Morning Wood





When my husband snuggles up to me first thing in the morning I love feeling his erect penis against me.  If he’s lying on his back I admire the tent he has inadvertently pitched.  It is a beautiful site looking so perfectly peaked.  Not only can he not keep his hands off me throughout the day but obviously I am in his dreams as well.  Wow, talk about an ego boost.  Let’s discuss the ‘morning glory’.

There is no better way to start the day then having a romp in bed before the days pressures set in.  We have mornings that my husband’s penis seems to have a mind of its own.  It will be erect before he even wakes up.  Thinking that I am going to make the most of these rock hard erections I will start heading south so that he can wake up to my special kisses.  I pop an Altoid in my mouth and mentally run through the list I shared in Advanced Oral Techniques.  Hmmm, which technique should I use to wake him today?  This will usually last right up to the point if him really waking up.  Once he awakes he will usually mumble the following “I need to pee.”   As he heads to the bathroom I’m left there thinking “Pee? But we are just getting started.”  He usually takes extra long in the bathroom because he needs to let his erection subside and I encourage him to take his time so that I don’t need to clean urine off the walls.  When he comes back to bed more often then not he is not aroused and we will work to get things going again.  Sometimes we can and it is a wonderful way to start the day and other times we need to take a rain check.

The truth is those morning erections have nothing to do with arousal.  A healthy man will get an erection while he is in REM sleep.  The average man has about four a night.  Certain neuroreflexes are stimulated, increased blood flows to the penis and voila an erection occurs.  

There goes my ego boost.  It’s not my image causing that rush of blood to his penis; it’s his neuroreflexes that are causing it.  I know.  I found it hard to believe as well.  That’s OK.  I can live with it.  Heck, sometimes we can even enjoy the side effect and start the day of the way God intended.   Now I am wondering though, what happens when he’s traveling for work and falls asleep on an airplane?


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