Anal Beads, Plugs, and Vibrators


Okay, so if you like anal play, and you enjoy your husband using his finger, then you may be interested in some anal toys. There are so many of them to choose from now a days! The secret to making anal toys work is having lots of lube, and knowing how large or how small you like yours to be.

Anal beads are good for beginners. They can be inserted slowly and then pulled out during orgasm. Some women really love this added stimulation. They usually aren’t that big around, although you can get larger ones if you like them better.

An anal probe is also something that comes in smaller sizes for beginners, and larger sizes for those who like a little more girth. You can use this yourself when masturbating or your husband can use this on you while making love.

There are also some good anal vibrators out there.  This one is a good one because of it’s graduated girth. If you just want a little stimulation, then you only insert it a little. If you want more, then you insert it further. The ones that vibrate are definitely my favorite.

In the beginning, you could try some Anal Eaze, to help get used to larger things being inserted. It will numb the area slightly.  It may help when transitioning to anal sex.   After a little while though, you probably won’t need it anymore.  As long as you have lube, you’ll be fine.

These toys can add some spice if you and your husband already like anal play. If I happen to hear of another good one sometime, I’ll update this blog with a review on it!



  1. Ladies, if you haven’t tried anal toys yet you don’t know what you are missing. My husband took an anal plug that I had purchased at a sex toy party, and put a vibrating cock ring on it and all I can say is WOW!! What a sensation. The vibrating also helps relax the muscles in your anus making play more enjoyable. There are very slip and beginner toys so try not to be afraid. I don’t think it was an accident that God placed that so close to our sexual organs. Oh, and don’t forget your husband either. He and his prostate will thank you. I purchased a nice silicone plug for him calle “Buddy” and he said it feels very nice. men need to get past thinking that because they enjoy anal play that they have homosexual tendencies. That is simply not the case at all.

  2. This is a taboo subject for a lot of people, but I agree with Pam-I don’t think it was an accident that God placed the anus so close to the sexual organs. I think that if it were something He didn’t approve of He wouldn’t have made it so easy to orgasm from stimulation there, both for men and for women. 😉

  3. Well from day one of our marriage I knew that anal stimulation was going to play a large role in our sex life. We were so into one another during the honeymoon, learning, asking questions, exploring that we both found out how pleasurable anal stimulation was. Within about a week after we begin adding toys to learn more. Anal plugs were first, graduating to larger finding they helped tremendously with anal intercourse. And I am a firm believer of what I try he should try, if I do you should do it, share and share alike. So of course as with everything, we tried it on him finding he was also able to be penetrated (via toy) and much to our surprise he had orgasms from it all. 🙂 Anal plugs are a welcome addition to several sexcapades of ours these days!

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