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So much lingerie… so little time! So, what should I get?

One of the easiest ways all of us can spice up our bedroom attire is by purchasing bras & panties. And if you’re anything like me and sometimes deal with buyer’s remorse, you can make yourself feel better by saying, “They’re not only cute and sexy, but practical too.” There are so many styles of bras & undies to choose from, that you should be able to find something to suit your taste… or that of your man! Let’s take a look at some options.

Panties: I would say that the most utilitarian of all styles of underwear would have to be the thong. Why do I say that? Because not only are they sexy, but you don’t have to worry about V.P.L. (visible panty line) underneath clothing. Bikinis, briefs, G-Strings, crotchless, boy shorts and cheeky panties are some other viable alternatives. (Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of cotton bikinis with a ribbed tank top. Sometimes simplicity has the biggest impact!)

Bras: One tip about buying bras is to definitely have a bra fitting from the store in which you would like to make your purchase. There are few things less irritating than wearing an ill fitting bra… and annoying usually doesn’t translate to sexy. Stores from Victoria’s Secret to JC Penney to Lane Bryant offer this free service, so take them up on it and get your “girls” in the right cup! Cleavage enhancing, push-up, open tip, corsets and shelf bras might all be something new that you may want to try.

The possibilities are endless for under garment combinations. You can by sets or mix & match. Pick from satin, cotton, leather, lace, rhinestone embellished… or even edible! Not all bras and panties need to have dual purposes. It’s okay to treat yourself to something ultra seductive with only one thing in mind. By having these versatile pieces, it is by far the easiest way to transition from an evening out to an evening in. There’s no time wasted.  Just peel off your outer clothing and let the games begin!


  1. So true. My husband is always standing around when I am getting undressed because he knows there is some prize hidden under my outer garments for him. Sometimes i wear one of those skimpy thongs and he goes wild lol. I have quite a few lingerie but never get enough time to wear them all i, just stick with the sexy bra and thongs and that works all the time.

  2. I love lingerie, and what a coincidence so does DH 🙂 I was just out today shopping for something new. My DH and I are going to a Chris Tomlin (CCM) concert the end of the month, and since it’s in Chicago, about 1 hour away, we decided to stay over night for some alone time.I even bought a new CD an old R+B one (some good lovin music). Anyway, my question is what about DH? Do I buy him something new or just the same old boxers? What do your men like?

  3. Oh sure! Buy him something new too! I bought my husband some black sheer (see through) boxers a couple of years back, and let me tell you that I LOVE those things! They also make all kinds of silky undies, silky robes, and even thongs for men!

  4. I think I am gonna buy a corset once the baby comes and I can fit into one 🙂

  5. I love it when my wife wears special bras and panties. We are both supper busy and she rarely has time to pull out the other stuff, but on those days she wears special under garments it is always fun.

    Great article and advice

  6. Finally decided to go ahead and look for a corset. And found a cheap one so I had to snap it up now!
    But how will I wait away the remaining prenatal months until I can wear it!? haha, so I had to buy a baby doll in a color that I don’t have yet (and hubby LOVES this color on me) – flowing babydolls can be maternity and I’m getting so big now that most of my other stuff won’t even go on over the belly 😀

    Just FYI – Passions Lingerie has some GREAT things on their ‘discontinued items’ page – I got the corset set for about $16. And if you’ve shopped around, you know that’s a pretty good deal.
    If you want something new but can’t afford a $50 item right now (or at least can’t justify it), I recommend checking out the ‘discontinued’ page of three passions lingerie (on the sidebar of this website)
    Had to share – go check it out!
    Can’t wait to surprise hubby with the new ‘maternity’ thing soon 😀

  7. You Go Hisgirl! I loved being pregnant (thus the nine babies) and really loved pregnancy sex!

  8. It is my understanding that some women don’t wear lingerie even when their husbands ask. The wives say they won’t look like the women in the ads/magazines. We know that. We are in love with our wives, and just want them to slip into some hot lingerie once in a while. So don’t be worried that your man will compare to someone in the Macy’s ad, just find something you like and he’ll be thrilled.

  9. I am so nervous… my husband was unemployed from October until early this year, and of course it caused him to be under a lot of stress. So, he and I have planned our date night on an afternoon he is home from early from work. I want to plan something nice at home, but I dont know why Im so nervous. Can someone give me advice please? I baught a very cute negligie (sp?) for our date, and I dont know what is wrong with me. It has been a few months since he and I have had sex. May be thats why I am so nervous.

  10. i love cute underwear! so does my husband. he’s deployed in iraq right now so every now and then i’ll put a pair of undies or a bra or something in a care package for him and spray it with my perfume. he loves it.

  11. I occasionally get a catalog in the mail for Woman Within. Got a lot of great stuff. Coats, shirts, lingerie, those kinds of things. One time my hubby asked what came in the mail that day, and I said it was just a catalog. He actually asked to see it and together we sat on the couch and went through it.

    Currently I have 2 short satin-like nightgowns. One solid black, the other kind of a wine shade with black lace trim (I think he likes that one better 😉 ).

    Unfortunately I don’t have anything lace, but I do have different colors. Even though he’s seen them more than once, he still tells me it’s a nice color. That means a heckuva lot to me :).

  12. Amen to that. I’m overweight, and occasionally get depressed that I’m not slim. I’ve shared that with my hubby, and he’s always ready to assure me that he loves me for who I am, not how I look like. Plus, he loves my curves :). When I’m assured of how much he loves me, it makes me feel (in spite of the weight and all) like I’m Raquel Welch back in the day. *wolfish whistle*

  13. Several years ago, I was out shopping and ran across a sales rack full of odd styles of thongs. Everything on the rack was $1. I was casually flipping through it and found a red pleather one with heart cutouts across the top. I immediatley thought of Feb. Next, I found a black pair with prism looking dots and it made me think of New Year’s. Suddenly I began to imagine a wardrobe of thongs for every month. This sent me on a search mission over the next several weeks. I compiled an idea list in my head and made sure I bought clearance and such. By the end of the 2nd or 3rd week (I don’t remember exactly how long) I had an outfit for every month. On that next Sat. night I informed my DH that I had a surprise for him. I came out of the bathroom wearing Jan. (black dot thong and stars cut out of prism scrapbook paper toothpasted to my nipples) and his eyes bugged out! I told him I had eleven more if he wanted to see. And of course he said yes. I then went through my fashion show. By the time I got around to Nov., he was at the end of the bed reaching for me, I had to push his hands away to get Dec. in there. After that, sometimes, not everytime he was in the mood which made me feel good, knowing he didn’t always want that, he would simply request a month. It was very exciting to have a “code” between the two of us and helped to get me in the mood along with him at the thought of how he would react when I emerged wearing his particular request.

    Here are the ones I put together as a suggestion for anyone wanting to do something similiar:
    Jan – Black prism dot thongs with the homemade star pasties. anything sparkly, reminding of fireworks
    Feb. – Red pleather heart cutout thongs with red bra, don’t just limit to red or hearts, pink or frilly works
    March – I found an unusual green colored teddy with frilly trim, I bought a green plastic bowler hat at a party place to go with it
    April – blue panties with a cami that matched and had a rubber duckie on it (April Showers, yes I did have to explain a few which added to the laughs and joy of the moment)
    May – flowered panties and matching bra
    June – A very skimpy bathing suit (who says it has to be lingerie or pjs?)
    July- found navy thongs with white stars and recycled the red bra
    Aug – found a cami that was 1 size to small (made my boobs spill out) it had a sorority looking logo. I paired it with solid thongs to match. Having the same in his favorite college team would give the same idea of “back-to-school” for Aug
    Sept – our anniversary month so I did white
    Oct – I got a sexy halloween costume and wore it
    Nov – I took a tan tshirt and cut one sleeve off, the other side completely off the should and made 1/2 inch cuts across the bottom, deep enough to slide a pony bead onto and tie a knot. (Indian)
    Dec – red velvet bra and panties with white maribu trim – santas helper, Solid color panties in red or green with christmas bows over your nipples would be good too

    I hope this is helpful to someone wanting to spice things up. I liked the idea of it not being a over- the- counter kind of lingerie. He commented later at how he liked that I had had to use my imagination to create them. I am going to revisit this, seeing how it has been several years and two kids later, they no longer fit. I think I might add some shoes to the outfits as an added change.He hinted one time at taking pictures of me in them as a personal calendar for him and I couldn’t do it. After reading some of the posts about photography I might just get the nerve up!

  14. I love this!! I really like the calender idea, too! I think I’ll borrow your idea, thanks!

  15. I love lingerie! And so does my DH. Every time I have a charming negligee, He goes crasy! And it makes me feel sexy, especially in the area of my breasts eventhough I have more curves around my butts than when I was younger. So, once in a while I surprise him wtih a new outfit when he comes in the bedroom and it does not take long to get him going…

  16. Read in a recent issue of a women’s magazine that most men prefer the following:

    matching sets

    Guess that’w what I’ll be buying next 🙂

  17. Sounds great, and I hope you both enjoy it. ^_^

    Don’t be afraid to ask for his input and get his specific tastes. I’m sure, if you’d like to surprise him, you can ask him surreptitiously for details. For example, what is HIS favorite color?

    For my husband, I wanted (needed, is more like, since I wanted so much to please him) to buy a piece of lingerie that would entirely accommodate HIS tastes. So, I already knew his favorite color was pink, especially a soft petal pink. Then, I asked him if he would like to see me wearing lace (yes), and whether he would like a one piece, as a dress, or a two piece, with the added pleasure of having additional pieces to remove from me. He wanted the two-piece. All three completely lined up with what I thought would be the ideal first time experience (what little, vague ideas I had in my head at the time, lol), and it worked perfectly. He still loves it when I wear it, and even though I’m not wild about wearing a thong, I always do it anyway. ^_^

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