Fun on Friday Nights

Have you been dating your husband? My husband and I continued dating after we got married and although we haven’t been going out consistently every week, it is a priority for us. Friday nights are the night we try to make it happen at LEAST once a month. Sometimes we double date with another couple or two, but most of the time it’s just us.

Date nights are beneficial because they remind you why you fell in love. They are times to rest and relax. Try not to “talk shop” while on your date nights. Although you may need to talk about some of the stressful parts of your day, don’t allow that to take up your entire conversation for the evening. Protect the time you have together and be intentional about loving on each other. Make it your mission to try to learn something new about your spouse every time you have a date. If you like dressing up, do it. Sometimes I run into people I know while I’m on a date and they ask, “What are you so dressed up for?” I tell them I like to make a little extra effort on date nights. If I feel sexy, I know I present myself to my husband as sexy so that goes a long way.

We have dated through seasons of plenty and seasons of need, seasons with kids and seasons without, seasons of high amorousness and seasons of feeling like we weren’t connecting on any level and I can tell you that beyond a shadow of a doubt, dating made every season better. Sometimes it took more creativity and sometimes it took great determination, but it was worth it every time.

If you are not in the habit of dating, surprise your husband one night. Make arrangements for a wonderful evening together and invite him to make dating a priority with you from now on.

Some Ideas for Date Night

Dinner and a movie

Swimming or skating at your local recreation center

Window shopping

Sipping lattes at a coffee shop

Visit the library and sit quietly together and look through your favorite magazines

Go for a walk

Visit the beach

See a concert or theatre production

Watch or participate in a sporting event

Rent a gaming system if you don’t have one

Go to the dollar store and spend $10 on something fun for your bedroom

Serve someone in need together (I wouldn’t recommend this for every date because it is not as focused on your relationship, but it does show you your spouse in a new light)

Plan and dream for this year and the years to come

Visit a zoo or an aquarium

Tour a vineyard or have your own private wine and cheese party

Mini golf or bowling

Visit a museum

Go to a book store and browse around. Try to find a book that would benefit your love life.

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