Pubic Shaving: The Man’s Turn!

Some of you, who have read my article on women, may be wondering about this one. I don’t think people discuss men shaving nearly as much as they do women shaving.  But believe me when I tell you that yes, many men do shave their junk! 😆

Some men think of shaving all on their own.  Other men have their wives to thank for giving them the idea.  I mean, show of hands here ladies… How many of you have had the pleasure of having to stop giving oral sex so that you could fish out a stray hair that is stuck in between your teeth?  Or better yet, have any of you had to stop and do that hacking thing to try and get a hair dislodged from the back of your throat?  It isn’t very sensual to say the least.

So when men shave, or at least keep things trimmed down for us, it really helps when it comes to oral sex.  Stray hairs are kept to a minimum and we ladies do not feel as though we are flossing our teeth.  But beware ladies, of the look of horror that may come forth from your husband’s face if you suggest to him that he shave.  You need to understand how scary it is for a man to think of his manhood and a razor blade in the same thought. 😯

Men can follow pretty much the same guidelines that we talked about in the article on shaving for women.  Instead of worrying about opening up lips though, men have the issue of how to shave the boys. Just tell him to go slowly and carefully.  On the testicles, it helps to pull the skin tight to help prevent nicks and cuts. Afterward just apply lotion or coconut oil to help keep the skin moisturized.

To keep it from itching, have him try shaving every day.  It really doesn’t take very long once he gets the hang of it. Something else to keep in mind is that once your man shaves, it appears to give him an extra inch in length. With all that hair removed from the base of his shaft, he just looks longer!  So ladies, if you are having trouble convincing your husband to give this a try, let him know about the optical inch. 😉

I’ve heard some good things about the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. I don’t have any experience with it firsthand, but it does sound like something that may work nicely for men.  Good luck to all of you first time shavers out there!  If you think of any other pointers for our readers, please leave them in the comment box below.



  1. I love this article. Thankfully my husband is a shave everything guy too. In his pre shaving days I would have to stop giving oral to itch my nose. Voila, no more hair and no more itchy nose!!

  2. Great article. As a man, I prefer the shaved verses unshaved look and feel on myself. The feel of my wife’s hands on the area around the base of my penis feels much better against smooth skin rather than through a Brillo Pad. I prefer shaving with an electric razor rather than a blade razor. I use a Braunn shaver which gets just as close of a shave as a blade razor with much less skin irritation. Plus it’s faster and easier.

  3. My wife and I have a sexual relationship that does not include vaginal penetration due to pain and more so, fear of pain that she has experienced all of our married life. So we just changed the way we did sex. A mutual masturbation is what we have. All this to say, since I started shaving I have found the sensation of rubbing my smooth chest on her body is an exciting addition. I used to be a very hairy chested man and with the shaving and the use of one of the silicone based lubricants between us; it has added to the experience. I have since done laser hair removal and use waxing to finish it smoother and it lasts longer than shaving does.

  4. How do the men handle the itching? Is it torture? I am used to shaving, so I don’t remember if I had a hard time the first time…

  5. Itching wasn’t a torturous thing for me, I would describe it as an anoyance but it was only for a couple of days as the hair went through a particular stage of grouth. I also took it as a reminder to consider shaving soon.

  6. I’m pretty hairy in general. I shave about once a week because I like the way it looks and feels (shaft and scrotum only). The first time start by using a trimmer to get about 1/8 inch long hairs, then get a new razor with a small head; I use the Schick ST Slim Twin disposable (cheap at CVS and Walgreens). Ironically I’ve always shaved my face with an electric razor (since I was 12), but use the Slim Twin blade every other day to get those “missed hairs” on my neck the electric misses.

    I use a liberal amount of liquid soap instead of shaving cream and clean the razor in the sink often. Honestly, you need an erection to get a good shave, which is a fact (at least for me) which I rarely see mentioned when discussing this topic.

    After the first time or two, it takes me about 3 minutes. As far as itching or bumps (and I have very sensitive skin) — None.

  7. I’m with Dex…. Shaving the shaft and scrotum. Usually about every 3rd day in the shower. That prevents the itching. I also keep the balance of my pubes trimmed very short. I like the way it looks and feels. And the wife has grown to like it as well. Although, she does not want me to shave completely…..

  8. After reading this thread, I decided to try shaving. I did a complete shave job in the shower. I have always preferred to shave my face in the shower. Since, I have used a Remington MicroScreen for touch ups. Soap, shaving foam, shampoo, coconut oil all work good.

    Wow, what a difference. I love the sensation. After two days, the itch is settling down. The worst itch is in the crease at the top of the leg, but even that goes away after a few days. If women ask their hubby to shave before bed time, they can get a freshly showered smooth man. I think I can touch up in about a minute or less in the shower. It takes me longer to shave my face.
    It can even become a foreplay activity. It definitely increases libido since the daytime sensation is there.

    Ladies, If he is not as interested as you would like, suggest shaving, you could even do it for him. It will keep him thinking about you all day.

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