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Every now and then you need to get a little daring to add variety to your sex life. Some of the best sexual sessions my husband and I have had took place outside the bedroom. I’m not talking about being an exhibitionist. You can be offbeat by using the living room rug, on a beach, under the dinning room table, on the washing machine or in the bathroom. We do still use our bed most of the time but the unusual surroundings really add some excitement. Even simply checking into a local hotel for a few hours can lead to a lifetime of memories. It keeps the boredom at bay and it really takes little effort on both our parts.

We have 5 kids so most of our encounters really do need to be creative. If the kids are outside, watching a movie or playing a game we have been know to slip away. When we check into a hotel on our family trips we need to get two separate rooms or a suite. We have been known to go in one room while all the kids were in the other to “discuss our plans for the upcoming day”. Another time my husband was away on business for two weeks. After the first week my mother, the kids and I flew out to join him. We had a suite which meant that we had two full beds and a pull out couch in one big room. My mother insisted on watching the kids while we went to eat. My husband and I made a detour to our car before dinner. I commented that people were probably heading inside to have sex and here we were running outside to the parking lot. (Mom, if you are reading this, there really was a wait at the restaurant). Then there was the time in the Haunted House at Disney (yeah, I know now that they have cameras inside all of their rides so I would advise against doing this), in the water at the beach, in a boat (while watching a beautiful sunset), on a bus (one of those traveling buses with the really high seats), on an airplane, in a car while driving and in the mountains. My husband has recently moved into a new office and I hope to add that to our list soon.

If the thought of doing this outside your bedroom frightens you then you can start by doing small things to your bedroom to liven things up. We hung a candelabra above our bed and it gives off such a romantic feel. My husband has hit the candelabra with his head with resulted in him having some wax in his hair but no major injury yet. If you need some more ideas on how to spice up your bedroom I highly recommend reading Cinnamon sticks article called “Making Your Bedroom Romantic”.

It wasn’t long ago that I was trapped in a comfortable, “I don’t need to do anything things are fine” mind frame. Losing my husband’s respect was another concern that I had but just the opposite happened. He looks at me like a precious gem. I have learned that sometimes I need to step outside my comfort zone not only for my husband but for myself as well. I do regret that Disney experience on some level but we can never pass a haunted house without giving each other a knowing look.



  1. Since being on this siite you girls have really inspired me to move out of our comfort zone (the bedroom) for lovemaking. Thank you! We’ve had sex in different areas of the house, in the van, a relatives house, and we even did the movie theater thing. My list of desires keeps growing, so I “m sure we won’t run out of places.
    The most memorable so far was a couple of weeks ago. My DH and I are very active at our church, and in charge of all the social events, he also is a deacon, so we have keys to the church . We were there late one evening alone, cooking and setting up for a social event the next day. Well we decided to have a little fun. It was very late at night so we knew no one would drop by, and just to make sure we used the back stairwell (just in case we needed to quickly hide!) We put down a plastic tablecloth so we wouldn’t leave a mess, and disposed of that on the way home.
    I’ve heard people say they considered married sex to be an act of worship, since God had created and ordained it. I say what better place to worship than church! 🙂
    I’m sure some will have a problem with this, but I don”t. I think sex is a good thing and as a christian the holy spirit is with you wherever you are. I had prayed about this for a couple of weeks, asking the Lord for the opportunity, and he gave us one.
    What a memory.

  2. I am curious–how do you make love in an airplane? And on a bus? I’ve definitely wished I could do both, but yikes! HOW???!!

  3. We used to go on dates in the summertime, with the windows
    down, meandering about on winding county roads, underneath the starlit
    sky, feeling the caress of the warm summer air over bare skin…
    We, um, took turns driving.

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