Faking It!!!!


OK girls; sit down for a little lesson on faking it. Before I go any further I am not talking about faking an orgasm. I don’t recommend or believe in faking an orgasm. Here’s why, if your husband is trying to get you over that hump to have that toe curling orgasm and you start faking it do you realize what will now happen? That move he just did, the one that sent you into “fake ecstasy” will probably now become his signature move. From then on when you are teetering on the edge of a big O he will try this new “signature move”, that does absolutely nothing for you, and he will expect fireworks. Meanwhile all that will be running through your head is, “Oh no. He’s doing ‘it’ again.” My advice is just tell him if it’s not happening and you would rather focus on just him. He will respect you more for being so honest and what man doesn’t like to be focused on in the bedroom?

What I am talking about is self confidence. There is nothing sexier then the confidence we carry into the bedroom. I truly feel that everyone has some kind of physical strength. Think of it while you are getting dressed for the day. Find out what looks good on you. Unfortunately, I do not have a cute table top derriere so I try to stay away from anything that will be super tight across my backside. If you have a flat chest then stay away from plunging necklines and wear shorter skirts/shorts with sexy hosiery. If you have wide hips try to accentuate your neckline with a flattering collar. If you were blessed with nice breasts but heavy legs then stay away from stocking that would draw attention to them and wear a top that is extra clingy. Move around and make sure you are comfortable. Bring out your good features. Everyone has good features whether it’s your feet, hair, skin, teeth, back or eyes. It’s up to you to find it. If you do have an amazing bust line but you feel uncomfortable showing it off in public then just wear it around the house. Let’s say you have sexy legs but you don’t want to flash the world when you bend over in your ultra short mini. Again wear it at home and feel free to flash your husband. I love ‘accidently’ dropping things in front of him just so I can bend over to pick them up. If your specialty is giving oral maybe you can slowly eat a Popsicle in front of your husband. The look he gives you should help you feel sexy.

Another thing that can get my blood pumping and butterflies in my stomach is music. Put on music that makes you feel good. Do whatever you are moved to do. Dance, sing or lip sync. I like to do a combination of all three and yes, my kids do think I am crazy. (Actually, anyone who witnessed this would this I was crazy as well but it makes me happy.) We all have that vixen hidden inside trying to get out. Let her out and enjoy yourself. Think about how sexy you are. If you are not feeling sexy then fake it. Strut around your house (or outside if you have the confidence to do so) like you are the hottest person in the world. Keep reminding yourself that you are the biggest, best, God given gift. Pamper yourself. Paint your nails; throw on some lip stick, heck even cleaning my house makes me feel sexier for some reason. So many different things boost our self confidence and make us feel sexier. Go ahead and do whatever it takes. Just don’t go faking that O in the bedroom.


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