Sex Is Messy, and Good Sex Is Messier

All those who had little to no idea just how messy sex was going to be before you became sexually active, please raise your hand. You don’t typically see sexed up couples in the movies managing the mess after they are done. They make slow romantic love or wild and crazy love and then drop to the sheets in the afterglow. No one tells you they are lying in a wet spot which is a combination of semen and female ejaculate and/or lubrication.

So what do you do with the mess? We keep a stack of towels under the bed so we can grab them easily when we are done. Some couples have a special blanket they lay on when they have sex. Some couples don’t care and make it a game seeing who will end up sleeping in the wet spot. Whatever you do, enjoy it as part of the sex package.

If the mess really bothers you, consider that while condoms have the draw back of reduced sensation and having to stop everything to put it on, they do make clean up very easy. You and your husband may choose this option at times if it works for you.

Want to share an option for clean up that works for you? Feel free to leave a comment.

Another new spice….the G-spot

I will be the first to admit that I am and always have been very naïve when it comes to sex. No one really ever talked to me about sex. My aunt was pregnant when I was 16, and she brought a video to our house, and I told my parents how babies were made. They were shocked that I knew how….why? I learned it in health class. I should have learned it from them.

Anyway, I always thought that sex was only for procreation and not recreation. It really wasn’t extremely fun after my first child was born. My husband could orgasm all the time (duh), but I didn’t. Since I didn’t ever have an orgasm, I just started believing that I wasn’t supposed to, so sex became infrequent with us…a couple times a month maybe until we decided to have another baby. Then we were back to a couple times a month.

It wasn’t until I joined The Marriage Bed, a Christian message board about sex and marriage that I realized that there was so much more to sex that was okay. It was okay to enjoy sex not just to procreate with it. It was about that time that my mind was opened by God to other pleasures. My husband and I started working for that elusive orgasm, and we started to get them here and there. What a euphoric state I was in! But the greatest thing new that I found out I had that I didn’t know I had was my G-spot….

What’s a G-spot? Ever heard of it? It’s one of those things that people argue back and forth about whether it exists or not. Well, I can tell you that I have one, and my husband and I both know how to get to it for ultimate pleasure for me, whether during intercourse or when he just uses his fingers in me for foreplay.

The G-spot is a very small area and that is why it can be so elusive. It’s about an inch or so inside your vagina on the front wall. It probably could be considered more like a “zone” (mine is) than an actual spot. In some women (like me), it can be a wonderful, erotic area when stimulated, while others feel that they have to pee when it is stimulated. Why would the feeling of urination be involved at all? The front wall of the vagina is also near the urethra, so part of the stimulation can feel like you are stimulating that area. I have even read articles that compare the G-spot to a female version of the male prostate. All I know is it is a new erogenous zone that really gets me going….that’s all I need to know! Now to find it for yourself, you’ll need some exploration of your body (or let your hubby do it) Most of the vaginal wall is smooth and silky feeling, the g-spot is kind of gritty and rough.

There are really two ways that I like to be stimulated on my G-spot. First is when my husband uses his fingers inside me during foreplay. He can really get me going when he is fingering that area. If I wasn’t horny before he starts that, I usually get that way very fast. Just gently scratch or massage the surface area with his fingertip. Kind of like using a “come here” kind of motion with his finger. The second way is while we are making love, I will have him slowly thrust just the tip of his penis over that area. After a few thrusts with the tip, I have him go all the way in. To me, it’s like my G-spot and my clitoris are connected by the same nerve. Waves of pleasure hit!

Once we experienced this, I was hit by another realization….women ejaculate, too! I never knew that! BUT that is a topic for a completely different article….

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” The feelings of sexual pleasure that you feel with your spouse are from God. Praise and exalt God for the gift that he has given you…not only the pleasure you receive from the body he created for you, but the free gift of eternal life you can receive from him…your salvation.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

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