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There are several options out there regarding erotic jewelry. Some people have piercings in certain places, but that is too permanent an option for me. I’m also afraid of nerve damage. So I’ve looked into some other options and came across some interesting things.

We own a couple of penis rings. My husband mainly wears them for me. They have vibes and nubs on them for my pleasure. But I’ve recently looked into other penis rings. They make some pretty ones. I’ve also found that you can get sterling silver or gold ones to wear like jewelry! They actually serve two different purposes. Besides looking nice, they can also be used to help control the blood flow to the penis. This helps with maintaining erections. I found a site that is pretty clean (no nudity or live models). You can see what an adjustable sterling silver penis ring looks like by clicking here. This site also explains how to get an accurate measurement so that you will order the correct size.

I’ve also found some erotic jewelry for women. There are some beautiful nipple rings out there. It is hard to find a clean site though. Ebay offers the best assortment and no nude people modeling the jewelry. Here is one woman who makes them and sells them. Most of them are adjustable, and from what I’ve read, you need to get your nipples hard before you can wear them. Then they clamp on. I just think it would be something different to try one night after a shower. I wonder if it would add more stimulation when your husband is sucking on them.

They also have some amazing clitoris clips. I really want to get a matching set of nipple/clit clips. The clit clips work best when you are already aroused as well. They slide down over your clitoris. I’ve even found some labia clips that clip to the left and right side of your labia. They have a “bridge” in between that stimulates your clitoris. I found that pretty interesting, although I’m not sure how that would work during sex?

And then I found some pasties! These things are beautiful!! I really do see myself putting an order in soon for some of these. This same site also has some other erotic jewelry like clit clips/nipple jewelry/belly chains/navel rings. But beware that they do use live women models in these last two links.

So far I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’ve wanted to for months now. Maybe some day I’ll take the plunge and order something for us to play around with. I don’t think I’ll tell my husband though. I think I’ll surprise him.



  1. This is something that we haven’t ventured into either. What a subtle way to add some spice!!!

  2. A simple thing that most of us have in our closets already are necklaces. I love to wear them with just a sexy bra and panty set (or just a sexy thong). The longer the necklace the better at times. Ones that jingle or make noise when you move are great too. My husband loves it. I have gotten to where I buy my necklaces with a piece of lingerie in mind.

  3. That’s a great idea!

  4. I also love to wear long chains/necklaces, but with nothing else on! My husband thinks it’s sexy when I swing the chain around and dance for him. It’s also fun to gently loop the chain around the breasts as part playtime in the bedroom!

  5. Those necklaces can be a fun toy, too. Try using one of those cheapy plastic necklaces with round beads wrapped loosely around hubby’s erection. Then hold the erection and beads in your hand and give him a hand job – or oral sex. It seemed to really intensify things for DH on the part of the erection I can’t get around orally.

  6. Lol…my belly is flabby and covered in stretch marks from having our babies…but my husband thinks it’s sexy. 😉

  7. Once I found out what a sexually oriented female I am, I got a belly stud. What a gorgeous tummy addition for me and my husband LOVES it.
    I too have had multiple babies so have had a battle getting rid of my belly fat. My babies are worth it all.
    Don’t let your mommy belly stop you from being an even sexier woman with decorations for your abs area. I love putting temporary tatoos on my abs area, too. They look sexy and attract my husband’s eyes to whatever spot I accentuate 🙂

  8. thanks for saying that! Those of us who’ve had babies need to still believe we’re still sexy.

  9. actually there are many options for “pasties” sometimes they are called nipple shields.

    i got into them because i almost never wear a bra unless i have to and illinois can be cold 🙂 also before the euro got so expensive i used to buy a lot of agent provocateur lingerie and they use them a lot. the point is, they are a lot of fun.

    another thing which is great is henna tattoos … they are not permanent, but they do last a few weeks, so do not go crazy. however i have gotten full body henna tattoos a few times and it drove my hubby wild

    i would loooooove to get a piercing “down there” but there is just no chance i would be brave enough

    i should mention that when you get a full body henna tattoo you have to get it standing up the entire time … otherwise it will look misshapen when you move around.

    so do not get something that will take four hours to put on. they have stencils so mine took about an hour … i got flowers once and sort of an indian design once …

    however, if you wanted a tattoo drawn free hand by a real artist it could take hours and hours, not a good idea, so stick with the basics

  10. Your henna remarks are so funny! I was overseas a few years ago. Pregnant. Big. Wanted something fun. I got a tiny scrolling (cute!) henna tattoo on my ankle. All to find out that my husband hates any sort of tattoo–even the kind that is not permanent, even when culturally appropriate and completely a modest thing (not full-body, not in a “private” location) Oh well. It did, EVENTUALLY wash/wear away.

    All to say–know what he likes, or be prepared to not take personally any dislike he might have for something you surprise him with! 🙂

  11. amen to that 🙂 I’m pregnant with my 3rd and starting to feel that unsexy stage although I have lost some weight this pregnancy due to trying to excercise more and having a better diet but yeah the belly bulge is what I have a hard time with.

  12. 2 questions:
    first, I checked out some of the nipple jewelry & I love the idea. But my nipples don’t stay hard very long. Any suggestions? I got clip on rings once, but they just kept falling off…so I never showed my DH.

    About the clit clip, it looks a little painful? Anybody tried it?

    Love the website. I am working on becoming more playful in the bedroom. You girls are giving me courage:)

  13. I don’t remember the name of it, but there is a product that you can put on your nipples to make them stay erect a little bit longer. Also, I’ve found that if you clamp down the nipple jewlery enough, they stay on. It can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth a shot.

    About the clit clip…I’ve never been able to make mine work. The one time I got it on, it was very uncomfortable. Taking it back off to relieve my discomfort was REALLY painful! I don’t know…maybe it’s for certain sizes of labia?

  14. i was just going to post the henna idea too. it’s so fun! and it’s fun on a lazy day at home to henna eachother. 🙂

  15. I was out with my bff’s tonight and we all did temporary tats together and texted pics of ourselves to our husbands! FUN FUN FUN! 🙂

  16. I’m just now finding this topic and the first 3 links aren’t working for me. 😦

    But, I can tell you that one of the Christian stores you recommend elsewhere (three passions, maybe?) Now has rhinestone pasties for the nipples and pubic area. Very pretty, too. 🙂

    Christmas is coming and hubby mentioned something about putting bows on my nipples, LOL. So I might surprise him with some sparklies if I can find them locally. I’ll try Frederick’s and VS.

  17. just to say that i have a few piercings, one being a vertical clit hood. both DH and i love it, not necessarily for the extra sensation, but more for the way it looks. it is not a painful piercing, unlike nipples (which really hurt and mine didn’t heal so removed them). i wore my ring for a long time, and now can wear the ring when i want to, or not, as the hole stays open (rather like an ear piercing). if you do ever decide to go for it, make sure you go to a reputable person who will do the job properly.
    i really enjoy this site, so refreshing to find people who discuss sex within a marriage so openly and love some of the ideas!

  18. My DH has been wanting me to get my belly button pierced, but how do you know you are going to a reputable person?

  19. I would imagine by researching online and asking around. Find people who have had it done and ask them where they got it done and would they go there again. Word of mouth says a lot.

  20. I have a question about cock rings. My hubby would like me to look into the idea of using one, for the reasons cumingirl explained. My question is, how long does it stay on? I read in a book hubby has that advises them not to stay on for longer than 20 minutes, but I’d like to hear from someone who’s actually put them to use. Thanks!

  21. we have used them on occasion, you don’t want to wear them for more then they suggest, as is does start to get uncomfortable after a long time. hair should be shaved off clean as well in the area its worn (ouch),,,lol,,but they do give a desired affect.

  22. So when would we actually employ them and how long exactly is the recommended time frame for use?

  23. We have used a rubbery ring with a vibrating nub on it a few times and it is nice. It’s fun for the different sensation. It seems like when we’ve used it we pulled it out in the middle of a session just for kicks and both of us climax shortly after. I never worried about the amount of time it was on him, but my husband is quick to get it off when we’re done.

  24. it all depends on the reasons he wants to try one, if it is just for the fun and play time before ML, you could “employ” it as soon as he is erect. 20 ish minutes later he may feel some discomfort or maybe not, he will know, it also depends on how tight it fits, some are larger then others,,, the effect of a cock ring usually causes a firmer/harder errection and the climax can be more intense as well. sounds like some experimenting fun 🙂

  25. He wants more staying power, if you will. 🙂

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