Ben Wa Balls: A Toy Review


Okay, so Peppermintgirl’s article, The Secret To Better Sex, got me to thinking. I have recently purchased a set of those ben wa balls that she had talked about, but I’d only tried them once, a few months back. I wonder if I could wear them all day long?

So I inserted them this morning as soon as I got up. I have the small weighted kind, like the picture above. They are not on a string. They are shiny and gold looking and are heavier than they look. I believe they are made that way on purpose. You are supposed to flex your PC muscles to keep them in, and in turn, it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. The fact that they are weighted makes it a little more difficult. Amazon has a couple different kinds, but none of them have good reviews. I got mine at a different company and they were not as cheap as amazon has them.

My Morning

So I put them in as soon as I got out of bed. Then I went and made breakfast for my family. I got my kids on the school bus and jumped in the shower. Afterwards I recall thinking so far so good. Then I got dressed and came and spent some time online.

Around 11:45 I realized that I needed to go to the grocery store. The problem was that I don’t wear panties. The only ones I do own are thongs. I started wondering what in the world would I do if one of these balls fell out and rolled down the isle of the grocery store? I went and raided my drawers and found a pair of men’s boxer briefs that I usually wear when I work out. I felt better knowing that I had a “safety net.”

My Afternoon

Just before I left, I needed to go to the bathroom. Wouldn’t you know that I totally forgot about the balls (because you can’t feel them in there!) and as I started to pee, I heard two loud CLANKS as they both fell into the toilet. What a predicament. Of course this would happen to me. I had to grab my dish washing gloves and fish them out. Then I had to sterilize them and reinsert them. I realized then, that the balls had stayed in for around four hours before they fell out. Whether that is good or bad, I have no clue.

So I went to the grocery store and to get me some lunch. I came home and did some laundry and ate and got back online again. I continued my day, as I would have normally. My kids got off the bus and my husband came home from a business trip. He and I knew we would make love tonight. He had hinted at it and so had I. But I did not tell him about the ben wa balls. I decided to leave them in and just see if he happened to notice them.

My Night

During foreplay I kept expecting him to say What in the world am I feeling in there? But he did not. I grinned to myself and decided to see how far we would go before he realized something was different. We then made love as usual, and he never knew they were inside me. The only strange thing that happened was that he finished way earlier than he usually does. He said he couldn’t help it. He was shocked when, afterwards, I removed them myself in front of him. He couldn’t believe that I had those inside and he didn’t feel them.


I think I did a good job of holding the balls inside myself all day long. They only slipped out once in 12 hours. Once inserted, you can’t feel them at all inside. I had read in a couple of places that said ben wa balls can heighten your arousal during the time that you wear them. I really didn’t notice anything different than usual though. It did get tiresome a couple of times, having to keep doing kegels all day long! But I think that is the point, right? To make you exercise your muscles down there so that they become stronger.

Making love with them inside was pretty cool. I really didn’t expect them to affect my husband though. I’m wondering if they were bumping against each other in there and vibrating and maybe that is what was feeling so good to him? I think I’m definitely going to have to do some more experimenting with these, and see if last night was just a fluke. We need to try them in different positions. I don’t think my husband will mind.

So I guess I can see how the balls would strengthen your muscles. I have to admit to being glad that I’m not wearing them today. I may try to use them a couple times a week from now on, and see if I notice any difference. If I find that they don’t do much for me, then I’m not out much money. I think these would be good for women who have a hard time remembering to do their kegels, like me. So I will give the balls a rating of 2 pepper hearts on our scale below. The rating may would go up, if I used them consistently and saw that they did, indeed help strengthen my pc muscles.




  1. cumingirl,
    I am curious to know what you think about the Ben Wa Balls now, after some time. Are you still using them? After 3 kids, I could stand to strengthen my pelvic muscles but I am too lazy to do kegals regularly. Please keep us posted.

  2. I do not use them regularly. Honestly, I forget to. I believe I’ve used them two or three times total and that’s it. I guess I’m lazy too 😳

  3. I have these in a larger set that string together. They are much more pleasurable to use for me. You can insert them before a date or before intercourse to get yourself revved up. I can’t imagine wearing them all day long.

  4. Cumingirl, I laughed afresh rereading about the two clanks into the loo. Really funny.

    TMI possibility here but I have recently noticed a bit of incontinence as I jump and go nuts during my aerobics classes…I do incorporate kegels and inner body “pulling up and in” contractions during weight lifting but I was disconcerted to realize that this may not be enough to tone me up at this stage of my womanhood.

    7 births and being 46 is nothing to be ashamed of so I am choosing to treat this stage of my female body as an adventure instead of seeing myself as over the hill 😉

    Found info. on another possibility, besides the Ben Wa balls, called the Jade Egg so will do my homework once again. Love comparrison searching.

  5. Hey SP, I’m 42 and have had 6 births. I’m facing some of the same issues you mention. I’d be very interested to hear any info. you gather on the Jade Egg.

    I have Ben Wa balls, but hardly ever use them because of frequently recurring candida 😦 Some dietary changes may be improving that situation, though it’s a little early to tell for sure.

    Anyway, I hear so many stories of women needing surgery for a prolapsed uterus or bladder. I’d rather not go there if at all possible.

  6. SMP
    I’ve been looking around at these too. I believe the jade eggs are the same thing just more authentic (oriental). I also was trying to find a product called the Myself trainer, I believe CS did an article on it once but hadn’t purchased it yet. Just wondering if anyone has and from where. It looks like it may have been discontinued. I’m also doing my homework on all these to see what would be the best.:)

  7. I’m very interested in these. I really want to keep everything “tight/strong” down there.
    After a few babies I my pelvic floor muscles are really starting to sag…

    I thought I’d share a tip that seems to be working for me as far as remembering to do kegels. With the risk of TMI I’ve been trying to do 3 to 5 holding for ten seconds every time I use the bathroom. Having just used the muscles it can be easier to tell exactly what muscles to tighten. hey we visit the restroom enough times a day. After a few days of this I already feel a lot better down there. It was getting to the point where all day after sex I had a lot of discomfort… I had a feeling of “Bottoming out” or “sagging out” Sorry if this is TMI. Anyway it seems to be helping me!

  8. That’s a great tip. I think I recall hearing that you should just avoid doing that midstream when you are peeing. Can’t remember the reason… But it sounds like you are talking about doing this after peeing.

  9. I also have been planning on buying a pair of these. Does anyone have/use them? Which ones are best I’ve seen different types and sizes.
    I figure after 9 deliveries things might start to wear out and these might help.
    I’m also interested in purchasing a penis ring for DH. Again any comments on these would be appricicated. I’m not sure which kind to start with. Help!! 🙂

  10. i’ve read that doing kegels while urinating can cause urinary tract infections in this way – the contracting of the muscle can ‘catch’ the urine and force it to go back up a little, perhaps carrying bacteria up – and may lead to a UTI.
    I think that’s the gist of it, at least.

  11. Wow! Thanks for letting me know as I had never heard that before. ! I actually only do them afterward. Having just “peed” (cleaned etc) I’m in that seating position and like I said, it can be easy to feel exactly which muscles you want to exercise.
    I know a friend said she did them at stoplights or while eating… Honestly for me… Keagles are the last thing I’m thinking of at those times! lol
    Being in the bathroom my mind is actually on it. But hey whatever works right? Thanks again for the tip!

  12. Hi ladies! I just bought a pair of ben wah balls for pelvic floor muscle strengthening, I felt the need to take action (I think it’s normal for women, but I’m only 20!) but anyhow, I sometimes can’t control my pee and it’s an urgent matter to not be able to hold it!

    I read this post and I have a few answers, Jade eggs are basically the same as Ben Wah Balls, except they are made of Jade and if you are Chinese, they are said to be more “authentic” (Jade is beautiful, healing to the body and and Jade is related to the human body’s energy). I think what you choose just comes down to personal preference. But for me the use is just purely functional.

    Also, if you’re expecting to really feel something when you insert them, you don’t . It depends where you position them in your vagina as well. When you flex and feel them click together is kind of an interesting sensation, but you’re not going to have a mind blowing orgasm just by squeezing your muscles and legs together or rocking back and forth.

    Also, the easiest way to get them out is by jumping up and down.

    Hope this helps!

  13. Has anyone tried duotone balls? I have been wanting to try them for a while-I read that they were good for beginners because they are lighter than ben-wa balls. I finally got some and I felt like it took no effort on my part to hold them in, like they just stayed in on their own, like a tampon. Does this mean that I need to move on to something heavier? Or would they start to feel heavier if I wore them for longer, maybe? I confess I only wore them for like five minutes because I had to go somewhere and didn’t want to wear them out just yet.

  14. Cookie,
    I have regular ben wa balls and have the same issue. I don’t have to do anything to keep them in. I actually forgot they were in and was running errands, getting in and out of my car, etc with no problem. I don’t know if this is a good problem or not! Any advice/suggestions welcomed!

  15. I’ve not read any connection between doing Kegels while urinating and getting a UTI. I have read that Kegels while peeing can actually weaken the very muscles you’re hoping to strengthen.

    I can’t say personally if Kegels alone can trigger an orgasm, but they sure do pay off when the moment comes ;).

  16. I actually wore them for about and hour the other day just to see if it got harder to hold them as the day went on….but nope. I have been having trouble lately with sex feeling weird in certain positions, like everything is not tight down there, and it distracts me so much that I have a hard time enjoying it! So if anyone has any insight please share!

  17. Mine stay in and I don’t really feel them if u wear them and don’t do extra metals with them does it still hall to tighten u? I have actually went running did jumping jacks and they still did not come out and mine are pretty little?

  18. Hello ladies,

    I’ve just bought those ben wa balls (waiting for the delivery), but on few places I’ve read that the coloring is falling off after some time. Have someone had any experience like that?


  19. Got a ?. How about vaginal tightening spray? I found 1 that’s seems good after much searching on the web but its 40.00. I do kegal exercises and its helping. Just wanted to know if any of the ladies have used a spray or gel and would recommend it. God Bless.

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