Sex In Public?


Have you ever had sex in a public place? Ever wanted to? This seems to be a common fantasy for many people, Christians included! There have been many places that I’ve wanted to get frisky with my husband, but we haven’t done them all yet.

I think there are several thrills about having sex in public. First there is that possibility of getting caught. My husband and I do not wish to get caught, nor have we ever gotten caught. But the fact that there is a small possibility of that happening, is enough to get the adrenaline pumping! There is also the thrill of being someplace new. You aren’t in your same old bed at home. (Peppermint Girl wrote an excellent article on branching out from your bed!) Then there is also that feeling of doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing. The naughty factor. I have to admit to really liking the naughty factor myself. 😉

When we are planning to do something in public, we take some extra precautions. When we have done stuff in our car, we have always made sure that we were either in our own driveway, or we were miles away from anyone in an old abandoned parking lot of some sort. We have made love in empty parking lots of schools on weekends and churches on weekdays. I used to give my husband oral sex while driving down the road. He always did fine, but now I’ve heard stories of this happening with other couples and them running off the road or crashing. That has me a little nervous, so I haven’t done that in a while. I don’t want to do anything that is unsafe for us or for others.

If we are in a movie theatre, we make sure no one is seated anywhere near us and we are on the back row. We usually also take a large coat with us, to use as covers. We’ve never had full-blown sex in a theatre, just manual. Our goal is not to get noticed or have people suspect that we are doing something. We just enjoy our own little secret as the movie plays. (I believe Cinnamonsticks knows all about movie theatre fun as well!)

The best “public sex” that I’ve ever had was in the dressing room of a local department store at the mall. We had a date night without the kids. As we were eating our dinner, my husband asked me if I wanted one of my fantasies to come true, and I asked him which one. He reminded me of the one I had about us making love in a dressing room. I was so excited!

We went to the store that I thought would work, and I was right, the dressing rooms were virtually empty. I chose some clothes to pretend like I was trying on, and my husband accompanied me into the dressing room. There was a small waiting area for people to use inside anyway, so it didn’t look odd. When we went in, there was nobody else in there at all, so he followed me into the room. We made love in three different positions and were also able to utilize the LARGE floor length mirror. It was awesome! The door went all the way to the floor, so there wasn’t a “gap” at the bottom. This enabled us to use the floor instead of just the bench. Towards the end, another woman entered the dressing room talking to a friend. They went into a room several stalls down, and I had to make sure I was extra quiet. My husband started saying things like I like this one on you, but don’t you think you may need the smaller size? Why don’t you try on the other and let me see it? There were a couple of times that I almost laughed out loud. Afterwards, we walked out and no one was any wiser. What is funny is that I actually did end up buying two pairs of shorts that I had taken in there to try on!

Having sex in a public place may be way out of your comfort zone, and that’s okay. We don’t do this very often ourselves. It’s just something that we like to do on occasion, to keep things fun and playful. We don’t get as many chances to do it now that we have children. I’d like to encourage you to think a little outside your comfort zone. What is something that you know your husband would just love for you two to do? Maybe you could surprise him by doing something a little out of the norm. If you do, please write to us and let us know of your adventure!



  1. Ah, the movie theater. We need to do that again sometime. That was an awesome date night!!

  2. I love the idea of doing it in a department store. Picking out some lingerie to try on and then asking your husband to come in from the waiting area would add to the anticipation. I love the 3 way mirrors that some department stores have in their changing areas.

  3. My DH used to work for a limo company. Sometimes I’d ride with him and make use of the limo after his work was done. 🙂

  4. Dressing rooms make me nervous, though it does sound exciting! I just have never been to a place that there weren’t people in and out. Also, they all seem to have his and hers dressing rooms. The only exception was a store I went to the other day. I was shocked to see only one dressing room. I mentioned it to DH and he asked if the doors went all the way to the floor. I couldn’t remember. Maybe someday…..

  5. I love the article, and I think from reading here long enough that I know where your heart is, but I just want to make sure this Christianly warning is out there…

    Whatever spicy/public kind of thing you’re going to do, make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal or something that would cause another to stumble. I mean, an argument could be made that there are indecent exposure laws and sex in a public park would violate that. I think the Bible is pretty clear about obeying the laws of the land (that don’t violate God’s laws) so you’d want to make sure your acts are legal.

    And, obviously, I would think you wouldn’t do it in the middle of a BUSY parking lot or the median of the highway or in a space that you knew was being video monitored (like a secured elevator) because of the images that would be burned into the minds of the people who could see you and the lust issues they’d then be forced to deal with.

    Am I making sense?

  6. I think we would all agree about obeying “the laws of the land.” I also think we would all agree that having sex in the middle of a busy parking lot or in the median of a highway is a bad idea.

  7. My man and I did it on the beach about a month after we were married… 😀

    We had been visiting my parents’ place for the weekend, and weren’t very comfortable with doing it in earshot of family members (including younger sibb’s), so we decided we’d just have to wait till we got home. But while we were alone at the beach just down the street, we got a little carried away making out, etc, in a tree! So, one thing led to another and we ended up climbing up a sandy cliff/hill which was semi-covered with greenery, and went for it!
    Complete with the adrenaline and thrill of not wanting someone to walk by or come looking for us, it was amazing! We both Od at the same time, pretty quickly, and it felt SO amazing walking back realizing what we’d just done! We’re exited to add to our list of “obscure places” in our future 😉

    *an extra plus (and possible tip for “in public”) was that it was just after my period, so I had on a panty liner, which helped me feel comfortable walking back, knowing I didn’t have to worry about any of the fluids getting on my clothes!

  8. My favorite “doing it in public” memory was right after we married. We did it in an old isolated cemetery out in the middle of nowhere! haha. That was fun!

  9. At the beach, in the ocean, in the middle of the day. The beach was crowded, sunbathers, people walking up and down the beach, playing in the ocean, etc. We waded out about neckdeep in the water, pullded down and moved swimsuits out of the way, faced each other and hugged each other and let the crashing waves work the motion for us. Exciting, thrilling and since we were wet from the ocean we didn’t matter about wet spots when we got out. Of course, we had to spend some extra time in water to let certain swelling go down 🙂

  10. My DH and I had a public encounter today, the 1st in almost 19 years of marriage. We were in a dressing room at a store that I like to frequent, and were able to manage things quietly, even with people in the dressing rooms on either side of us! It was exciting, but I was a little nervous too. If we got caught, I know I’d never be able to show my face in that store again. Fortunately, all went well- very well in fact :)! Now, I’ll never be able to go in that fitting room without a little smile on my face!

  11. I haven’t spent much time at this website, yet, but I have very much appreciated what I’ve seen so far. This particular topic, sex in public settings is one that my husband and I enjoy quite a bit (the idea much more than the act itself.) I don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, but I do want to urge caution. If you are in a truly public place, engaged in a sex act, and you are indeed caught, you would be registered as a sex offender, and that would ruin your day. The particular story that sparked my “uh oh!” radar was the school parking lot episode. I’m not saying don’t do it! I’m particularly partial to the dressing room idea, but just make sure you’re being wise about it. My husband is in law enforcement, and I work in corrections, so we’ve seen instances where people have gotten into trouble unwittingly, and I would hate for my omission to be responsible for someone getting themselves in serious trouble unintentionally. Otherwise, enjoy!

  12. My hubby and I finally had a night where our daughter had something going on all night at church so I decided to be “naughty” with my husband. We went to dinner and after dinner I let him know that we were not going straight home and he asked where to so I told him. We ended up in this undeveloped development near where our church meets ( he thought we were going to be arrested). I gave him oral sex and he nearly came out of the car ( we were in a 1984 convertible mustang). No arrests but plenty of fun.

  13. We love the car wash in the middle of winter. The doors shut around us and the windows are all steamed up and frozen… making it extra private. We’ve done the regular wash, but the next time, we’ll pay for the Deluxe!

  14. This question is for the wife married to a cop. Is your own backyard considered public? I would love to make love to our husband in our pool or laying on a blanket in the backyard. I am looking forward to pushing my husband to a midnight swim where I drop my bottoms this summer.

  15. This past weekend hubby and I went to the movies. I noticed NO ONE was around us so I started rubbing his thigh and then moved inward. He didn’t know what I was doing and just let me unzip him. As I’m holding him in my hands he asked if I was going down on him and I did. Right there in the theatre.
    We also enjoy parking at a hotel for extra adventures.

  16. Has anyone tried vibrating panties or remote controlled vibrators? The thought of being able to orgasm while eating or pumping gas or whatever sounds incredible but I have no idea what products are out there or which to try.

  17. That is my husbands fav toy. We got some as a bachlorette gift and they are a huge turn on for both of us. I was a little worried that it would be too loud in public and people would notice but there really not. It’s a lot of fun to do when we are away from th kids and in public places. I will say though if your like me it’s reapply hard to cover up when you orgasm. I tend to ejaculate some everytime I orgasm so make sure when you get to that point that you get to a more secretive spot.

  18. Any suggestions on what to get? I’ve seen mixed reviews and some are a little too expensive…

  19. So there was literally no one else in the theater? How did you manage? All the theaters I’ve ever been in seem way too cramped for it.

  20. In public are some of my dearest fantasies for me and my man! But the theater, oral while he’s driving or oral while we’re sitting talking in our car in a parking lot at night have all been refused. He’s shy. Would LOVE to try a dressing room someday!

  21. My dh and I walked 9 miles into the mountains’ not a soul for miles, so I went down on him for his pleasure. . . Half way through a fighter jet on exercise came out of nowhere, he was low enough to see us, and he must have done because he came back and ‘buzzed’ us. That was our first and last foray into outdoor sex!

  22. Public sex is awesome! We have done a service hallway in the mall (after hours, waiting on a movie to start), at either of our relatives’ houses with unlocked doors, in an apartment complex pool (late night), and in the car in a variety of locales (roadside, parking lot, parking garage, parked under trees, on a dead-end back country road). I’m still waiting on my beach & office scenes. :-O

  23. LOVE outdoor sex! My hubby & I go to Cancun every summer, and we always plan for sex on the beach at night. We walk a way down the beach, far away from the resort (it’s pretty secluded). I have a beach bag with a towel & some lube just in case. He loves it when I take off my dress & there’s nothing on under! We’ve done it in the water as well, but the sand & surf just suits us!

  24. I’m sorry to say this, seeing that it will make a lot of people unhappy, but the kind of activity you guys are getting into is wrong and dangerous.

    Firstly, there is the line of logic that “It’s only a sin if you get caught.” Nowhere does the Bible support this theory, never mind how easy it is to get caught (as many of you can attest).

    Secondly, public places include adults AND CHILDREN. Children and unmarried people, but in this case I’m much more concerned about the children. Someone has already pointed out the fact that you can be registered as a sex offender- this means you can potentially be registered as a PEDOPHILE, as well. Under the bleachers or out at the beach, those are easy places to get caught.

    Thirdly, name three people you know who don’t own a camera phone. And a YouTube account.

    Several of you have said to “obey the laws of the land” yet at the same time, I see many instances of people breaking them.

    You should also consider, during your endeavors, how many people are breaking the rules around YOU. Did you know that even in places where it is illegal, there are department stores which install cameras in their dressing rooms? Yes, they are violating the law, but so are you. Those cameras are to watch that people aren’t stealing anything or, yes– having sex in their dressing rooms! I don’t know *particularly* how common it is, but some movie theaters have cameras as well. Legally, I might add. And you can imagine that they’re the kind of cameras that see well in the dark.

    I really enjoy this website, and I love the message you have been giving married couples about married sex– but this particular message is a bad one. I know it’s an old cliche, but what would God Himself say to you if He came down to talk to you about it? Would He smile and pat you on the back?

    I hope the people who posted this article and others like it will consider that this is NOT a safe practice. In your own backyard or private waterfront is one thing. The middle of a movie theater and literally right under everyone’s noses at the beach is another.

  25. Further SweetSoft’s note above, and also having the desire for sex in public (ish), I went hunting for specifics. I gave up on the US laws (mostly because I don’t live there) so focussed on Australian law instead (and the internet was still mostly unhelpful!). Here is a summary of what I found for laws in one of our states (again, one which I don’t live in *rolls eyes* – seriously, it shouldn’t be this difficult to find the specific laws on line, should it?):

    To determine what is either acceptable or indecent sexual behaviour in public the police and courts consider general community standards. What is indecent covers more extreme sexual behaviour than just expressions of sexuality or affection (eg holding hands or kissing).
    If you have sex in public, you may be charged with committing an indecent act. To prove the offence, the police have to show that what happened was both ‘indecent’ *and* (emphasis mine) in ‘public’.
    ‘Indecent’ means potentially indecent – an actual person does not need to have been offended by your actions. But to be indecent, the behaviour also has to be easily seen – if it ‘cannot be seen without the observer having to take abnormal or unusual action to observe it’, it may not be indecent.
    The definition of a public place is very wide and would include public toilets. Closing the cubicle door doesn’t turn a public place into a private place.

  26. Ladies, I’m not sure we’re all reading the same things… “sex in public places” doesn’t equate to blatant exhibitionism! God forbid we *actually* get caught! We’re talking about discreet encounters with our husbands under sheets/blankets/clothing/water/darkness, not a buck-wild naked for all to see and hear roll on a crowded beach in broad daylight. 🙂 Thanks for the warnings & reminders, but I’m sure the rest of the ladies are just as conscientious about not spoiling anyone else’s enjoyment of a public place as anyone else with an ounce of decorum.

  27. Thanks for that clarification, I totally agree.

  28. on the pontoon boat in a secluded part of the lake.

    on a trampoline in the deep of night and with it moved to a secluded spot.

    in his office against the wall, in my high heels.

    on an exam table…(was in business we owned, in middle of night with no one around)

    skinny dipping and in lake in the middle of the night.

  29. In the corner of a dark bar. I had a skirt and extra long coat on. To the rest of the world, we looked like we were making out.

    Also, in a hot tub while on vacation. There were literally no people outside at the time. Again, to anyone who may have walked out, we looked like we were making out.

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