Advanced Oral Techniques

Many husbands view oral sex as the most intimate thing a wife could do for them.  Cumingirl has already shared some great oral sex tips in her “Tasting His Fruit” article.  I am going to share some techniques that can be used once you are fully comfortable with performing oral on your man.   Feel free to try them out.

The Hoover:  First get your husband’s penis nice and wet licking all around because it will help to have him well lubricated.  If this alone does not bring him to a full erection then try the “Hoover method”.  Put the top part of his penis in your mouth and gently suck.  As you are sucking,  begin pulling him out of your mouth at the same time.   This double pulling action increases the blood flow to his penis bringing him to a full salute.

Peppermint Stick:  Once your husband is fully erect  experiment and see what is working on that day.  (It’s true, men like variety just as much as us women do.)  Start at his base and run your tongue around his penis like the swirl on a peppermint stick. 😉 As you circle around, slowly move up to the head of his penis.  Make sure to cover your teeth with your lips as I do this.   Teeth at this point may not be a good thing.

Butterfly Flick:  This is where musical talent comes into play.  Pretend your husband’s penis is a banjo and strum it with your tongue. He may love for you to do this movement up and down his entire penis with most of your focus on his frenulum, which is the membrane right under the head of his penis.

Hummer: If you moan with just the right amount of pressure on his penis you can make it vibrate.

Love Nips:  Some men are greatly turned on by a very light grazing of their wife’s teeth.  Gently (very, very, very gently) scrape your teeth as you are going up and down on his penis.  You don’t want him start hearing ‘Jaws Music’ playing in his head.

Deep Throat:  Start with one of the other techniques and then try incorporating this into the show.  One of your hands should be grabbing the base of his penis.  Slowly bring him in deeper by removing one finger at a time.  So if you are using all four fingers to hold him remove one and go down a little further.  Let your mouth get adjusted to the deeper penetration and then remove another finger until either you run out of fingers or it just is not comfortable to go any further.  You may find that you are able to take more of him in if you stick your tongue out as you are bringing him in.  Then you can caress the head of his penis with the back of your throat.  If you want to add some flavor, grab a lube like “Good Head”.  This also helps numb the back of your throat.

Another technique you can try while giving your man oral is to push on his perineal.  (For a detailed description, click on the red letters.)  This can really intensify his orgasm.  Just make sure your nails don’t jab into him.  If you do have long nails a knuckle works just as well.

Sometimes the things that happen accidentally are what drive him to ecstasy.  Don’t be afraid to experiment just make sure you report back here so we can all learn how to pleasure our husbands better.  Bon appetite!!


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