Camera Shy?

Have you ever video taped or taking still photos of your sex sessions with your husband? If not, I highly recommend it because it is so much fun. To see things from a different angle is very exciting. Watching yourselves having sex is a little strange at first, but very erotic.

You may want to try taking still pictures first that are simply a little bit risqué. Maybe wearing lingerie or nude, but with no private areas showing would be a good place to start. Then you might move to taking pictures of exposed body parts and then a certain sex act that you love. Then see if you like seeing any of that in video footage. Just play around. This is meant to be fun.

I can hear you… “What if someone finds them?” This is a very practical concern and there are certain measures you can take to greatly minimize the risk, but honestly there is no 100% guarantee that no one will ever find them. The only way that no one can see them is if you erase them once you have seen them and that isn’t as much fun (and even then those temperamental digital cameras have been known to “recall” deleted images in inconvenient times), though it certainly gives you an idea of what it is like.

Here are some of the measures you can take to reduce the chance that they will be seen by someone other than you. If there are sex pictures on the camera, then keep it in your bedroom until the pictures are removed. There are ways to secure the images/recordings in a private, locked area of your hard drive. If you can learn how to do this, then the chance of someone other than you or your spouse seeing them is reduced. Also, if you keep them on a memory card or video tape then you can keep them under lock and key. If you are concerned that someone may come across them were you to suddenly die or something, consider if the people you are closest to (who would mostly likely be going through your things in such a circumstance) would honor a note inside the box explaining what was on the tapes and that you want them to be destroyed. I think most people don’t like the idea of watching people they know having sex and such a request would be honored, but you know your family best. Having said that, if you are dead and gone, who cares. 🙂

Just a warning, watching yourselves from a different angle may end up costing you money because you may end up joining a gym afterwards. 🙂 Enjoy your photo shoot.


  1. My husband loves playing the photographer. This has cost us money from buying lingerie for the photo shoots. Nothing seems to turn him on as much as taking sexy pictures of me.

    We’ve also made sex videos for him to watch while I’m on my period. He’ll watch them while I give him a hand job or oral sex. His favorites are one of me masturbating. I won’t let him watch them without me because we have an agreement to always be a part of each others orgasms, so when he’s on a road trip he’ll call me on the phone while he watches.

  2. My husband loves video taping us, his favorites are me going down on him. Ours have been in the wrong hands before. We are the P&W directors at our church, we do both main and youth services. Well our youth band at the time was really into making funny videos for the next weeks service and they asked to borrow it. Well we learned an important lesson on checking the tape before you lend out to someone!

  3. If you are concerned about security, there is software available that can encrypt files – effectively it scrambles them into one pretend hard disk that nobody can access (or even see the file names) unless they have the password. The one we use is called truecrypt. It is pretty easy to use if you have moderate computer skills.

  4. Since my dh and I are in the process of moving (he moved almost 3 months ago and I bounce back and forth), he wanted me to make some videos for him and take pics. We have both a digital camcorder and camera, but I have to be sure all files are removed regularily because my adult kids like using them too. I just put the files on my or dh computer. The problem is, the last time I made a vid, it was to show off some lingerie I had that he had never seen. When I watched it later to edit (I added music), I didn’t like what I saw. I don’t like my body and now I don’t ever want to watch myself again. My waist line is gone and it makes me sad. I’m fine making vids or taking pics, as long as I don’t have to look at myself.

  5. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq. We have recently decided that every evening I will take a picture or a video to send to him. I’m sure it will get kind of hard coming up with new ideas every night for an entire year but, it guarantees that I spend time each day focusing on him and it also ensures that we don’t lose touch with that part of our relationship while he is gone. If anyone has suggestions for ideas, I am completely open!

  6. Quick question, ok 2 questions…
    I’m wanting to put together some music on Grooveshark that I can play while me and hubby have fun in front of the mirror. Any suggestions on sexy music; upbeat, teasing, fun.
    The other question is, has anyone used Breast Actives? I am pretty tiny and while I am learning to be sexy with my tinyness, i’m definitely interested in possibilities to get bigger, apart from surgery.

  7. Hisqueen, for music is it really depends on what you husbands musical taste is. If he likes Rock/Blue a song like Strut by Bob Seger is a fun song to dance to.

    As far as increasing your breast size, I would stay away from pills and surgery but rather focus on exercises and improving your posture. Check out

  8. “Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker is an excellent, sexy song to dance/ML to. Also any tango music you can find is good.

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