Anal Play, Christians Can Like It Too!



Anal play is a popular thing in many marriages.You don’t have to have full-blown anal sex to enjoy back door play.Some women know from a young age, that they like stimulation in that area.Others may have no clue until they get married and an “accident” happens… and then “Oooooooo, that was kind of nice!” 😆

Anal play includes many things.One of the best things is your husband’s fingers!He can lube up his finger and use it to caress you either around that area or directly on the anus itself.There are many nerve endings located there, so it’s understandable that women can get some wonderful sensations from caressing that area.This can also be used to heighten oral sex and intercourse.If you are curious as to whether or not you would enjoy this, then the next time you are on top of your husband during sex, ask him if he’d reach around and caress you there. If he wants to, he can wear a finger cot. Or, the next time you are masturbating, caress yourself there, and see how it feels to you.If you like it, you could also try inserting a finger and see what kind of sensations that gives you.

Okay, so what are some pointers? Well, first off, if you and your husband have decided to try some anal play, please make sure that he has his fingernails trimmed nice and short. Trust me on that one. If you don’t make enough natural lube, then have some extra lube (or coconut oil) readily available. A lubed finger feels so much better down there. Make sure that you shower beforehand and are clean. That needs no explanation. Remember to never re-insert anything back into the vagina, after it has been in the rectum. And finally, if you aren’t sure about incorporating this into your sex life, or if you are just shy about trying it out the first time with your husband, then try it on yourself first. You can try different things and see what you do and do not like. (Trying some anal stimulation while in the bath is a great idea!) Then when you talk to your husband about it, you will already have an idea of what you want and like.

You may even decide that you’d like to try rimming sometime.(Don’t look so shocked!)Although some people may find it gross, others will tell you “Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it!”I am well aware that some people are not into anal play. You and your husband will need to talk about it and decide if this is something you are both comfortable trying. In the mean time, I think I’ll write my next article about adding toys to your play!


Making Your Bedroom Romantic

I love it when I walk into a room and the aesthetics in the room make me smile. All the more so when it’s my bedroom. Too often there is laundry piled on the bed or miscellaneous items laying on the dresser. It looks cluttered and far from relaxing. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from pursuing intimacy with my husband, but I do feel that when I take the time to make the room feel romantic it feels better to be in there. If you can relate to this, read on.

Most of us can’t afford the expense of totally redesigning our bedrooms, but there are little things we can do bit by bit to encourage an atmosphere of romance and relaxation. Most obviously, keeping the room tidy goes a long way. If we can take the bit of time it takes to straighten the bedding and pick up things off the floor we are well on our way to feeling relaxed when we walk in the room because we won’t be walking in and noticing something that needs doing.

Romantic Additions

Bedding ~ Find a soft comforter or duvet with the colors you love and invest in the best quality you can afford. For us, that was a good quality down duvet and an IKEA duvet set. Cotton is soft and comfortable, but you might also consider other fabrics. Satin sheets might be a nice thing to try.

Paint color ~ For the cost of a can of paint or two, depending on the size of your bedroom, you can really refresh the feel of your bedroom. Choose a color from the bedding you started with and surround yourself with it. I have seen every color work, from purple to red to beige to blue to green. If you love it, you can make it work. You could choose to do all the walls in a neutral beige or off white and then make the wall behind your headboard a feature wall in another color. Or you could cover all the walls in a rich, deep red, or bright, crisp white.

Artwork ~ What kinds of images stir you? Those are the ones you should have in your bedroom. Find one large print or a set of three that you like together. Another creative idea is to buy a blank canvas from a craft or art store. Then spend an evening painting one another with body paint and make love on the canvas. Afterwards, hang it in your bedroom. Voila, romantic art work.

Accessories ~ Find little things to add romance to the room. A little pillow with something kind of sexy written on it, soft throws, candles, lighting (small chandeliers, colored light bulbs or black lights for a special night), a vase of flowers. Add what you can when you can. And look in thrift stores. It doesn’t need to cost a lot.

Now, I need to go tidy my room…

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