Sex Is Messy, and Good Sex Is Messier

All those who had little to no idea just how messy sex was going to be before you became sexually active, please raise your hand. You don’t typically see sexed up couples in the movies managing the mess after they are done. They make slow romantic love or wild and crazy love and then drop to the sheets in the afterglow. No one tells you they are lying in a wet spot which is a combination of semen and female ejaculate and/or lubrication.

So what do you do with the mess? We keep a stack of towels under the bed so we can grab them easily when we are done. Some couples have a special blanket they lay on when they have sex. Some couples don’t care and make it a game seeing who will end up sleeping in the wet spot. Whatever you do, enjoy it as part of the sex package.

If the mess really bothers you, consider that while condoms have the draw back of reduced sensation and having to stop everything to put it on, they do make clean up very easy. You and your husband may choose this option at times if it works for you.

Want to share an option for clean up that works for you? Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. My husband and I use the Liberator throw. It has a barrier between the reversitble sides and no one has to experience the wet spot. Then all you do is throw it in the wash. Problem solved and well worth the money!!

  2. getting warm damp hand towels to clean us up is a part of post-play for us. We don’t care about the wet spot 🙂

  3. We used to not care, the day after we would wash the sheets, the night of it would be an excuse to spoon on one side of the bed to avoid the wet spot. Now I have a carbon blanket on the bed to help reduce allergies and it can not get wet, so we put down a towel first then just take off the towel to wash.

  4. the liberator throw is a little expensive so i was thinking of making my own by sewing a couple of flannel blankets together with a plastic table cloth in between – has anyone made their own and how did you do it?

  5. Go to a medical supply store that sells crutches, wheelchairs and such. Buy a bed cover for incontinence. They come in various sizes. If you by a larger one you can fold it over for extra securtiy or have more freedom to move about. The lifetime will determined by the number of washings and how you wash and dry it. High heat and bleach are probably not good for it. Depending on size, they cost around $20-30 and should last one to two years depending on use. If you are a female ejaculator, you will wonder why you didn’t buy this sooner. It takes a lot of worry about embarrasment of excess fluids away from the moment.

  6. Yes on incontinence pads, lol….

  7. The only time we had a wet spot was after our first time because we had no idea. But now we just get up right after and take a shower together. It helps us catch our breath, easy clean up, and it’s romantic.

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