Are you all familiar with freebies? I use this term often, but it may just be one of those things that I say, and no one else understands. To me, a freebie is when you are doing something for your spouse sexually, or giving something to your spouse sexually, without wanting or expecting anything in return. Something that you do purely out of love.

Sometimes a freebie may be a quickie. Maybe your husband is in a frisky mood, but you have somewhere you need to go. Having a quickie may be a perfect way of meeting his needs while letting you hurry out the door. Maybe he is in need of some affection when you are on your period. Blessing him with a hand job or oral sex would be good in those situations.

In my household, I’m the one with the higher drive. The last time I was extremely aroused and my husband was not, he offered me a freebie. He offered me oral sex because he knew I was in need. I was happy that he offered to give to me in that way. He was able to give me an orgasm in less than five minutes, and then we were able to continue watching the TV show we were watching together, LOL!

So, the gift of oral sex in the shower, just because you love him, would be a nice freebie! The last time I did this for my husband, he had had a particularly stressful day at work. I slipped in, unannounced, and proceeded to service him. Afterwards, he followed me out of the shower and said something like: But what about you? You didn’t get anything out of that! Go lay on the bed and I’ll make it up to you!” I informed him that he was wrong. I did indeed get much enjoyment out of making him come in the shower! 🙂 I was satisfied with showing him my love that way, and I did not want him to feel required to pay me back. He was so appreciative, and I was so happy!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this subject. I know from personal experience, that when I choose to give unselfishly, motivated out of love, that my husband feels desired, wanted, and loved. When he gives to me, I feel the same way, and it’s a nice feeling.



  1. The CN archives rock!!

    This is a great article. I have been promising my H oral for days but when we start going at it we have ended up with PIV. No one was complaining but still a girl has to be true to her word ;). Last night I brewed a cup of herbal tea and brought it to bed with me. H loves it when I take a drink, let it warm my mouth and then perform oral on him. Without stopping to allow him to put his focus on me, I went down town and he loved it.

    He rolled over and went to sleep after with me rubbing his back. It feels so good to be the giver that it makes you a receiver as well!

  2. We love freebies!!! I am the higher drive partner as well and it took me a while to accept that he really did get pleasure from simply pleasuring me. Now we both enjoy making it about the other person w/o having to always get something in return. We do joke about “owing you one” but there is not tab being kept 😉 I think this is something that should be learned early in a marriage and would probably prevent many of the sexual issues that arise between couples. It always seems to work better if you can go into a sexual encounter with the attitude of what can I give rather than what can I get!!

  3. Agreed! seems like a great attitude for ALL aspects of marriage doesn’t it 🙂 My husband doesn’t dread those days when I am having my period and I love that I can devote those days to him and having fun/experimenting with making him happy.

    We do freebies other times too but I find my own joy in “shark week”

  4. Reading this site and all the amazing comments from LOVING AND GIVING wives has been so encouraging. I recently read one article on here on “drinking him down” so I was all excited to do this for my husband specifically without expecting anything in return. It was really fun and satisfying for me to do that for him and truly not be expecting anything.

  5. I never swallowed until almost a year ago. My H was so happy, surprised, thrilled, touched…you name it. It is one of my favorite sexy memories.

  6. You know funny I did once or twice early in our marriage it just wasn’t my thing! However once I had my awakening so to speak I started swallowing at least once a month and man does it do it for him why is that I wonder guys totally dig that for some reason!!!!! Now I do it for him and I get a kick out of it!!!!

  7. I know right??? but yeah I am into it now too. they love it when we are. They want to feel that we love everything about them.

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