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Early on I would forget about all the possible erogenous zones and I would go straight for my husband’s penis. He has so many other responsive areas that shouldn’t be passed up. Some men get an erection from softly biting their buttocks. Others many love to have their ears paid special attention to with either your tongue or breathing. To know these responses is to know your husband.

We can start with his head. Yes, I mean the one between his shoulders. Men have a visual rolodex that we need to keep full and fresh. Arouse him mentally. Use your words to tell him exactly what you want to do to him. Take those seductive pictures you have been thinking of taking and make sure to stick them in his computer bag before he leaves for work. Flash him throughout the day. Grab for him. Flirt with him. Show him that he is important to you and that he does excite you.

Next is the kiss. I like to relax my lips. I don’t pucker or clench my teeth. Kissing someone who is acting like they have lockjaw just doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. I let my lips go almost limp and relax my chin. This way my mouth opens slightly for some sensual tongue play as the passion mounts. Even when I come up for a breather I’m always nibbling on his lips or kissing his eyes, nose or cheeks then I go in for some more. Lingering is the key. I even do a signature thing where I may suck and play with his tongue and lips. This way he can imagine what my mouth can do elsewhere on his body.

Take hold of his head. Now I’m talking about his lower head on his penis. When I am making love to my husband I become enmeshed with his thrusts. I don’t lay there like a rag doll. I’m active and enthusiastic about all the attention he is paying to me. I like to use my pc muscles and give my husband what we call “special hugs”. If you are wondering those are the same muscles used to do your kegel exercise and to stop urine flow. (New Year’s resolution time, do kegel exercises.) Also, don’t be afraid to wriggle. I always thought that good girls shouldn’t wriggle and that is so far from the truth. My husband loves a good healthy wriggle.

Enjoy oral sex. If you have any reservations then try focusing on this: First, experimenting will lower your inhibitions and cause greater intimacy between you and your husband. The more you do it the more confidence you will have. Secondly, he will love you for it. If you need some ideas on how to do oral sex you may want to go back to cumingirls article titled “Tasting His Fruit”. I love experimenting with my husband. I could tell what he likes by his breathing, body position and the grunts that only I can translate. Don’t be afraid to try a new technique that you developed yourself.

Become a “hands on” woman. I love to use my hands on my husband. If his head is the only part of his body I can reach because he is enjoying my lower delights then I run my fingers through his hair. If he is on top of me or below me making love then I grab whatever I can. Whether it is his buttocks, running my nails gently down his back, over his pectorals or reaching between his legs to get at his testicles or his perineum I am always using my hands to help drive him wild.

The most important thing is to have fun in your bedroom. Enjoy it, cherish it, and thank God for it!!


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  1. One thing that makes my husband extremely turned on is for me to spoon up against his back…both of us on our sides, with me behind him. If I’m naked, then it’s even better because he can feel my breasts and nipples against his back, and pubic area against his buttocks. I start by nuzzling his neck, then slowy moving to his ears. Kiss, lick and suck on his ear and earlobe. At the same time, rub yourself against him and wrap your hands around him. Explore with your hands, eventually ending up near his penis. Tease him, moving around it, maybe stroking his scrotum and then finally massaging his shaft and tip of his penis. This will make your husband crazy with desire, and then he’ll turn around and you can have intercourse as desired.

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