The Secret to Better Sex


How would you like to heighten your arousal, increase natural moisture (lubrication), feel tighter during intercourse, and have stronger orgasms? What about your husband? He could have better control over his ejaculation and have a firmer erection!!!!!  All you need is to dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day and you too can see these results in about four to eight weeks.  Do you want to know how?  You can achieve all this simply by doing Kegel exercises.

Doing these exercises increase blood flow to your clitoris and vaginal wall thus giving you all the benefits stated above. Your husband will need to tense his muscles until his penis jumps. Obviously a firm erection will be easier to tell if his penis is jumping or not. These muscles force out his ejaculation and cause blood flow to his penis leading to a nice firm erection. These are the same muscles that stop urine flow for both men and women. When you are not urinating flex these muscles as though you are trying to stop the urine flow. As you are flexing these muscles you should also tighten your rectum like you are stopping gas from escaping. I know women don’t pass gas but let’s just pretend we do for this exercise. 😉 While you are flexing your anus do not clench your butt cheeks!! Flex these muscles for 5 seconds and then release. You can even do what is called elevator kegels. These are done by tightening your muscles slowly, stopping once in awhile like an elevator door opening and closing. Try picking an activity that you do often as a reminder. You can do them as you talk on the phone, during commercials or while you are checking out your favorite message board. It is recommended that you do these exercises three times a day for five minutes.

While you are flexing you can add some resistance with your fingers, your husband’s fingers, a dildo or your husband’s penis. Some women rave about Ben Wa Balls. These are inserted into the vagina and held in place by flexing these muscles. This next product has my curiosity peaked. It is called “Myself“. It isolates the muscles that need to be worked out. Apparently it also shows you your results. I am result driven and will be looking into purchasing one of these babies!!!

One of my friends has a hard time holding in her urine. If she laughs, sneezes, coughs or jumps there is no holding it back. I say “I know, you don’t have time to do kegels” in a tongue in cheek way because there is always time for kegels. Heck, just the fact that I will feel tighter to my husband was reason enough for me. OK, you got me. The fact that I can have stronger orgasms motivates me too. Wow, you people already know me so well!!



  1. I have heard that particularly strong pelvic floor muscles makes labor more difficult for first timers. As I have not yet had my first child, should I be doing these?

  2. Yes, you should be doing them now. Newer research does show that stronger a pelvic floor actually helps the childbirth process. Here’s the link:

    A strong pelvic floor will help you recover much faster from childbirth too!!

  3. I’ve heard the same thing about kegels helping childbirth, too. I’ve read it LOTS of places!

    Also they can help you have a faster recovery, AND they can help you with, ahem, bladder leakage that you may experience during and after pregnancy 😀
    Sounds like a good enough reason for me to do them, even if the pelvic floor strength didn’t make sex so much more fun for me 😀

    My midwife asks all her ‘girls’ to do kegels, but actually I was doing them before I was pregnant, having read about them in ‘intented for pleasure’

  4. I can tell you first hand kegels really do help. While I had long labors (even #9 was 12 hours) they actual delivery went quick. Only 1 or 2 pushes. My Dr. Would often comment at my 6 week postpartum check “you must be made to have babies everything is back where it should be and as firm as can be!”- Oh that’s internally, cuz the tummy and hips are a different story LOL
    Remember everyone is different. But I do think the exercises helped.
    Hope you have a great labor, but just remember no matter what you get to take home the prize. 🙂

  5. I have ben wa balls but not sure how to use them. I noticed the difference in my pelvic muscles after I had my last child and the first time I noticed it was when i tried to jump on our trampoline and noticed I just couldn’t hold it completely so I ended up not going on the tramp anymore 😦 Any ideas how to use? I am also on the mailing list for the Myself. I would like to get one of those 😉 Anyways thanks for input.

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