Position #2 Cowgirl / Woman on Top



I am going to talk about my favorite position known as “cowgirl” or “woman on top”.  You can experience orgasms in this position are like no other orgasm you have ever experienced.   If you are a very visual person use mirrors. Set them up so you can see the two of you making love  without straining my neck. (I’m thinking our next bedroom may have to have mirrored walls and ceiling.)   Most husbands loves this position because he gets to lay back and enjoy the show.  What really is exciting about this position is seeing how excited it gets your husband.  You can physically see that he is aroused plus his breathing picks up a notch or two.  Your excitement will feed off each other.

Let’s talk about getting into position.  The husband usually lays flat on his back to start.  Then straddle him so one knee is on either side of his pelvis and ease yourself down onto his penis.  (Another variation is to squat with your feet flat on the bed.)  At this point you may like your husband to stay still and not thrust so that you can figure out what movement is working for you.  Now the movement can vary.  Some women like to move in circles; up and down; or more back and forth so you can grind your clitoris on his pelvic bone.  

As you are doing your movements you can get some leverage with your arms by holding the bed frame, your husband’s shoulders or chest.  If you need some added stimulation first reach down and make sure your clitoris is exposed.  You or your husband can either stimulate your clitoris using fingers, hold a bullet vibe in place or your husband can try to sit up a bit more.  If your husband sits up, make sure he has plenty of pillows behind him so that your mind doesn’t start to wander thinking about if he’s comfortable or not.  You can even use a jelly ring like this for added stimulation.  It’s stretchy enough to accommodate any size penis. 

So you are in position, you have your movements down and now for the extras.  This position frees your husband up to do whatever he pleases with his hands.  He can fondle your breast or caress your rear.  You, in turn, can reach down and caress his testicles and perineum (the area between his testicles and anus), run your nails over his inner thighs or caress your own breast.  When he is really aroused you can get into the “squatting” position.  I save this squatting position for last for two reasons.  First, it gives a very different sensation which sends him over the edge pretty quickly.  Secondly, it is a tremendous workout for my legs.  I can only keep this up for 15 minutes before my legs start shaking but focusing on his enthusiasm and the wonderful sensations I feel keeps me going.

I hope someone can get some helpful hints out of this article.  If you did not get the answers you were looking for and are even more confused, I apologize.  Feel free to leave a question either below in the comment box or in our ‘Got Questions’ section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



  1. This is a very good article, Peppermint! WOT is on our list of favs! I like to sit back on him as I can and sort of drag his shaft between my labia and got back and forth with the stroke so he hits both the mouth of my vagina and my clitoris on either end of the thrust. That’s an ultra sensitive area for me lately. And it is fun to be in control, too!!

  2. Ladies my husband and I have done this position on rare occasions due to it being a major strain on my knees and hips. And even more rare has he achieved orgasm this way. Well last night I decided I was going to begin and finish him off this way. Ladies if you have never completely sacrificed ALL your desires to give him complete ecstasy in this way I dare you to. It was one of the most intense emotional and spiritual lovemaking sessions. I did not reach a physical orgasm but his was one of the strongest he has ever had. I really enjoyed deep in my soul the pleasure I brought him. I just had to share my excitement and contentment with you all.

  3. That sounds wonderful, and you know….now that I think about it, I don’t remember my husband ever reaching orgasm in this position. I may have to take you up on your dare!

  4. Thanks for sharing hisbeautiful!!!! I agree that it’s a great position for a husband to climax. I have heard many people refer to WOT as a pleasurable position for a woman only and that is not the case. A man can enjoy it just as much if not more so. Being on top gives me freedom to caress special spots and give a show at the same time. I’m excited you experienced such a bonding connection!!!!

    I double dare you, cumingirl. 8)

  5. Read this the other day and thought, though we use this position often I’m not sure if my husband has ever orgasmed this way either. So… Mission accepted and comleted successfully! WOW!!! This may top the list of faves, at least for now!
    Oh by the way we had a great time at the movie.DH was a little afraid of being caught, so he didn’t reach orgasm, but it was fun trying. That’s ok we raced home and made it happen! (Top of page) As always thanks for the great ideas. I bet your appriciated by more husbands than you know! 🙂

  6. hmmmm, I rarely ever orgasm this way. In fact, I have a hard time having an orgasm in any position in which I don’t feel closely held.
    Hubby loves it for his own sake, but he doesn’t like to do it all the time simply b/c I don’t have orgasms in this position often. It’s one of our staples now, since the basic missionary position is out due to Baby 🙂
    I can’t lay down on top of hubby in this position b/c he either ejaculates instantly from the pressure (and he doesn’t like not being able to control his ejaculation), or if he does manage to hold it then he kinda slips out which is frustrating.

    The bother comes from this – I’ve been having a lot of pain lately when pressure is on my pelvic region (I’m pregnant, and I think that is why) so for that reason, this position is better than the others. Not that we don’t regularly do positions that put pressure on me, but I don’t try to say much and just ignore the pressure, but I’ve been having more trouble reaching orgasm, and even getting stimulated lately, which really bothers me – we’ve not had that problem much before.

    We’ve tried standing, but we don’t line up right 🙂

    I’m okay with him finishing inside me and then finishing me later, but manual stimulation irritates my vaginal opening, even with a lubricant, and oral doesn’t usually work for me finishing – probably in part b/c I need to feel held.

    Anyways, I need some advice. One of these would help me A) I could find a way to not need to be held closely to orgasm, so the cowgirl position would please us both
    b) I could find a way to lessen the pain so I’m more comfortable with him on top
    c) I could find some position that pleases us both

    Anybody been here?
    Thanks ya’ll – it’s nice to have Christian women I can talk to about this.
    Guess I could talk to my momma, but that’s kinda awkward 🙂

  7. This position would allow you to be held and is comfortable with a baby belly.
    You might try that one out.

  8. Hisgirl,
    Congradulations on your pregnancy, and for still having sex in this condition. Alot of woman don’t.Believe me I know what your going through, after nine children, I kind of feel like an expert in the field of pregnant lovemaking. 🙂 LOL
    There are lots of good positions to try. We did a lot of rear entry or WOT. The lap dance is great because its rear entry but still allows for close contact. Other sitting positions like you on a table or counter with him standing or you could lay down on the table to keep the belly out of the way.
    Just experiment, and sort of tweak positions you already enjoy.
    Keep it up though because you’ll have a six week drought postpartum. 🙂

  9. When we do this position my husband always gets a good orgasm, he says there’s just something about my riding. So good for me then I guess! I don’t always achieve orgasm this way, but we switch out so both of us have a good time.

  10. I’ve tried this with my husband we can’t get him inside me. We have no problem in missionary, but any other position is just too tight. is this a problem for anyone else? am I doing something wrong?

  11. My husband and I tried this position serveral times but I cant seem to do it right. Seriously, Im so frustrated with myself thinking that as many times we’ve tried I can’t do it right. He is such a patient man, and I love him for being so patient..but ladies can anyone give me some advice? I’m not positioned on top of him ocrrectly or something. Because his penis slips out, and when I try to move on top of him I dont seem to do that right either. 😦

  12. You know, some positions just don’t work for some couples so don’t worry too much. Might as well try something totally new or another position you both like than get frustrated by the one that isn’t working.

    Here are some ideas though… Get him inside you by straddling him and placing your knees (bent) on either side of his waist. Then lay down on his chest rather than staying vertical. For some couples it can be more comfortable this way. Then he can do some of the trusting too. You might also try starting out with him sitting on the edge of the bed and then straddling him with your knees. Then lower yourselves down to the bed if it’s working.

  13. There is something much more exciting than the mere cowgirl position. Once you have started off, slide down until you are prone face to face, still fully engaged. It is a wonderful position for kissing and having him fondle your buns and rub your back.

    My DH gently grabs my buns gently and starts moving them up and down, very slowly at first. It is a real turn on as I feel him sliding in and out as he rocks me up and down. As we progress, he moves them faster and faster, until it is like the world’s greatest stud pistoning in and out of me. I never fail to have multiple climaxes, and he joins me on the last ones.

    If you have never tried this, you are in for a major treat!

  14. This is our favorite position. I like to lean over and support myself with my arms on the bed. Then he is free to whatever with his hands, play with my boobs and suck on them, rub my butt. Once things start getting serious he moves my hips fast and thrusts up to me. He usually can get orgasm this way. If I orgasm quickly, we tend to switch positions so that he can do all the work.

  15. Another thing to try when you are on top is fondling his nipples. My DH goes gaga when I do this to him as I am stroking and grinding on him. Sometimes he will sit up, slide his hands up my back to my shoulders and pull in even deeper. OMG!!! The orgasms are out of this world. Now something to think about when DH slides out (this happens to us too) use it as an opportunity to orally please him then get right back up there. We have found it can also prolong his pleasure by taking longer to ejaculate. Just work those nipples ladies and see if he likes it!

  16. I know you posted this quite a while ago and you might not need help in this area, but for other women who are pregnant and need some ideas here you go. I just had our first baby 5 months okay and after trying several different positions we found we needed help because none of them were very comfortable. We had used a wedge from the liborater.com website (fyi if you go to this site there are sketchy pics, just warning). We found that me sitting on the high ledge and my DH kneeling in front gave great penetration and took lots of pressure off my back, hips and belly. Baby seemed to like the motion of it too. It was very easy for him to hold me close, get a show and touch other sensitive areas.

  17. I read a lot that the most effective WOT movement is a grinding or rotating movement, rather than thrusting. My DH and I have tried this many times & I receive no stimulation from these movements. Is it possible that my vagina or his penis is position/shaped in such a way that he doesn’t line up with my clit in this position? Or could height effect this? He is 5’11” & I am 5’1″.

  18. I love this position but don’t have an orgasm either when we use it. I find it to be very pleasurable, and my husband loves it, but I don’t seem to get the stimulation needed to have an orgasm. But he stimulates me to orgasm in other ways afterward, so everyone is happy!

  19. My DH and I have tried this position a few times, but it’s just not working! He says it’s uncomfortable for him when I come down on his penis, and that it doesn’t stimulate him. It does stimulate me though, and I’m yet to orgasm though intercourse as he is able to. Either I’m not open enough or he’s not erect enough. Any suggestions? Discouraged 😦

  20. I’m just curious as to how fast to move. I tried this out the other day, but we were both disappointed. I feel as though I am not moving fast enough to satisfy both of us – this concern killed the mood. Any tips?

  21. Hannah, This is what I call an “All for him” position. When we do it I have usually already had an orgasm. It is one of H’s favorite positions though so that makes it one of mine too 🙂 He guides my speed by puttiing his hands on my hips.

    Anyway it helps to take away the worry and concern when I know it’s his treat so I guess my tip would be to make sure you already had your own O so you can focus on him. Maybe you could use a vibe when in this one too but that might give you too many things to focus on 😉 Good Luck

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