Making Water Wonderful!!!

Whether you are slipping into a hot tub on a cold winter night or cooling off in a pool on a warm summer day, the feeling of that water on your skin as you glide through the water is wonderful.

My husband and I have enjoyed skinny dipping together on occasion, usually in a hot tub because we don’t have access to a private pool. We would both love to have the chance to do it in cool waters though so we are keeping our eyes open for the right opportunity.

Things to think about

Getting Caught ~ While the thrill of the possibility of getting caught is likely part of the draw (it is for me), you don’t want to actually be exposing your nude body to others. So find a place to skinny dip that is private enough to have the risk of people seeing you minimal. When I skinny dip in a hot tub, I like to have my bathing suit within arms reach in case we are interrupted.

Lubricant ~ If you find that the water washes away the natural lubrication you are used to, you will find that a waterproof silicone based lubricant will help you to be able achieve slicker penetration. There is a huge selection available online and I am sure any one of them would help.

Where to do it? ~ In a pool. In a hot tub. In a lake. In the ocean. Anywhere you can ensure privacy and passion. 🙂

Is it a sin? ~ Not unless you are skinny dipping with someone other than your husband. Jump in and enjoy.

Skinny dipping is a fun and exciting way to spice things up so next time you have an opportunity to slip into the water with your sweetheart, take a chance and enjoy yourselves. You’ll probably be building a memory to last you a lifetime.


  1. My husband and I really enjoyed hot tub sex. I highly recommend using a silicone based lube in the water. Others don’t work in water at all.

  2. My husband and I would Love to try this…. but he was told by a friend of his that when he and his significant other had tried it, that it hurt her. He doesn’t want to put me in a situation that would hurt me and thus we have not tried it.
    Have any of you ladies head of or experienced such or are we miss-informed? If it has hurt or caused an infection what did/do you do to prevent it? Thanks!

  3. It’s possible that someone could get an infection I suppose, but my husband and I have done it many times and I have never got an infection. Maybe if you did it in a lake or something with dirty water… And I could see it hurting if the lack of lube caused things not to run smoothly, but again, that hasn’t applied to me.

    I think one of my co-writers here said something about not preferring water sex. If so, she can chime in.

  4. Any body of water that is not chlorinated can contain certain bacteria or amebas that could put you at a higher risk for a urinary track infection. Pools or Jacuzzis that are chlorinated properly can throw the natural ph balance off in the vagina resulting in a yeast infection. If you do want to have sex in water, as Cinnamon Sticks and Spicy Nutmeg stated, use water based lube to avoid tearing because natural lube is usually washed away. You are probably more likely to get a UTI or yeast infection from water sex if you are prone to getting them on dry land. HTH

  5. My husband and I have a pool and like to make love in our pool, adventurous excitement.

  6. o.k. I had to laugh when I realised the post was not what I expected. Today I read how a glass of water before sext can really spice up the lovemaking, being in that mentality I thought the post was going to be about drinking water lol.

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