Drinking Him Down


So what exactly is that white stuff that comes shooting out of my husband’s penis? Have you ever wondered that? Seminal fluid consists mainly of water, minerals, sugars, proteins, sperm, and other various nutrients. You are ingesting most of those things daily anyway. Well, except for the sperm. Women usually have two major problems with swallowing their husband’s load: taste and texture. Let’s look at both these issues.

I have asked women what they think semen tastes like, and I have gotten many different answers. The most common things women say is that it is salty, bitter, metallic, and reminds them of Clorox. Doesn’t sound very flattering, does it? Well, I am of the belief that all men taste different, and diet can have somewhat of an impact on how a man’s seminal fluid tastes. I have read that it will taste stronger or heavier if a man is a heavy meat eater. I’ve also read that you can improve the taste by asking your man to cut down on the amount of meat (particularly red meat) that he eats, while increasing the amount of fruits and veggies that he is consuming. I have heard women swear that pineapple juice works wonders. But if you expect to see results from this, he needs to be drinking pineapple juice in large quantities, not just a glass with dinner. If you would like more specific information, then you can check out this link: Sperm Taste – 10 Simple Tips For Better Tasting Semen. You may wish to print it out and have your husband read it with you. I remember the day my husband came home with a 64oz can of pineapple juice and a smile. I laughed because I knew exactly what he had in mind.

As for the texture, I’m not sure there is much help for that. Semen is kind of thick for a reason, and it really can’t be thinned out too much. Some women have described it as being like”mucus” because of its consistency. Again, that’s not very flattering. I’ve heard that having the man drink large amounts of water may possibly thin it out a tiny bit, but I’m not really sure how accurate that is.

Your husband may secrete some pre-ejaculatory fluid that is clear or colorless. It is usually secreted during intercourse, and helps to aid in lubrication. I have found it to be sweeter in taste and I actually look forward to seeing it, because it means that my husband is very turned on!

Okay, so now we’re ready to think about the physical act of swallowing. If you are still reading this, I am going to assume that you’d like to do so. I will tell you that years ago I really did not care much for swallowing myself. I thought it was odd tasting. I didn’t really have the best attitude about sex at the time though. Sometimes I’d swallow and then go running to the kitchen for a Dr. Pepper to wash the taste out. Sometimes I’d get up and spit it into the sink in the bathroom, or into a towel by the bed, and then go running into the kitchen for a Dr. Pepper to wash the taste out! The first thing that changed with me was my attitude towards sex. When I had my sexual awakening, my attitude about everything sexual changed. The way I viewed his penis changed, and the way I viewed his ejaculate changed as well. Since then, I’ve not minded the taste at all!

If the taste is what is keeping you from swallowing, there are a couple of tips I have to share with you. You could try to use flavored lube. You could also chew three or four altoids or cough drops beforehand. Another idea would be to gargle with Scope or Listerine just before you start oral sex. All of these things will help to mask the flavor of his semen, thus making it easier to swallow.

Now, when he is getting ready to orgasm, and you know it is coming soon, try to take him deeper into your mouth. If you have a really bad gag reflex, you may want to think about using Good Head. You apply a good-sized amount on your finger and place it on the far back roof of your mouth, then swallow it. It will coat your uvula and numb it so that you don’t gag. (If you don’t have this readily available you may want to try that Chloraseptic throat spray because it also numbs the back of your throat, just don’t use too much, because it can also numb his penis too!) If you can take him in deeper, then when he comes, it will squirt to the back of your throat and bypass your tongue and taste buds. You can just immediately swallow.

If you can’t take him in deeper, then you will need to decide if you want to swallow a little at a time (after each squirt) or just once. Some women say it’s better to just catch it in your mouth and wait until he gets it all finished, and then swallow one time. This is what I usually do. It helps if you just relax and let it happen. If you get all nervous and tense, then you could end up gagging or getting choked. So just relax and be ready for it. If you do it this way, then you can also open your mouth a little after it is all collected, and let him see it before it goes down. Many men say this is a major turn on.

If you have tried many of the suggestions above, and you still can’t seem to get used to swallowing, don’t get discouraged. I’m sure your husband will say that this is not the most important thing in your marriage, right? You are doing a wonderful thing by blessing him with oral sex, period. You can practice when you feel like it, and when you don’t feel like it; you know that there are alternatives. You shouldn’t feel pressured to swallow just because your friends do or because you read somewhere that all men secretly want that. The truth is that most men care more about the oral sex than they do about how it ends. So communicate with your husband and discuss this issue together.

Make this fun and exciting and something you two can experiment with and practice together. A positive outlook can make tons of difference. If any of these ideas help you, please write to us and let us know! We love hearing success stories!



  1. This website is incredibly helpful. I’m in my mid 30’s and have been married 15 years. I decided to get brave and vocalize some stuff I’ve always wondered about oral sex with my husband. We had a great conversation, realized we were both open to exploring each other more and have had a honeymoon-like week of doing just that. The info on mechanics/what to do, how to do it, some ideas to try is helpful.

  2. My wife is one of those woman that does not enjoy the taste of semen. Because of her dislike she was also not very reciprocal about oral sex on me. However, she found that she liked the taste of Fun-Dip packs and it’s given us a WHOLE new experience with oral sex. Fun-Dip packs can be found at most retail stores where they have larger selections in their candy aisles. It’s that stuff you used to get as a kid where it came with a white vanilla stick of hard candy and then two or three packets of powdered sugar in various flavors. Well, just replace the candy stick with a penis and from my wife’s experience it makes for a very nice change. It also makes for a nice textural feeling on the penis during oral sex as well. We’ve given it as presents to newly married couples in our church with fun and humorous responses for weeks after!

  3. What a very creative thing you two have thought of! 😆 The only caution that I have is for people to remember to not insert the penis into the vagina if it still has any of the sugary stuff on it at all (infection waiting to happen)… but other than that, this sounds like fun! I may have to try this myself, as I’ve always liked the cherry fun dip!

  4. Talk about fun dip!! That’s great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can my wife get a stomach ache or any other issue from swallowing? She has never had an allergic reaction to my semen and we are discussing adding this to our toolbox of LM. She’s allowed me to finish in her mouth, but not sure about swallowing. Any info will help. thanks

  6. Nothing serious will happen to her by swallowing semen. Try it if you both want to and then decide what you think.

  7. I used to love swallowing and I still do but since I have had bad morning sickness with my second pregnancy, my gag reflux is super bad! I am working my way up to swallowing again.

  8. Don’t worry that gets better. I was soooo sick with all my pregnancies. I threw up for 7 months and lost a lot of weight.(And I did this 8 times). I couldn’t keep anything down. So oral sex was pretty much out of the picture, except for a little kissing/licking. At about the eighth month this would change. We could then enjoy the things we did before being pregnant…like swallowing!
    Hang in there. Pregnancy really does a number on our bodies, but it’s worth it!

  9. Happy New Year All!

    Upfront I’m saying I’m embarrassed to ask this question.

    Before I ask it I have to say up front that I enjoy giving my DH oral sex. Yes it’s true- I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have grown to almost love swallowing my hubbies’ “nectar”. In the past I had worked up to doing it “all the way” because my DH loved it so much but I wasn’t a big fan of swallowing. Over time though I found that I was almost always in a good mood afterwards and actually didn’t mind the taste. I felt good. I also loved knowing that I could do this for him. Anyway my question is sort of about oral sex. Last year I was at a Spa, in SanFran, with some friends (presents from our DH’s) and we were all getting manicures/pedicures/ and facials. I mentioned that I would love a massage too but they weren’t usually very good- hubby gave better! I said that if only he could give a facial I’d be in heaven. ( Goodness this is a long email- SORRY!) One friend laughed and said he could give me a FACIAL but it sure wouldn’t be the same! I was so dumb I didn’t understand what she meant- so she quickly explained that him cumming on my face is a “facial”. How is that sexy????? I like being sensual and sexy and am thinking of surprising my husband with this but I just don’t get it?? What do I do then? (I feel so dumb for asking this!) Am I supposed to do something with it or just lie there with it on me?? Wash it off? What? Jumping up and running to quickly wash my face just doesn’t add up to a sexy experience. Help!

  10. This is something that some women do enjoy doing with their husbands, but please remember that if it is unpleasant, turns you off or grosses you out, that it is not a requirement. It’s completely up to the couple as to whether or not they do this.

    If anyone wanted to try it I would suggest the same thing I recommend for people who are wanting to get comfortable with giving oral. Do it in the shower so that the water is readily available to wash and rinse with as soon as you need to.

  11. I love doing this for my DH. It’s especially arousing knowing that the source of arousal is him just looking at me! Afterwards if you want to be really sexy you can scoop a little on to a finger and lick it off. Eventually you will have to towel off but trust me your hubby won’t mind a bit!

  12. For me, I found semen to have the consistency of sunny-side up egg yoke, but when it’s been sitting on the plate a while; the best thing for me is remembering exactly what to expect each time because gaging on my husbands sperm is kind of a “mood killer”. Unfortunately, my husband and I had an unsuccessful pregnancy where I was violently sick from the beginning; from that point I had not been able to allow him to ejactulate into my mouth, for fear his semen will hit my tounge and I’ll gag (I can’t eat luke-warm, sunny-side up eggs anymore either). BUT because I know my husband well enough, I can predict exactly when he is going to ejactulate and I simply “deep throat” him (it sounds more difficult that it is, just move the head of his penis to the back of my tounge), that way when he releases his semen it hits the back of my throat and I can swallow without tasting anything. I hope my gag-reflex will go away eventually but for now this trick is helping out a ton!

  13. Hi WonderingWife,
    Outrageous could be a title for this post but here goes. My appetite for my husband has gotten so wild that I have more than the usual orgasms. Some are especially galactic when he cums in my mouth and I let some of it dribble out then rub it over my face! The combination of arousal, man scent, his juicyness and my ‘almost there’ state sends me to the moon. My orgasms can be so violent that he holds me in case I fall off the bed or something silly!

    Was I always like this. NNNNOOOO. I hated his body smell. I loathed the smell of his cum and I gagged audibly when I took him orally.
    How did I change all of this? By changing my mind about what we were doing. I chose to call his cum delicious. I chose to taste it fully as I climaxed. I chose to feel it with my fingers and trail it over my face, to get the full impact of our love making, on my senses.

    We have been married for 25 years so we have many years of trust built into our sex life. We would never hurt each other and I feel utterly safe with him in every way. Trust can be a huge factor in a woman being able to fully release her passion upon her man and for her to receive his full throttled desire for her. It all takes time lady, so relax and do what you feel comfortable doing.

    Most important of all is to allow your husband to love you and to love him back. That in itself makes for many years of love saturated marriage. Fantastic sex is the icing on the “love first” cake!!

  14. I know that shared intoxicated feeling. “Blowing” means mind-blowing. I love the photo!

  15. Hi fellow christians, semen to me tastes really good, its like coconut juice every time, except when he is unwell and drinks too much tea and honey, its changed and gave a little sweet honey aftertaste… anyways, just want to thank everyone for contributing to this website!

  16. My DH and I stumbled across this site and we love it.

    So thank you.

    Firstly, I love feeling DH in my mouth.
    I love the taste of his semen but the texture of it really is mucus like, and when I have said this I know I hurt his feelings, but it just slips out, the look on my face must be something too. When we talk about it it’s all I think about, the texture.

    When I have swallowed “it”, less that a handful in the 6 and a half years of marriage, I gagged, coughed and spat it out, and I think I had a disgusted look on my face!
    And I rush off to “clean up”, the same for when DH has finished on my body/face, I run off to “clean it off”.

    When he performs OS on me I want him to get me to climax, and I hadn’t realized that when i climax, DH told me 3 years after being married that I have FE(female ejaculation), and he has to swallow it each time, he says there is a lot too! I had no idea that was happening! How can he just do it, and stay there with me not wanting to rush off and clean up straight away!

    Am I being selfish?
    Is there anything I can do to either get past it or change the texture?
    So I can finish him off, even get to the point of him giving me facials or finishing onto my body!

    HELP, I want to serve him like this, but find it so hard to get past!

  17. I love giving my hubby oral and enjoy it as much as he does. Here’s a trick if you don’t want to actually taste his cum. Right when he ejaculates make sure that he is near the back of you mouth and that you tongue is underneath him. That way he’ll climax in the back of you mouth and it just slides on down with a quick swallow. I give my hubby oral about 2-3 times a week at least and I never have to taste him unless I want to that day. It makes it pleasurable for both of us.

  18. I’m not a huge fan of swallowing, but my husband really likes me too so I do my best to do it for him. I at least hold it in my mouth under my tongue until he is done and then spit it in a towel. I don’t taste it that way, but it still feels to him like I swallowed and as long as I don’t make a face or act disgusted he is fine with that. I will say since my husband had his vasectomy his semen does not taste as bad as it used to. The only times I have ever made myself be able to swallow has been since then so I can at least say that has made a difference. I have also found keeping a piece of candy in my mouth not only adds to the amount of saliva I have (makes it feel better to him) it also helps with the taste at the end. So just a thought.

  19. This site is so helpful! I’ve been online ever spare minute for multiple weeks looking for advice and tips on different areas of this subject (ie: overcoming the taste; overcoming a sensitive gag reflex) but couldn’t find any sites that actually got specific on mechanics and…I just can’t describe all the awesome ways you’ve helped. Thank you SO MUCH!

  20. I do whatever fits at the time. Obviously while in car, I swallow. If we are in places where we don’t want any evidence, I swallow. At home, just depends on the position. I haven’t worked up to a ‘facial’ yet but I’m getting there. I’ve just always swallowed from day one. Yea, I’ve gagged and spit it out a few times but I’ve never refused.

  21. Neither he nor I get facials. For me, each drop is too precious.

  22. i just read an article on the net that said that sperm could possibly slow the aging process. it worked on rats anyway. sperm and grapefruit – my husband said that he didn’t know about the grapefruit, but he would supply all the sperm that i needed to keep the wrinkles at bay…..

    i should mention that i’m 36 and still have yet to get any wrinkles…maybe it’s working???

  23. lol hisbabe I just sent your little sexy statistic to my husband via text. He says it will be a sacrifice but anything he can do to help keep me looking young will be worth it 😀

  24. I did not always enjoy giving oral, and I especially did not like swallowing. However, I seem to be having a sexual awakening and now I love them both. I especially love licking him clean after he has released inside of me. I love how we both taste.

  25. I went through the same experience. Allowing myself to really enjoy the sensual, erotic little things that really increase the intensity of our sex life has made all the difference. I guess it’s just the power of positive thinking. I remember, when we were first married, being really anxious when my husband would give me oral sex because I didn’t understand how he could enjoy doing it but he would always assure me he LOVED doing it. He would talk about loving everything about It (texture, smell, taste). It was easier for me to enjoy knowing that he loved it so much. I wanted him to feel the same so I began changing the way I allowed myself to think about it. Now, I get to where I can honesty say I crave it 🙂

  26. Just found ur site 2day n ThankGOD! B4 I was saved I could freely talk about sex w/ my girlfriends. But once I became a Christian my friends changed n so I only had my husband 2 talk with. We’ve been happily married 4 almost 10 yrs n have had a very satisfying sex life but last night we were talking n I asked if there was anything he would like 2 do that we haven’t tried. 2 my surprise he said he would like 2 see me swallow after oral! He knows I don’t like the taste so he’s never brought it up until I asked (which made me want try all the more) I did some quick research on other sites (not christian I hate 2 say) but I was on a mission 4 my DH. After sifting thru the smut I came across deep throating. It worked like a charm! Let’s say he got an unexspected but well deserved Christmas gift ;-). I luv my DH dearly n I don’t think God gave him 2 me 2 “hold back”on. Thank u 4 ur candidness n making a place 4 God fearing women 2 learn n grow sexually.

  27. Ok CN, I have achieved the next level. Lol. Finally I did it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I drank him down. My husband was in shock but I decided to change the way I think about it and actually was aroused by just thinking about doing it. It was so erotic and it tasted like hot whip cream. Lol. Not to bad. Thanks again for helping me be open to new things also I rimmed him and it made him wild. I thought to my self hmmm this is so awesome. After 14yrs together I could still make him squirm. Sex is getting better and better. Thank you for this site. I actually look forward and prepare myself mentally for him and us together. Love you girls. God bless

  28. WOO HOO! That’s awesome MGR! I love hearing stories of women trying new things and having positive results. 🙂

  29. I guess I’m the odd one out. In the 26yrs I’ve been married, I’m not in the mood to give OS unless I’m warmed up (cold starts won’t do). As for swallowing, I’ve never liked it. I’ve done it a half dozen times willingly. A couple of weeks ago my DH wanted me to and I did, but it does nothing for me. I get real apprehensive until it actually happens, so it isn’t enjoyable. I’d prefer to embrace him when he orgasms. I feel closer to him then. Sadly, when there isn’t intercourse, it feels cheaper and less intimate, which makes me feel sad and a little empty. It’s hard to express what I feel in words. I know he loves me with everything in him, and I he, but swallowing just isn’t intimacy to me.

  30. I think its more for him than you. At least that’s how I see it. I had to change the way I tought about doing it. So I had to work it up in my mind and get to a state of arousal. When I saw how much he enjoyed it, it turnd me on because it turned him on. Thanks sis’s for freedom. Love y’all. God bless.

  31. I was the same way for a very long time. I gave oral and didn’t really enjoy it much, expecially swallowing. But now I’ve taken a different approach that i think might help you. trying praying just before giving oral. pray for God to open your heart and mind to this experince. ask God to free yourself of thoughts of apprehention. this has helped me greatly and has changed my entire outlook on OS with my hubby!

  32. Often it’s more for me, than him. It’s a high I wish could go on forever, a thrill before the climax. Even hints in romance novels makes my mind swirl.

    I wouldn’t say you’re the “odd one” because you’re talking about it, listening to others. You never know when the day may come.

  33. It really is highly erotic, and I think the ultimate intimacy. When you think about it, that white stuff is all ours, not his, because it’s meant for us. I love to bring him almost to climax so just a little bit of his “nectar” comes out, then I lick it off the tip. Wait a little while and do it again to get some more. This is actually how I started tasting it, just a little at a time, and was surprised that it really is tasty. All at once in the mouth may be too much at first. Sometimes it doesn’t work because it is easy to cross that line and it ALL spurts out. By the way, this is also a technique that is used to help premature ejaculation because it helps him learn to control ejaculation as much as possible. So, if your DH has that problem, you two can practice that technique and have fun with it.

  34. I have a question during oral sex but husband lets out a bunch of clear fluid (alot) I thought it was pee but he says its not its not cum help does anyone know what this is.

  35. Hi my DH informed me of this when we were married…
    it is commonly referred to as “Precum”
    he told me it basically is there to “clean” the passage and to be a lubricant as well. it is perfectly normal and is a good sign of strong arousal!

    So feel complimented!

  36. “The first thing that changed with me was my attitude towards sex. When I had my sexual awakening, my attitude about everything sexual changed. The way I viewed his penis changed, and the way I viewed his ejaculate changed as well”

    Cumingirl, how did you get to this point? I’d love to have a sexual awakening!!!

  37. Adding to above comment: what I mean is were there books you read?

    Prayer & communication has been key for us but I’m just curious to know if anything else helped you to get to that point.

    Thank you!

  38. Three books were instrumental in my sexual awakening. Song of Songs from the Bible, The Sexually confident wife by shannon etheridge and Sheet music by Kevin Leman

  39. I will just mention a few things that were helpful for me. First, I got off birth control pills. I didn’t know that this was going to help me, but it really did. Then I began reading books – Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman was a favorite. I also started reading this site and other Christian sex sites for women and married couples (The Marriage Bed, Intimacy in Marriage, One Flesh Marriage). I also started reading books about men, such as The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura. And I really made an effort to think about sex a lot, gear my mind toward it during the day, do things that would help me be relaxed and in the mood – not stressed out and tired – at the end of the day. I also asked my husband start doing things like “sexting” me on occasion and initiating some playful sexy things during the evening that would help get me in the mood for sex. Hope this helps.

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