Stripping for Your Husband

Stripping can be a very exciting way to release the sexual energy you have for your husband. If you are interested in trying this, I want to offer you a few tips.

First, think about what music feels right for you. Of course, you don’t have to have music, but if you want to dance while you strip in kind of helps. 🙂 Some of my favorite song options included Let’s Get It On, Leave Your Hat On, and for my husband to strip for me Save a Horse… Ride a cowboy. (Warning: these are youtube videos set to these songs and may contain suggestive lyrics or images.) So as you listen to your song choices think about how it would work to strip to it, what movements would work and how long the song is. You want a song that will feed your sexy vibe.

Next, you want to think about what you are going to wear. Choose something that will allow you to build the tease factor. Tops that have zippers or buttons that you can undo slowly are a good choice. A skirt that can slide over your hips easily and drop to the floor without too much fussing is a better alternative to pants which are simply not the kind of thing you can take off in a sexy way. Well, peppermintgirl has agility like none other so I’m sure she could take pants off in a sexy way 😉 , but the rest of us, not so much. For the lingerie, you might incorporate pasties or a sexy bra. Choose panties that your husband likes to see you in. If he likes seeing you in a thong, wear that. If he likes a skimpy, but full back pantie, wear that. You might also wear thigh high stockings and some sexy boots or shoes and maybe start out with your hair up and then let it loose as you get into it. If, as a couple, you enjoy dressing up in costumes as part of your sex life, you could dress up like an “office girl” or “nurse” and strip for him that way. Just see what works for you.

Let him know before you start if you have any rules for him to follow, like no touching you unless you direct him to. Sit him in a comfortable place so he can see you from many angles. Make sure you have enough space to move around the room. You may end up using the floor to lay on at times or to crawl around so try to keep that in mind too. When you start the music, just begin dancing around incorporating the classic hip swivel and gliding your hands down over your curves. Touch the places on your body that HE wants to touch. Rest them on your rear and slide them over your breasts. You might want to try out one of the many stripper aerobics DVDs out on the market to give you some ideas for moves. Or better yet, go with some girlfriends to a class.

When you are ready to start removing your clothes, start with accessories, then your top, then your skirt and then stay in your lingerie for a while just dancing in that. You might give him a lap dance at this point. Then remove your stockings, if you are wearing them, and then your bra and finally your panties. If your husband likes to watch you masturbate you could end of with a bit of that, but chances are you are both going to be ready for some immediate contact.

Your husband wants to see you free. If you feel confident, you will look great.


  1. Yes, I usually like to include a straight jacket into my routine just for the challenge. 😉

    Great article cinnamon sticks!! I love your choice of songs.

  2. my favorite striptease Dvds are Carmen Electra’s aerobic striptease collection. They are very sexy I have about 4 and I love them! If you just get over the fact that she is very skinny and sexy and relise you don’t have to look like that you are good. It is a great work out as well as learning new moves and putting them to geather for a little or long show for your hubs.;)

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I have recently had my sexual awakening, and I have taken a striptease class at a local lingerie store and have started using Carmen Electra’s videos. Having had negative views for so long, it is really good to be validated in the new choices that I am making. Thanks again!

  4. Good for you! Enjoy your awakening 🙂

  5. For the wives – I just found Carmen Electra youtube clip that teaches you moves you can memorize if you’re insecure about this. (Warning, the girl is dressed for the bedroom and the moves are highly erotic. IMHO, Guys don’t need to watch this one.)

  6. That’s a great link. I want to get confident like that with my husband…

  7. I’ve been practicing and I’m planning to do it for hubby tonight! He and I are both so thankful for this site and the encouragement you girls have given to me and others!! God bless you all!

  8. WOO HOO! Go for it isaacsgirl!! Maybe afterward you can let us know how it went!

  9. Sure… my husband liked it very much!! :He loves tights, so I incorporated them… next time I’m goin’ to wear a more revealing top though. D It was less of a hit than belly dancing was, but overall it was a success!

  10. BTW, I only practiced 30 mins, so I improvised in a couple places where I forgot the choreography. But he didn’t notice.

  11. Good for you. I don’t imagine my husband would notice if I missed a move or two while stripping.

  12. Hubbie here: Yes for music and moves, yes for stockings and revealing clothes. In addition, before wives take stuff off, it’s important to put stuff on.

    Put on the idea that no matter how you view your body, your husband probably views it much more positively. If you dance and disrobe while subconsciously thinking that he is judging you critically, you won’t be as amazing as if you embrace the idea that this body is what God has given you at this moment, and within the security of your marriage, you are going to use it for all it’s worth.

    (Here’s what I believe is a well-kept secret. I think God made a woman’s body to be alluring to men, period. Now that’s no a no-brainer. The secret is that YOUR body hasn’t been switched off for some mysterious reason. Just because you may not be magazine-perfect doesn’t mean that the allure-waves have stopped buzzing out from your body to your husbands eyes! Like gravity, they keep on attracting him to you even when you don’t think about it. Ahh, the immutable laws of physics!)

    Lace up the belief that your body (and your mind and your heart and your libido) are the only ones to which your husband has legitimate access. Do you get angry at the constant barrage of sex in the media, alluring women in the marketplace and in the workplace, and the overwhelming presence and pressure of pornography? Good. Fight it with all your worth, with every inch of your skin, with every curve of your body. Get in your husbands mind and kick all the other women out – do it violently!

    Step into the role of enticer, seducer, temptress, attractor, charmer, exciter, and yes, nymphomaniac. Women manage a million things at once (clearly an overload situation for most men), including Mom, homemaker, girlfriend, PTA president, quilter, job-holder, spouse (all the non-sexual aspects of that role), daughter, sister, etc. None of these ladies strips well. You weren’t always a homemaker, crafter, job-holder, etc. You learned them as you had need. And you are darn good at them. You can learn another role, and you can become good, no, check that, great at it if you want to.

    (This doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up as a soccer-mom and strip down to reveal Super Vixen – your super heroine alter-ego. That would be nice!)

    If you put on these things (and a million more ideas that you can think of better than I can) to stay, and then you put on stuff to take off, your husband will have no chance to resist. Because when the clothes come off, he will find you – with an attitude! Don’t be shy, be bold, be brassy, be erotic. Be a wife with a thought-out purpose for your husband, your marriage, and your self. Kick some butt.

    For all of us husbands, thanks beyond words.

  13. Amen! I have a hard time finding myself sexy when the clothes come off. My husband is always pawing at me no matter what I’m wearing (or not wearing) It takes time to be able to overcome the lies. I still have good days and bad….

  14. Oh gosh, if there is anything I would love to get up the courage to do, it is dance and strip for my man.
    I am ALWAYS thinking of how to do this. I have thought many times of asking for prayer.

    Problem we have is a gruesomely demanding techie job which saps all my husband’s emotional and sexual energy. I have talked with him so often about being afraid that if I am ready to do this for him, he will enjoy it but not really go there with me.. Honestly, I would be crushed as I am naturally shy about my naked body and even though I have lost a lot of weight and am being told that I look wonderful by him and others, I can’t seem to wrap my head around being a sexually gorgeous woman.

    The last thing I want to do is look and feel like a little girl jiggling and taking it all off. I want to really be a vamp as he is so visually tired from looking at the screen all day. To my way of thinking, it will take a vavoom presentation to get his full attention. He even says that it is nothing to do with his love for me or his attraction for me, he is just overwhelmed with his job responsibilities.

    To fulfil his marriage-long request to do the “Dance of the Mahanaim” after all these years is pretty important for me and I have also come to the conclusion that this should become part of who I am towards him and not just a one night show.

    Part of my developing womanliness is tightly wound up in music and dancing from my soul. I love free dancing by myself and am quite awesome when I really loosen up but am scared to death of showing my ‘all together’, fit as a competitive body builder, husband. HELP

  15. i think im gonna try this…. my DH husband will be amazed!!

  16. m really gonna try it out howevr want to know how do i plan this in advance as in what wld the ambience look in the bedroom… shld i lit candles in the bedroom or … do suggest a costume plz….

  17. You can make it into a costume if you like, but anything sexy will do. Try to get a button down or zipper top. It builds anticipation if you can do this slowly. Candles are fine, but you don’t want it too dark or he won’t be able to see you. Make sure there is enough light that he can see you well enough to enjoy you.

  18. I used the link posted of Carmen Electra’s Striptease 7 and am doing it to “Santa Baby” as part of my 12 Days of Christmas gifts for my husband! We have been married almost 5 months. When I told him that I am working on a “Christmas Strip Tease” for him, he got so excited! He said he has always wanted me to dance for him, but didn’t want to ask because he knows how insecure I am about things like that. The video made it super easy, and it fits PERFECTLY in time with the song! If you are looking for a surprise for Christmas for your hubby, try this out! 🙂

  19. Whoa!

    You don’t need to be that creative or strip to music. A few buttons left unbuttoned showing the curvature of your breasts seems to work for us. A full skirt that rides up to the thighs when you sit down works as well.

    My DH loves to see me gently caress my body while he is watching. It really isn’t all that hard to do, and you don’t think you need to act like a stripper to turn him on. Trust me!

    Katie Bee

  20. I did this for my husband for Valentine’s day. He LOVED it and was so appreciative! I banished him to the bedroom while I got set up and dressed. The look on his face when he came out and saw me was priceless! =D

  21. Just a tip- When you go to remove your short cross your arms in front of you and pull the shirt off. It is much sexier, seems more smooth and seductive.

  22. I can’t imagine myself stripping, but who knows – things can change! After reading this I did try out a mild version yesterday. After church (kids were at church with friends) I got undressed except for my short black half slip, bra, and high-heeled black sandals. Then just stayed that way for a little while – busied myself bending over (!) and putting away clothes, went to the kitchen for a few minutes then came back to the bedroom. It had the desired effect because we ended up making love in the few minutes left before the kids got home! May try something a little more adventurous next time!

  23. Here’s my stripping routine for my husband. I put together about an hour of various sexy songs from when we were in our teens and twenties–you know, the ones that really bring up memories. Then I do each of the following dances/strips, in this order, while he is sitting on a chair in our living room:

    1. A fully clothed dance.
    2. Blouse-removing dance.
    3. Skirt-removing dance.
    4. Bra-removing dance.
    5. Panty-removing dance (now, I’m down to heels and thigh-high stockings, which I leave on for the rest of the show!).
    6. Floor dance (I lay on the floor and show off my body…)
    7. Lap dance–he’s fully clothed, so I grind all over him, but he can’t touch me…

    8. Floor dance with me lightly touching myself (breasts, pubic hair, labia, rear end).
    9. Me touching him through his clothes, especially his sensitvie area, nipples, crotch, behind.
    10 Another floor dance, with full on masturbation, including insertion of my fingers.
    11. Pulling down his pants and giving him oral.
    12. Pulling off his pants and having intercourse with him as he sits on the chair. I do this slowly–just enough speed to get him aroused and done by the time the last song ends.

    I rock his world with this routine, believe me,

  24. My husband wants me to try this, but I can’t dance and I’m worried that I’ll look silly. I wished that I could :).

  25. Wow! My husband would pass out! No way I could do a routine like this. I am too introverted and don’t have enough nerve. But it does give me ideas…

  26. I’ve wanted to dance for my husband before; I’ve had a whole night planned – shower together, romantic dinner with me in sexy lingerie, full body massage for him, “strip” dance – I even practiced my dance every day for a week before the big night; had it down perfect, didn’t feel silly, thought it was gona be great. Then as soon as he walked in the door I couldn’t do it and had to “cancel” the dance portion of the evening. Any suggestions on how to get over that?

  27. just start. The look on his face may be encouraging enough. Also try not to worry about forgetting the dance. HE doesn’t know the steps so will only be thrilled that you are letting go and being so vulnerable, sexy and cute with him.

    I did a Santa Baby thing for my man this year and felt weird at first but once I started he loved it and that helped me get into it. Still not 100% comfortable but his reaction made it easier.

  28. You will have so much fun and he will enjoy his socks off. Go for it and you will find your inhibitions melt away. Pray beforehand and you will be such a blessing to your husband that he may even dance with you! 🙂

  29. I want so bad to do this but for some bizzare reason everytime I try I feel like he is laughing at me even if he isn’t and I am not real seccure about my body. I am not big but I am just not comfortable how can I over come this cause i know that my husband would absolutely love it? Suggestions would be great.

  30. Hi there everyone. This is my first post on the site. I just firstly want to thank the ladies who run the site. I am getting married in 2 and a half weeks and reading most of these posts have been very eye opening and have shown me so many things. I am a little nervous for our first night because he will be my first and “only” 🙂 .. But you ladies have made me feel a lot more at ease.

    That being said, I have thought a lot about doing this for my soon to be DH. It is his birthday soon after we get married. I want to surprise him with this, i dont think he will expect that from me so soon.

    @ Chedder Pepper, i know i cant really give you advise but all i can say is to then just laugh with him or make it that you are laughing at your self. Make that part of your act. Put a sexy funny giggle in. For example, if you mess something up real bad then just give a sexy giggle and an “oopsie” and carry on. That is what i would do if i put myself in your place. 🙂 i hope it helps.

  31. Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming marriage. It is great that you found this site prior to your marriage. So much good information and so much great advice on avoiding problems and maximizing intimacy.

  32. my husaband is working on board as a seaman. he is asking me to send him a video while im dancing a strip dance i am proud to say that we are 14 years in relationship having 3 kids but our sex life is colorful and wild and we are both happy and contented to each other.. but i never try to be a strip dancer and he want me to do it for him. what can i do and how can i start to do it ? help…

  33. Ladies, when you feel shy, or potentially laughed at, remember this: #1, men are extremely visually stimulated – they will LOVE the show. #2, you are the only woman he is “allowed” to look at. He won’t laugh at you, he’ll devour you with his eyes (etc.). Let him look – it’s legal, and if you use music you both love, you’ll both enjoy it and create new memories!

  34. just undress (or dress) in front of him looking at him deliberately. 😛

  35. This is great! I have always have had trouble thinking of an “outline” for the dance, so I’ve never tried the strip! Must remember this once this pregnancy is over… Thanks!

  36. There is a glorious alternative to full-on stripping: BURLESQUE. In burlesque, the music can be softer and not so hot-n-heavy, if that’s not your mood.
    Burlesque is more about staying IN your sexy corset and tights and showing off yourself as a package. Hair, eyes, a FAN, shoulders, lips, even that butt you’ve been working on! Think silk scarves to unwind from your hair, bobby pins to let down the sexy waves, extra perfume and lipstick, silk robes and lots of enticing layers, a feather boa…
    BE the Pin Up. 😉

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