Masturbating For Your Husband: How To Start

Has your husband ever asked you to touch yourself in front of him? Maybe he has, but you just weren’t comfortable with it. Maybe he’s hinted at it, but you don’t think you could. I’m hoping that by the end of this article, you’ll be reconsidering this.

Most men are visual. That’s why we talk about doing things to stimulate them visually, such as wearing lingerie, or stripping for them. Our husbands like it when we show them our bodies, and it’s even more erotic to them when they see us actually touching ourselves.

“But that is embarrassing and mortifying! I couldn’t possibly touch myself like that in front of my husband! What would he think of me?” Well, it could possibly be the most erotic thing he’s ever seen. It could stop him in his tracks and make him unable to take his eyes off you. It may light a fire in him. Why do you assume that he would think negatively of you doing this for him?

You do not need to start out doing everything all at once. The next time you are engaged in foreplay with your husband, move your own hand down your body a little. As he is kissing you, massage your own breasts. If he backs his head away to see what you are doing, offer him your breasts. You can hold them while he licks and sucks. Then let your hands travel lower, to your inner thighs. You don’t have to start out with anything hot and heavy. If you want, you can just trace around your labia. Don’t be surprised if your husband notices and starts to stare.

If you are self conscious about this, then ask him to help you. He can place his hand down there with yours, and start touching and rubbing you. You can actually let him guide you. Close your eyes and stop worrying about what you must look like. Instead, go with how it feels. Let the moment move you. Moan or breathe deeply if you feel the need. If you know that this is going to be well out of your comfort zone, then tell him beforehand that you will need some verbal affirmation. Ask him to tell you when he likes it, when it looks hot, when it’s driving him crazy. Tell him to whisper things in your ear that will rev you up and keep you going so that you don’t suddenly withdraw into a shell. When your husband is lying right there with you, and even helping you, it really does make it easier.

It may work better for you to try touching yourself while he is giving you oral sex. The next time he is down there with his face, try moving your hands and fingers all along your body. Caress your own breasts and squeeze your nipples if that’s what you like. Let him see that you are enjoying both his attentions and your own. Let your fingers wander lower, and start circling your own clitoris. He could continue to finger you internally while you are rubbing yourself. What an erotic sight you’ll be giving him.

It helps when you become an active participant in love making. If you haven’t ever been brave enough to try touching yourself for your husband, then I encourage you to think about it again. What a truly wonderful thing to do. Who else in the entire world is going to get this gift from you? No one, for this is surely one of the most intimate and private things we can do. Can you imagine how special he must feel to be the one that gets to see this?

If you have done the basics, and you are thinking about more advanced ideas, then stay tuned for my next article:  Turning Up the Heat. I’ll describe some specific things you can do for that husband of yours that are a bit more daring.

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