The Beauty of The Song of Solomon

The book of Song of Solomon is so beautiful. I was once told that a bride and groom were given a copy of it so that they would know how to express love to one another in their sexual relationship. I can see why. It is full of passion and intoxicating love, the kind that brings delight to the Lord. Often I read through it and imagine that my husband and I are the Lover and the Beloved.

Here are some portions of the Song of Solomon that I treasure, written in my own words. Not that the beautiful poetry of the original writer is lacking in any way, but sometimes it is nice to see things in a fresh way.


Your kisses intoxicate me more than the sweetest wine.

Kiss me, oh Love, kiss me.

No need for cologne, your presence near me is enough. My senses soar.

Hurry, take me away with you. Take me to our sacred place.


Beautiful, oh how beautiful you are, my Beloved.

Your eyes shine with purity and depth of understanding.


You, oh Love, are handsome, so handsome. You sweep me away.

We share a rich and healthy marriage bed, constantly watered by our love for God and for each other.


Oh beloved, compared to all other women, you are a vibrantly colored flower among thorns.


I belong to you, and you to me; our bodies for the enjoyment of the other.


You have stolen my heart, oh Beloved, I see no flaw in you. You have stolen my heart with your beauty, with just one look from your eyes.


Wind of God, blow on our Love.

Let the fragrance of my love be poured out.

Let my Love come and enjoy his fountain.


Oh Beloved, I have come to your fountain.

In every way you have filled me with passion and sustaining love.


My Love, is outstanding among all other men, shining with the beauty of integrity and God-fashioned form.

His face shines like gold.

His eyes are filled with purity and the wealth of wisdom.

His lips are so soft on my skin and, oh, how they intoxicate me.

He holds me with strong arms, his body is brawny and beautiful.

He is my Lover, he is my Friend.


Oh Beloved, your beauty is too much for me.

The locks of your hair tumbling around your bare shoulders overwhelm me.

Even sitting next to royalty and women beyond number, you are perfect and unique. They would all praise you and call you blessed.

Daughter of the King, even your legs and your feet are beautifully sculpted as precious jewels, the work of our amazing Creator.

Your breasts are perfectly formed and please me constantly.

Your eyes are deep with wisdom and understanding.

Your head is a radiant crown, your hair captivates me.

You are beautiful and delightful, oh Beloved.

You stand regally and with grace.

Your breasts, your lips, your very breath, are filled with soft sweetness, intoxicating me daily.


Receive my wine, oh Love, let in flow into your mouth.

I belong to you and your passion for me is great.

Let us go away together, let us spend the night in a solitary place together.

We will wake early and walk together through our vineyard of love; and we will make love in the sun.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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