Position #5: Reverse Cowgirl


An alternative to the woman on top position where the wife is facing her husband is reverse cowgirl. To get into position the husband will either lay flat on the bed or sit up and lean against the headboard or wall depending on the angle of his erection. The wife will straddle him on her knees and face away from him, towards his feet. The example below shows it with the woman’s legs stretch her legs out in front of her. You can see which way works for you, on your knees or more like the photograph below.

You can also see a slightly more realistic drawing of the position here if you elect to try it on your knees.

There are several different ways to move on him and you can try it out for yourself to see which one works with your angles. One option is for the wife to lean forward a bit which will allow her to see the action if that is pleasant for her, and then she can slide up and down on his penis from that angle. The other way requires a lot of strength in the woman’s thighs and it is to sit more up right and repeatedly bring your thighs closer together and then release them as you move. Doing it this way moves you more in a back and forwards motion rather than up and down which may pull uncomfortably on his erection, but it is hard on the thigh muscles to move this way so you may find that you can’t maintain this movement for a long time.

Try all kinds of movements and see which ones feel best for you. Rocking up and down may feel better for some, while rotating your hips a bit may be better for others. You can also incorporate a version of reverse cowgirl for sex on a chair or couch.



~It is easy to incorporate vibrators for clitoral stimulation or for the husband to reach around and offer the wife manual stimulation.

~If your husband likes his perineum or anus to be stimulated during sex, this position allows for the wife to access it very easily.

~A lot of men like the visual of their wife’s back and rear end in this position. With her doing much of the work, he can sit back and enjoy the ride.


~It can be physically draining for the wife.

~It can take a little while to figure out which version of reverse cowgirl works for you and your spouse.

~Since you aren’t facing each other, kissing on the lips has to come before and after intercourse.


Overall, I really enjoy this position and find it to be very erotic, but only use it every couple of months or so. Give it a try.

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