Intimate Jewelry

There are several options out there regarding erotic jewelry. Some people have piercings in certain places, but that is too permanent an option for me. I’m also afraid of nerve damage. So I’ve looked into some other options and came across some interesting things.

We own a couple of penis rings. My husband mainly wears them for me. They have vibes and nubs on them for my pleasure. But I’ve recently looked into other penis rings. They make some pretty ones. I’ve also found that you can get sterling silver or gold ones to wear like jewelry! They actually serve two different purposes. Besides looking nice, they can also be used to help control the blood flow to the penis. This helps with maintaining erections. I found a site that is pretty clean (no nudity or live models). You can see what an adjustable sterling silver penis ring looks like by clicking here. This site also explains how to get an accurate measurement so that you will order the correct size.

I’ve also found some erotic jewelry for women. There are some beautiful nipple rings out there. It is hard to find a clean site though. Ebay offers the best assortment and no nude people modeling the jewelry. Here is one woman who makes them and sells them. Most of them are adjustable, and from what I’ve read, you need to get your nipples hard before you can wear them. Then they clamp on. I just think it would be something different to try one night after a shower. I wonder if it would add more stimulation when your husband is sucking on them.

They also have some amazing clitoris clips. I really want to get a matching set of nipple/clit clips. The clit clips work best when you are already aroused as well. They slide down over your clitoris. I’ve even found some labia clips that clip to the left and right side of your labia. They have a “bridge” in between that stimulates your clitoris. I found that pretty interesting, although I’m not sure how that would work during sex?

And then I found some pasties! These things are beautiful!! I really do see myself putting an order in soon for some of these. This same site also has some other erotic jewelry like clit clips/nipple jewelry/belly chains/navel rings. But beware that they do use live women models in these last two links.

So far I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’ve wanted to for months now. Maybe some day I’ll take the plunge and order something for us to play around with. I don’t think I’ll tell my husband though. I think I’ll surprise him.


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