When you become a parent, you find yourself trying to find some private time for intimacy when the mood hits, and sometimes the kiddos just don’t understand. Just today, I was in a mood, so while my honey was at the store, I put on the miniskirt he bought for me and decided to go commando, too. When he got back, I nuzzled against him, and he asks, “Now? Or should we save it for later?”

Later would be great, but I am in the mood now, so I say, “Let’s lock the door”

So we head back to our room and lock the door and get ready for some lovin’…until there is a wee voice at the door, “Mom? I have something for you.”

“Not now, baby. Go get some Jell-O from the fridge.”

So we get busy on some oral sex to get him ready, then knock knock knock….”Mom, I can’t get the box open.”

“Ask your brother to help you.”

I don’t know how many times this wee one came to the door with questions, concerns, or just “Your door won’t open!!” It really kills the mood, ya know? But somehow, we managed a quickie that we hope we will finish later tonight.

My word of advice to you….if you have kids or even if you don’t have kids, keep your bedroom sacred. Seriously. It is so easy to let the kids in to use your bathroom, watch TV in your room when the other TV is in use…soon they inhabit your private sanctuary for love making and you cannot make them go away. I have been asked on message boards if I could go back and change one thing about my life, what would it be? I usually say I wouldn’t change anything, but after today, I would not ever let my kids in my room. I think that was always a problem in my refusing years. I would worry that the kids would walk in on us. Well, if they weren’t allowed in here in the first place and had learned that this was our private sanctuary, then that would have been one less worry.

So now, Mr. Nutmeg and I need to work really hard to get the little critters out of our room so we can regain the jungle all for ourselves, the way it should be.

Sex In Public?


Have you ever had sex in a public place? Ever wanted to? This seems to be a common fantasy for many people, Christians included! There have been many places that I’ve wanted to get frisky with my husband, but we haven’t done them all yet.

I think there are several thrills about having sex in public. First there is that possibility of getting caught. My husband and I do not wish to get caught, nor have we ever gotten caught. But the fact that there is a small possibility of that happening, is enough to get the adrenaline pumping! There is also the thrill of being someplace new. You aren’t in your same old bed at home. (Peppermint Girl wrote an excellent article on branching out from your bed!) Then there is also that feeling of doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing. The naughty factor. I have to admit to really liking the naughty factor myself. 😉

When we are planning to do something in public, we take some extra precautions. When we have done stuff in our car, we have always made sure that we were either in our own driveway, or we were miles away from anyone in an old abandoned parking lot of some sort. We have made love in empty parking lots of schools on weekends and churches on weekdays. I used to give my husband oral sex while driving down the road. He always did fine, but now I’ve heard stories of this happening with other couples and them running off the road or crashing. That has me a little nervous, so I haven’t done that in a while. I don’t want to do anything that is unsafe for us or for others.

If we are in a movie theatre, we make sure no one is seated anywhere near us and we are on the back row. We usually also take a large coat with us, to use as covers. We’ve never had full-blown sex in a theatre, just manual. Our goal is not to get noticed or have people suspect that we are doing something. We just enjoy our own little secret as the movie plays. (I believe Cinnamonsticks knows all about movie theatre fun as well!)

The best “public sex” that I’ve ever had was in the dressing room of a local department store at the mall. We had a date night without the kids. As we were eating our dinner, my husband asked me if I wanted one of my fantasies to come true, and I asked him which one. He reminded me of the one I had about us making love in a dressing room. I was so excited!

We went to the store that I thought would work, and I was right, the dressing rooms were virtually empty. I chose some clothes to pretend like I was trying on, and my husband accompanied me into the dressing room. There was a small waiting area for people to use inside anyway, so it didn’t look odd. When we went in, there was nobody else in there at all, so he followed me into the room. We made love in three different positions and were also able to utilize the LARGE floor length mirror. It was awesome! The door went all the way to the floor, so there wasn’t a “gap” at the bottom. This enabled us to use the floor instead of just the bench. Towards the end, another woman entered the dressing room talking to a friend. They went into a room several stalls down, and I had to make sure I was extra quiet. My husband started saying things like I like this one on you, but don’t you think you may need the smaller size? Why don’t you try on the other and let me see it? There were a couple of times that I almost laughed out loud. Afterwards, we walked out and no one was any wiser. What is funny is that I actually did end up buying two pairs of shorts that I had taken in there to try on!

Having sex in a public place may be way out of your comfort zone, and that’s okay. We don’t do this very often ourselves. It’s just something that we like to do on occasion, to keep things fun and playful. We don’t get as many chances to do it now that we have children. I’d like to encourage you to think a little outside your comfort zone. What is something that you know your husband would just love for you two to do? Maybe you could surprise him by doing something a little out of the norm. If you do, please write to us and let us know of your adventure!


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