Another new spice….the G-spot

I will be the first to admit that I am and always have been very naïve when it comes to sex. No one really ever talked to me about sex. My aunt was pregnant when I was 16, and she brought a video to our house, and I told my parents how babies were made. They were shocked that I knew how….why? I learned it in health class. I should have learned it from them.

Anyway, I always thought that sex was only for procreation and not recreation. It really wasn’t extremely fun after my first child was born. My husband could orgasm all the time (duh), but I didn’t. Since I didn’t ever have an orgasm, I just started believing that I wasn’t supposed to, so sex became infrequent with us…a couple times a month maybe until we decided to have another baby. Then we were back to a couple times a month.

It wasn’t until I joined The Marriage Bed, a Christian message board about sex and marriage that I realized that there was so much more to sex that was okay. It was okay to enjoy sex not just to procreate with it. It was about that time that my mind was opened by God to other pleasures. My husband and I started working for that elusive orgasm, and we started to get them here and there. What a euphoric state I was in! But the greatest thing new that I found out I had that I didn’t know I had was my G-spot….

What’s a G-spot? Ever heard of it? It’s one of those things that people argue back and forth about whether it exists or not. Well, I can tell you that I have one, and my husband and I both know how to get to it for ultimate pleasure for me, whether during intercourse or when he just uses his fingers in me for foreplay.

The G-spot is a very small area and that is why it can be so elusive. It’s about an inch or so inside your vagina on the front wall. It probably could be considered more like a “zone” (mine is) than an actual spot. In some women (like me), it can be a wonderful, erotic area when stimulated, while others feel that they have to pee when it is stimulated. Why would the feeling of urination be involved at all? The front wall of the vagina is also near the urethra, so part of the stimulation can feel like you are stimulating that area. I have even read articles that compare the G-spot to a female version of the male prostate. All I know is it is a new erogenous zone that really gets me going….that’s all I need to know! Now to find it for yourself, you’ll need some exploration of your body (or let your hubby do it) Most of the vaginal wall is smooth and silky feeling, the g-spot is kind of gritty and rough.

There are really two ways that I like to be stimulated on my G-spot. First is when my husband uses his fingers inside me during foreplay. He can really get me going when he is fingering that area. If I wasn’t horny before he starts that, I usually get that way very fast. Just gently scratch or massage the surface area with his fingertip. Kind of like using a “come here” kind of motion with his finger. The second way is while we are making love, I will have him slowly thrust just the tip of his penis over that area. After a few thrusts with the tip, I have him go all the way in. To me, it’s like my G-spot and my clitoris are connected by the same nerve. Waves of pleasure hit!

Once we experienced this, I was hit by another realization….women ejaculate, too! I never knew that! BUT that is a topic for a completely different article….

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” The feelings of sexual pleasure that you feel with your spouse are from God. Praise and exalt God for the gift that he has given you…not only the pleasure you receive from the body he created for you, but the free gift of eternal life you can receive from him…your salvation.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

aka nutmeg nympho


  1. The Marriage Bed has helped straighten my views on sex as well, Nutmeg!!!!

  2. Wow! My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and he have always had a great sex life.. but recently, with some other changes in our marriage (mostly, starting to live our life with my husband finally leading the way) our sex life became better than ever! And something new started to happen a few months ago… I was mortified when suddenly WHILE having a very intense orgasm I PEE’d the bed! I just couldn’t understand it… I had emptied my bladder right before the action started… but suddenly this happened and I was apologizing to my husband profusely! Great guy that he is, he assured me that it was okay, he wasn’t disgusted with me and we just sorta let it go. but it has started happening more frequently… and so FINALLY he decided to google it… and THAT is when we discovered what was really happening! Female ejaculation! Praise the Lord I’m not an old hag still in my 30’s! And it put the BIGGEST grin on my husbands face!

  3. I never knew that the G-spot could be such an enjoyable place! My husband uses fingers while giving me oral sex. Now it’s pretty much the only way I can climax. Goodbye are those frustrating nights where I just needed something more to orgasm. Now I know it was the G-spot!

  4. Wilingtotry,
    Good for you! It’s an awsome thing to be touch with. DH can also stimulate it with his penis during intercourse. Wow what fun! 🙂

  5. … since I’m not sure where to post this, I’ll put it here.
    G-spot stimulation works for me. Clitoral stimulation doesn’t anymore.
    Honestly, if I get too much, it turns me OFF. and that bothers me. Like, is something wrong?
    It occasionally had a similar effect pre-baby, but it’s like this ALL the time post-baby.
    Is this normal, to be bothered by clitoral stimulation? Does ANYONE else experience this?
    … as a side note, i had a lot of tearing when Baby was born, and one of the tears was basically on the outside of the inner ‘lips’ – very close to the clitoris. Could that explain it?

    at least I’ve got the g-spot to fall back on 😉

  6. Hisgirl, I understand what you are talking about, just maybe not to the extreme that you do. I do still enjoy clitoral stim, but I MUCH more prefer g-spot stim now that I’ve descovered how it feels! And yes, for me, if there is not much foreplay leading up to ML, like if it’s a quicky, I am bothered by the clit stim, esp if i’m not very lubricated, it hurts and is uncomfortable. Being wet enough is key for me. I really enjoy the *combination* of g-spot and clit and sometimes even anal stim, depending on how my body’s feeling. And my change in what my body prefers definately happened after having children also. (I never experienced g-spot orgasm until after having kids either)
    I would imagine that the placement of your tearing probably does have something to do with it, as the nerve endings in that area are all connected together.
    Have you brought this issue up with your OB at all?

  7. I agree with Erin4Him, especially if there is not a lot of foreplay, clitoral stimulation is almost aggravating. I think it’s too sensitive of a spot to just all of a sudden go from 0-60. 🙂 And I enjoy g-spot a lot, because before I was so used to only clitoral stimulation, and when I discovered g-spot it just felt so much….deeper! It reminds me how much God loves us to think that He made so many different ways for us to receive pleasure.

  8. I don’t have actually have an OB. I hate doctors and we can’t afford insurance, so any dr. visit comes out of pocket. Which means we never go to the doctor, except in emergency 🙂 Which we had to do when our son was born but then they let me have my 6 week appointment with my mid-wife, so I never went back to the doctor that delivered the baby and stitched me up.
    I’m glad to know I’m not like, psychotic for clit- stimulation being aggravating 🙂 – it was starting to disturb me.
    Like mdcccc said, it’s not the same when I’m really ‘ready’, i can tolerate it more, even if it doesn’t give me pleasure.
    Thanks, I feel better. Still wish I could overcome the problem, but knowing it’s not so bizarre makes me feel a lot better, thx ladies!

  9. Stimulating my g spot is new for me and my husband. We just started doing this a few months ago. The feelings are very deep and intense. The problem is that I can’t seem to get to an orgasm. It seems to be very elusive. I use a vibe on my clit while my hubby stimulates me with his finger. We do this for a while until I get tired, then back off then start again. I think the longest we have gone is about 20 minutes. How long should it take to experience this type of O? What do I need to be doing differently?

  10. Hello needingmore i can really relate in some ways. Sadly i feel nothing when dh tries to stimulate my g-spot (i’ve had four children) so i don’t fall in line entirely with what you’re describing. But i have only been awakened since last November (after celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary! Oh the time lost 😉 ) . Currently clitoral is the only way i experience it, but it’s better than the nothing i’ve lived with for the last decade! 😀 .

    i just wanted to share with you that the first couple weeks it took me an hour and 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and the time over the next two months steadily decreased until now, but after eight months of “practice” 😉 it still takes me 20 minutes to get there. i have had to be very verbal with him in instructing him when to increase or decrease pressure since it takes so long, but he likes receiving the information. Also worth mentioning, the only way i could get there initially was if he would give me a full body massage as foreplay, front and back, so i could fully “take off” my Mom ID and melt into my Wife ID into his arms. His willingness to take this time for me first, without pushing sex too soon, was the reassurance i needed of his love and the safety of letting go with him. Otherwise my mind couldn’t relax into enjoying him and his touch and sex just left me physically and emotionally drained.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. Well, I do have orgasms, all clitoral and no G spot. Sooo, I am really trying to figure out this thing. I bought a book, quivering jello, by Sue. She has a website by that name with lots of info on the topic. It isn’t christian but does have great advice concerning sex. I have read so many christian books on sex but none have ever had any info on the gspot that remember. Well, I’m glad for you that you are having some success in your sex life!

  12. Try the coital alignment technique–stimulating your g-spot with intercourse. For me, that works way better than fingering for my g-spot.

  13. Sheet Music is a Christian book with information on the g-spot.

  14. I am fairly new to posting questions on here but I couldn’t find an answer to my question. Ok here it goes…

    About 2 years ago my husband and I discovered that I could ejaculate when I orgasmed from g spot positions. Well since this is such a huge turn on for my husband we found there were other techniques we could do to make me ejaculate. Now my problem is it seem like everytime I have an orgasm I ejaculate a good amount and I can’t make it stop. I have gotten to that point where I need that release so me not having an orgasm during sex isn’t an option but now its frustrating because we can’t be as spontaneous as we would like to be. I even had an embarraing thing happen a few month ago when we were staying with my inlaws house and jut the two of us were watching apvie on their couch and one thing led to another and I ended up couldn’t hold it in and ejaculated and it got on their blanket. Of course it didn’t smell but my mother in law came out to get a drink and asked the next morning how that blanket got wet. We were able to cover it up but I couldn’t help but be embarrassed. So I guess backupy question are there any women out there who know techniques or positions that will help them not ejaculate when they orgasm?

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