Take Care of Those Toys, Girls!


This is just a short reminder to everyone out there that you need to be taking care of and cleaning your sex toys after each and every use.

When using lube with a toy, please read the package that your toy came in, to see what lubes, if any, should not be used. Water based lubes are okay for every toy I do believe. They are also the easiest to clean up. A little soap and water and that’s it. It’s the silicone lubes that have issues with certain toys. You should not use a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy or with a toy that is made out of one of the new “realistic” type of materials (such as Cyberskin). It can damage your toy. But silicone lubes are really good for water play and with your waterproof toys.

Cleaning your toys is a MUST. I use Before and After toy cleaner. It’s easy to use and does not have to be used with water. You can spray on and wipe off. Silicone dildos can be boiled or even put in the dishwasher to be sterilized. (Never put anything battery operated in your dishwasher though.) Jelly and rubber toys are harder to sterilize because they are porous. Using a condom over porous toys will actually help them last much longer. You should wash porous toys thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and water. I found a really informative site that lists different types of toys and how best to clean them. It also tells of special considerations for Cyberskin toys, which need to be dusted with cornstarch after they are washed. Take note that this is NOT a Christian site, and they do sell some things that I take issue with, but this information page is really good. Click here for that information.

Your battery-operated toys will last longer if you remove the batteries when storing them. I have lost two nice toys in the last few years, from battery erosion and leakage 😦 And you certainly don’t want mold or mildew growing on your toys, so please make sure that they are fully dry before putting them away, in a nice private place. We all know that our toys won’t last forever. But if we take care of them properly, then they will certainly last longer.


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