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How do you feel about your hair? Specifically, your hair during sex? I was thinking today about my hair. What role it has when I’m being intimate with my husband. All too often I let my hair bother me, and I focus on the frustrations that it sometimes gives. How it falls in my face when I’m on top. How it falls down around his penis when I’m giving him oral sex, thus sticking and getting in my mouth. Ug. That’s why I usually grab for a scrunchie when I know things are going to heat up.

But my husband has told me recently that he likes my hair during sex. He thinks it’s appealing to see it all wild and about. He likes watching it sway and move when I’m on top of him. He likes watching it fall over my shoulders when he’s taking me from behind. He notices when I move it out of the way while giving him oral sex, so that he can see the action better. He likes it when I do that.

I realized that my husband is kind of right. Even though I let it frustrate me sometimes, my hair really does help me feel sexy. I love it when I’m on top, and I lean over to kiss him, and we are cocooned inside my long, wavy locks. I love it when I arch my back, throw my head back, and feel my hair reaching down. I love watching it in our large dresser mirror. It’s erotic looking. It is almost empowering.

And there is nothing like that after-sex do. You ladies know what I’m talking about. You have a nice session of monkey love, and then you get up and walk into the bathroom and notice yourself in the mirror. ACK! There was actually a time when I hated my after sex look, years ago. But now I actually stand there and look at myself in the mirror for a bit. I don’t try and fix it right away. The last time my husband followed me in to the bathroom and our eyes met in the mirror. He smiled. I asked him what he was thinking. He said: You look like you have been thoroughly f***ed. Then it was my turn to smile. He was right, and I liked it. I liked looking all wild and erotic, and I liked that he was the only person that could make me look that way.

So I’ve rambled on about my hair here, and how it is sometimes so frustrating and then other times very accommodating. I guess it depends on my mood beforehand. I need to remember that my husband actually thinks it’s a turn on. Maybe I can use that to my advantage sometime? I’ll probably continue to keep some clips and scrunchies in my top nightstand drawer though, just in case.



  1. I need to start looking at my hair as something sensual. Great read, cumingirl!!

  2. It’s so funny because I was just thinking today about how my husband likes to smell my hair. I don’t know whether it actually turns him on or not. Every now and then when my hair gets in his face, or if we are snuggling in bed, he’ll say to me “Your hair smells good….” So a few years ago I decided to start using a different conditioner than dh and the kids, because I want him to identify the smell of it with me. So instead of him smelling it and just thinking yeah, that’s the conditioner, he’ll think “Mmmmm…my wife!” 😉

  3. 😀 My hair is nearly impossible to curl and KEEP curled, but for our wedding, I wanted it down and curly, b/c I knew my soon to be husband would love it.
    (he did, btw)
    But we had to use SOOOO much ‘pump it up’ hairspray that despite my care to use lotion and body spray, the only smell he remembers from our wedding night is hairspray. And decided he liked the smell.
    sometimes, even if I don’t have time to FIX my hair before he comes home from work or before, I’ll just toss my head upside down and put a spritz of hairspray on. It doesn’t overpower the room with just a little, but anytime he gets close he smells the smell that he always equates with discovering his wife’s body 😀

  4. Aww, that is the sweetest thing!

  5. i decided several months ago to grow my hair back out just for this reason! it’s such a hassle, especially in the hot summer, but it is worth it! i know my husband likes my hair longer and i have definitely felt more attractive since it’s gotten longer. i’ve secretly always wished my husband would like to smell my hair, but he’s never seemed like he’s noticed….

  6. hisbabe…I dyed my hair the other day and dh didn’t think it looked any different! Lol…I guess they all pay attention to different things. Who knows, maybe during the heat of the moment, my hair could smell like my two year old’s diaper, and he would still think it smelled good! 😉 😉

  7. My hair is linked to my awakening. DH made the comment “why do you always go darker when you color it.” In H speak that translates to “I would like you to go lighter.” so I highlighted my hair and he LOVES it. I have also grown it out to just past shoulder length whereas before I kept it SHORT. He loves that too. When I am giving him oral he runs his fingers through it and I know he enjoys seeing , touching it and smelling it when we are making love.

    Around the same time I colored my hair, I found CN and also began to love my husband in non-sexual ways through my actions not just my words. It is all jumbled up for me. The sex, the renewed intimacy and the hair.

  8. I have long black hair that suits the tousled look as it has natural waves. It is mid back length. I have always used it in sex. Letting it tickle sensitive areas, tossing it at right moments. I once decided to cut it short, I missed it and so did DH. Like you my hair makes me feel more than sexy it is a sensual experience. If you have long hair, get on top and while riding your husband use your hair to stimulate your nipples. It feels great and gives him a powerful visual.

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