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I love hearing my husband tell me all the sexual things he wants to do to me.  Reading about the sexual things he wants to do to me is a very close second.  I am a very visual person and when he sets the scenarios through his writing I am at that place and time.  I love it!!  You can start by writing a paragraph and then take turns expounding on that thought.  It can be a real life event that has already happened or think up a brand new, never been done encounter.  When my husband goes away on business he will sometimes place one of these stories in a spot where I will just happen to come across them.  He leaves them in my bed, in an email, on my computer stand or in my car.  Cuddling up with one of his letters sometimes leads to a special phone call but that is another topic.

What are the benefits of writing letters?  These letters are a great way to ‘experience’ something that you never would in real life.   You can also pretend to be something that you are not.  I’ll give you an example.  I truly dislike flying.  How those pretty, shiny, heavy, shark shaped things stay in the air is beyond me.  I will go on airplanes but I do a lot of praying beforehand.  In my letters I can be a flight attendant or even a pilot if I wanted to be.  It also allows you to talk about a thought or fantasy that you may be embarrassed to bring up face to face.  If there is something you want to try but too shy to bring up this may open the door for discussion.

The first time I did send my husband an erotic note he was kind of beside himself.  I think he was overwhelmed.  If you are thinking that yours may get overwhelmed then just send a short, steamy text message to his phone and see how he reacts.  Even a short note describing what you loved about your last encounter may be a way to ease into it.  Who knows, this new erotic letter could be your next fantasy come true!!!



  1. I think me and mine have come really close to perfecting our letter writing to each other.
    Something else for consideration: Notes on the bathroom mirror or closet mirror, or rearview mirror in the car. Dry erase markers are perfect! I am a lousy artist but have amused my husband to no end by trying to draw what I want and making a sort of pictionary out of it.
    We also have done l”want ads”. Ex. I sent him a resumee with all my best mommy skills listed. He sent me a return email with a list of possible positions I could apply for. We played with this for a while each one trying to be more outrageos and witty than the other. We still joke about it all this time later.

  2. Great ideas, Ravenwolfe76!! I never thought of using dry erase markers on anything other then a dry erase board. It makes sense that it would wipe off a mirror just as easily.

  3. i did this last night for my husband and he absolutly loved it!!!! he was so excited!! we’ve been apart for a little over a week and really missing each other, so i emailed him one of my fantasies and he went crazy! i was VERY detailed and it started a whole e-mail conversation. i felt so close and connected to him while we were sharing those super private things with each other – can’t wait to see him next week!!

  4. oh i love to leave dry erase notes on the fridge and mirrors for my husband to find. unfortunately, my parents found one…it was embarassingly hilarious…and now i have to be more sneaky, not quite so blatant. 😛 😀

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