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When was the last time you surprised your husband, by sliding into the shower with him? Showering together can be such a sensual act. I mean, you’re naked, he’s naked, the water is hot and steamy, and you have water beads rolling down your body. What a perfect setting for some intimate moments.

I want to issue a challenge to you women out there. I want you to plan a time that you can join your husband in the shower. Maybe after he’s had a long day at work. Maybe on a weekend night before bed. Just slip out of your clothes and join him. Take the soap or body wash and lather up his chest, shoulders, and arms. Then turn him around and get his back and neck. Have him get on his knees (if he’s much taller than you) and wash his hair for him. Take your time and run your fingers through his hair sensually. Let him feel your naked body against his as the water falls on you both.

Then have him stand again and tell him you need to finish washing him. Lather up your hands and proceed to wash his genitals. Make sure you are easy with his testicles. Feeling your hands caressing and fondling may indeed begin to make him hard! Make sure you wash his penis thoroughly, and rinse everything off too. Then you can just let things happen as they happen. The possibilities are endless. Sensual kissing under the water, holding each other, exchanging words of love, manual sex, oral sex, and vaginal sex are all hot in the shower! And if you’ve never experienced an orgasm while hot water poured down on top of you, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Your shower may end in the bedroom, with just a quick dry off. Other times, you may end up doing oral or vaginal sex in the shower. And then there are those times when sex isn’t even needed. Just that touch, that closeness. Cleaning each other and just being together after a hectic day.

I know that it’s hard to sometimes fit this in, especially if you have young children at home. But if you ever do get a chance to do this, you should go for it! Yes, this would definitely be counted as instigating, and some of us could do a little more of that! Just think about it and see how things go in the next week or so. You never know when the opportunity may just present itself to you.



  1. We have half benches in our shower. I straddled the benches on my tippy toes and he standing on the floor on his tippy toes. It was erotic and to see the excitememnt on his face just made my day.

  2. THere is something about the intimacy that is found in the shower. For a lot of people it is a place of clarity, I know for me it is. THe shower is where I mentally prepare myself for the day, thinking and praying about the things on my mind. I also use it to relax in the evening times and let my mind unwind while the hot water is reducing the tension stored in my muscles (the few I have).

    When my wife joins me I find that it is easier to express myself to her sometimes verbally sometimes physically. It has really become a special time for us and there are things that each of us do in routine that we miss when we shower alone. I would accept the challenge and really see what joy it can bring in your life.

  3. We pretty much always shower together, which is not only fun… it saves water as well, which is always a good thing when you live in Australia! We’ve never had sex in the shower though. DH is a lot taller than me and that makes it a bit complicated. We do very much enjoy washing each other and hugging with warm water streaming down on us. Sex usually happens straight after showering, when we’re nice and clean and smell fresh.

    I remember my uncle and aunt installing two showerheads in their new house, because they said they always shower together. Before I got married I thought that was unusual, but now I think we should invest in a big shower when we buy our own house 😉

  4. it’s funny. We shower fairly frequently together, I’d say about once a week, but I’ve never thought of actually being the one to lather him up. I will have to try that when he comes home from a long day of work, I know he’ll love it.

  5. Hubby and I have showered together a few times. Taking turns lathering ourselves and rinsing off. We do help wash each others’ backs :). I miss those times. Should definitely do it again.

  6. I decided to take this challenge and now my hubby and I shower together all the time which we really enjoy! Taking a long,hot shower with him is so relaxing for the both of us if we’ve had a rough day.It’s truly a wonderful,intimate experience for the both of us.He is very polite and always invites me to join him and I always do.

    He shampoos my hair for me and washes me all over.I love the feel of his hands on my breasts as he caresses them while they’re all soapy.Just holding each other close and letting the water cascade over our bodies is exhilarating.We’re big believers in showering together and it’s a simple,cozy activity you can do with someone you love and care about.We love it!

  7. I love to shower with my husband! Before we had our baby it was easier and we did it all the time. I love to scrub him down with soap and a scrubber starting with his back, and slowly going down to his legs. Sometimes he will sit (tub shower) and I will wash his hair. This puts him in a great position for me to go down on him.

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