good luck!

  63. How often do you need to wax? How long does the hair need to be in order to wax? (How do you maintain it once it starts growing back in – does it get really stubbly for a while before it is long enough to rewax?)

    Also, what do you recommend putting on the area after waxing to help prevent irritation?

    Should I expect and plan for a few days of irritation after I first wax? I would like things to be “ready” for an upcoming anniversary and don’t want to do it too soon and be stubbly or do it right before and be irritated.


  64. I began shaving recently and I do use the venus—great product! I never have any bumps or anything, then again I am not “well indowed” in the hair area 😦

  65. how many uses can I use my disposable razor to shave my girlie area? Am I supposed to change razors each time I shave ?

  66. I think that depends on the woman involved and what brand razor she uses, etc. I use a Venus and change the cartridges probably every two weeks or so. You’ll know when your disposable razor needs to be replaced, cause it will “pull” your hair or you’ll feel a hair get caught in it (ACK!) and you’ll know that you need to trash it.

  67. I use the disposable venus razor and change it every week. If I go longer than a week I tend to get ingrown hairs. But I agree with cumingirl it depends of the kind of disposable razor.

  68. I thought I’d put this out there for any one like myself who was overweight for a while and then lost the weight….. for some reason it creates more ingrown hair problems etc. I think it might have to do with the fact that the skin is no longer tight, but sorta stretched out. It’s not a problem with actually shaving, but whenever the hair grows back. Anyone else struggle with this at all?

  69. I had an esthetician tell me you can prevent ingrown hairs after pubic waxing by exfoliating each time you shower or bathe. Her explaination for ingrown hairs is that unshed skin cells trap the hair beneath the surface. She advised me to use good old plain white sugar as a scub on the entire area to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs.

  70. I did not know that. Sounds like a great idea, thanks for the advice!

  71. it lasts about two weeks, and once it gets long enough to wax, I just do it again. if you get some hairs that grow back first or some patches, I will just go over those parts with a little wax. it works a lot better then anything else I’ve tried. it does hurt, but its worth it.

  72. Thought I would share my “shave it all off” experience!

    I stayed away from the perineum and anus (I’ll try those extreme acrobatics later), and just shaved everything off of my outer labia. WOW! The area is SO much more sensitive… I feel like a completely new woman down there 🙂 There was no sensitivity or burn, like I thought there might be. I think the skin is more resilient down there than I get it credit for. Now for growing back… we’ll see how that turns out!

  73. Just a hint from a long time complete shaver, 🙂 (even the tough to reach parts that you mentioned get super easy with practice)
    -If you shave about every other day, and do not let it grow back too much, it will be sooo much easier for you to keep up with it. The reason I say every other day is because if you shave every single day, (at least for me) you tend to end up with some nasty razor burn. And for me, it’s so much easier to just keep up with it (takes about 1-2 mins a day) then to have to go through the whole process of shaving the whole re-grown mess again.
    Happy shaving! 🙂

  74. Thanks, erin4him =) I have found though, that shaving the bikini area every 2-3 days is still a bit early. Maybe I could just use a newer razor… but I’ve found a good rhythm doing it every 4-6 days. Otherwise, I just nick myself and get razor burn all over the place. I definitely appreciate your advice though, and will make sure to regularly exfoliate as well.

  75. In recent years, I have not shaved up to the bikini area because my public hair has expanded as I have gotten older, and I didn’t like all the bumps after shaving. I decided to try Nair again. Haven’t used it in over 10 years. Anyway, I used it TUesday night, and by this morning (THursday) already growing back and started getting razor bumps. It is burning and itching. Any suggestions?

    Also, is anyone an OB or OB nurse? I had a c-section, 6 years ago, and they shaved the entire area, and I had no bumps or burning. Wish I had started keeping it up again then, but I wasn’t as “open” to sex as I am now. My husband and I don’t understand the change, but he sure is not complaining.

    Anyway, I want to maintain a smooth look for my husband. We make love every night, except during my menstrual cycle. Not sure if we are ready to try that, although I have thought about it because that is normally when I am the wildest.

    Thanks for this website. Amazing!

  76. Actually, buying new razors every week isn’t necessary. I found out that if you rub a little alcohol over your razor when you finish showering and then pat dry with a towel or dry with a blow dryer this helps maintain the quality of your razor. I also keep it away from any standing/dripping water to prevent rust. I have had the same razor for about six months and it looks brand new.

  77. Hi, all – I thought I would surprise DH and clean up—-he didn’t like it! Anyway, we are having fun laughing about it. Now he teases me about the stubble – lol. I did like the feeling and may try it at a later date, but for now, it’s gonna be on hold. BTW, he has alopecia universalis (no hair anywhere) and I LOVE IT! 😉

  78. I have been shaving “down there” for about 3 mos now. It took about a month to get over the soreness/sensitivity, and then it was all good for a bit. Now it seems that the hairs as they regrow around the labia/perinium area are rather stubbly and very hard to shave without making myself sore. DH even commented one night that i should have shaved down there (he made the comment after lovemaking 🙂 ) and I had just shaved it like 2 hours before we had sex. So what can I try now? (other than waxing myself–sounds a little too scary for me 🙂 ) I have tried several razors, put on new blades frequently, tried conditioner, shave gel, bikini area shave gel, and still no luck 😦 Also every time I shave the bikini line area (daily) I have bleeding of the follicles where the hair actually shaved, and the rest of it still looks like I haven’t shaved in 2 days. So I ‘m getting rather discouraged but don’t want to give up yet as DH likes me hair-free.

  79. Have you ever thought of lasor hair removal? I have to tell you a few things number one it rocks!!! Just a few things first though. I t is kinda expensive cost about 3000 but it last forever! I paid it out over a year at zero interest. Also it does take about a year to complete the whole procedure you go about every 10 weeks. It is kinda painful but it is over very quick about 10 minutes each appt. There is numbing creme you can use before the appt. Anyways I am now on the back end I dont have anymore hair there it totally rocks that I never have to shave never have stubble its just awesome well worth the wait and money! If you have any other questions please feel feel to ask!

  80. funny you say that, I just got out of the shower/finished shaving there again and it is not even attractive and thinking of giving up on the shaving for now; and just started wondering about laser! I would LOVE to never have to worry about it again but am a bit of wimp about the pain—does the numbing gel work well? It does sound better than waxing because it’s permanant, and waxing just sounds so painful and costly to keep up with. Is it sore for a day or two after each laser treatment appt or just during the treatment? Was the payment plan like a credit card type such as Care Credit, or was it a plan worked out with the office?
    Thanks for your help!

  81. Check out the Tria home laser system. It is much more affordable that salon laser and uses the same technology. You can adjust the intensity. Costs about $600 for the system. Takes about three months for most of the results since you can do it more frequently. Check out Tria at

  82. Well yes I used care credit and actuall I think you can go as long as 18 months! Well the pain part you know funny its kinda like child birth you forget after you leave!!!! Actually though it does hurt I wont lie to you but it is so worhth it! It hurts while its being done but after you leave really they give you aloe lotion and its really not bad maybe one day of just kinda sore. Funny the biggest draw back to me was that it takes a full year to complkete. However when your about half way thru you can really notice a difference. After about the 3rd appt I was shaving but it was some much better because there is already less hair. I would definately recomend it I have no regrets one of the best things I have ever done because I hated the shaving thing! DOnt let the pain scare you its kinda like a rubber band snap and the numbing creme does work you have to really lather it on. The first time I used it I wasn’t sure how much to use so after that I really lathered it up and it was better. Just a side note on that be careful to wash your hands its so funny I always end up with for some reason a little bit of numbness on my tongue or lips. I think it must be hard to get off your fingers! Anyways if you have any other questions I would be glad to answer them! By the way I went to Ideal Image they are a little higher but all the women who do the procedures are nurses so I liked that I felt like they really knew what they were doing. Good luck!

  83. I have been removing the pubic hair for about a month now using Nair. The first 2 weeks..smooth sailiing. No ingrown hari and no bumps. The next week, I had tons of bumps and burning with in hours of shaving. I even purchased a bikini razer to try to get the rest, but it doesn’t seem to help

    But through this entire experience, I have never had a smooth feel especially the area below the stomach and above the vagina. Lots of stubble. that you can feel and see. I’m scared to try wax since I have never used it.

    Also, when I first remove the hair, I can’t stand any clothing on it. As I don’t want the skin to get too hot which seems to increase the burning sensation and bumps. Anyone else experience this?

    Need some new ideas to try. For those that shave the inner lips, do you use the Venus razor with that? Since I have thinned so much out now, I’m debating trying that next! Anything to surprise the hubby!

  84. You know what’s funny? I’ve figured out how to avoid stubble on the pubis mons. New razor, and lean back when you shave there, so the skin doesn’t bunch together. Then the razor will take off more hair, = closer shave.

  85. Being male if I can take a chance and post an idea. You’re absolutely right on the drying idea to prevent rust and deterioration. I also recently saw an idea in Popular Mechanics in an article with ideas for “Silica Gel Desiccants.” The little packets of drying agent you find in shoe boxes, electronic packages, etc. Dry your razor and keep it in a container with the silica and that will absorb the moisture in the air keeping your razor fresh and sharp.

  86. I prefer Veet, they have one with Aloe and vitamin E for sensitive skin, (which I have), I like the “in shower one” because it saves me a ton of time when I shower. You just apply it before you get in the shower, and I usually wait only about three minutes (it says you can leave it on for up to 10, but that hurts my skin. It usually gets the hair on my legs right off, but it doesn’t take off my pubic hair, it just softens it. After I remove it, I shave in the direction of the hair, NOT in the opposite direction, (that’s what causes me to get horrible razor bumps.) I find that the combo softens the hair enough that the little that’s left after I shave is not “stubbely” but soft.
    And yes, I shave everything, and I do use the venus for the inner part, I find that the large protective thing around the blades actually prevents me from accidentally cutting my most sensitive areas. 😉
    Also, just a helpful hint, I do NOT use the Veet every day. I use it about every 72 hrs, as the bottle suggests. If I use it more often than that, I find that I do get more bumps. I just do my regular shaving routine every two days, and veet every third day.
    Hope that helps, it really works great for me. Also try putting on a nice shea butter lotion or something all over your lady parts (the outside), It really helps calm down my skin and leaves it very soft and sweet-smelling. 🙂
    I also agree with Young Lady Love about stretching the skin out. It really does help with a closer shave, even a same-direction shave. And exfoliate in the shower! Rebekah let me in on that little secret, and it is great for preventing in-grown hairs!
    Good luck!

  87. After a long process of finding out what I liked for hair “down there” removal tools, I switched from a razor, which always caused irriatation and bumps. My DH one day gave me a Norelco Satinelle epilator. Though somewhat painful, I can’t imagine it is any worse than waxing, and it is so much more private! I actually enjoy it when DH does the job…quite erotic. It lasts for a couple of weeks and is easy to keep up if we do it regularly. DH has taken to doing himself now. At first it was just his boys, but he kept taking off more and more, saying how smooth and sensitive it felt. He now does the whole crotch area. I love the feel of it, but am still getting used to the look. I think it will grow on me, especially since the smooth on smooth feels so good! Five years ago I never thought we’d be doing this!

  88. I had missed the entry on April 23 about the Tria. That sounds like something worth trying…have it basically done with once and for all. I read a review of the Tria that it could take a long time to do very much hair, and that within a couple of years there will probably be several competing products…with improved features and lower price. Maybe it’s worth the wait?

  89. Hey, ladies. I recently ordered a shave cream called Coochy. It work on any area of the skin, but is specially designed for sensitive areas, such as the pubic region. I haven’t tried it yet, but I heard it also can double as a hair conditioner. You can find it at Intimate Expressions’ website or at

  90. To all you “baldies” out there: I’ve been doing some research on the Tria home laser hair removal and am intrigued. I would LOVE to be permanently smooth. Have any of you purchased the Tria (it’s not cheap, but I suppose still a lot cheaper than paying a professional to do it)? Does it work well? Is your kitty now permanently bald? (i.e. no more shaving, waxing, plucking, lasering etc.). Are you glad you bought it?

  91. I have been married for 5 months now and started waxing two days before our honeymoon. It was a little hard to hold the skin taut and pull but I found that by doing a couple spots on one side then switching to the other was ALOT easier. I HATE shaving, I messed myself up down there by shaving when I was younger. Scars and ingrown hairs… not fun and waxing gives you a break for a couple weeks 😉 I have not attmepted to do the anus part, I just use an electric razor for that area and around the lips. Hope this helped!

  92. Magic Shaving Powder works wonders! You can find it in the men’s shaving section of any drug store. It’s in a little can. You mix with some water to form a paste, apply it, wait 5 mins, then scrape it off. I use a Pampered Chef pan scraper (the kind that come with their pizza stones and such) that I have reserved for just this purpose. I’ve been using it for a few months now and LOVE it!

  93. something that really helps if you like to shave is a product produced by pure romance and its called coochie. It helps take away the itchiness when hair is growing back and it also helps to have a closer smooter shave. I love it.

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