Valentine’s Day Inspirations

It is January 14 which means that in one month people all over the world are going to be celebrating LOVE. I like finding creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ways that don’t involve my husband spending upwards of $100 on roses. Ways that reduce the amount I am allowing retailers to monopolize on my love life. And ways that communicate my one hundred percent devotion to the man I am spending my life with.

What to give?

Here are some gift ideas. Some of them are common and some of them are more creative.

~ Write or find a romantic or sexy poem, or a write a collection of erotic stories about you and your husband

~ Lingerie

~ Ingredients for human sundae

~ Sexy coupons

~ Offer him a sex menu where he can choose different “services” from. This thread at The Marriage Bed forum has a lot of really creative ideas for this.

~ A variety of forms of chocolate for a Chocolate Sexual Bliss Night; chocolate sauce, chocolate body powder with a feather for application, pieces of chocolate to place on different erogenous zones on your body for your husband to enjoy.

~ A collection of sexy photos of you. You can have a girlfriend take them or use a timer on your camera.

~ Silky scarves if you have been talking about playing around with light bondage.

~ A new collection of songs to make love to.

What to do?

~ Dinner and a movie. Although it isn’t creative, having a dinner by yourselves to talk about the things you love without interruption is valuable beyond measure.

~ Go for a walk and ask each other creative questions you don’t know the answer to. Try to learn something new about each other.

~ Talk about your dreams for the next year and beyond while driving down a country road, and stop for some car nookie if you are brave enough. 🙂

~ Plan a meal to cook together at home alone.

~ Set up a picnic in your living room.

~ Think of three positions you haven’t tried and see which one you like best.

~ Themes can be a fun way to celebrate a holiday so things like chocolate, the color red or hearts can be worked into a great them. Just think of a color, object, flavor, or anything else that expresses love to you and go with it.

If you have more creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day, please leave it in the comment section.


  1. I totally feel like I am talking to myself in the comment section but I won’t let that stop me. 8) My last comment was a year ago….

    I wanted to remind our readers of this great list that Cinnamon Sticks put together. Valentine’s Day is next week!!! It is not too early to get those creative juices flowing.

  2. Through the course of our marriage we have been decidedly less the rich. So we have taken to being witty and creative to make up for it. One of the things my hubby loves is when me and our little girls do a ,”special dress up” meal for my husband, with him as the guest of honor. We all get dressed up in our best( I allways put something saucy underneath) , the girls and I make a special dinner usually sme new something and dessert. After which we watch a musical or other broadway production. After we have a night cap of hot cocoa for the girls and some warm cocktail for us. Then the girls go off to bed and we go off to play!
    Massages, photo shoots, strip poker,dancing what ever takes us.

  3. Thanks Peppermint Girl for the link to TMB ideas…I love the idea of having a “menu”…my plan fr DH now is to create a menu to include actual dinner and also various sex choices that I will give him at the start of the day along with £50 worth of my kids’ play money having priced things accordingly so he will have to choose wisely on how to speand his £50!! Excellent idea thank you!

  4. we did the menu thing (I think there were 6 courses 😉 ) along with a play list of my H’s favorites. He loved it. and we ended with real dessert and cuddle time.

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