Sex Object


Picture this, if you will.  You are in the middle of a crowded gym.  Suddenly you see a man and a woman make eye contact.  They look away from each other with small smirks that make you wonder what their secret is.  A few minutes later one of them finishes their set, walks by the other and as they do they proceed to give a small smack on the others derrière.   As the smacker walks away he/she turns to see the others response without breaking stride.  That was a true story and it happened between me and my husband.  If you are thinking that he was the one to give me that love tap, you’re wrong. 

I have found that there is a time and place to do this sort of activity.  When my husband is trying to discuss serious issues that demand my full attention then groping him or treating him like “eye candy” at that time would not be good but any other time is fair game.  We have a very playful relationship.  If you are uncomfortable with public displays of affection then this can be done in the privacy of your own home.  I am sure your husband would love to be noticed and appreciated for his looks by the woman of his dreams.  Especially if he has been working at it by working out or eating right.  It struck me how much time males of all ages (and I am not counting toilet time) spend in the bathroom and yet they rarely get complimented on their looks.  Everyone loves a compliment.  You can even slip a note in his computer bag or pants pocket on his way out the door.  “Erotic Letters” may give you some ideas if you are stuck on what to say.

My husband is a very private person.  He did blush the other day at the gym while he flashed me a smile.  I gave him a kiss good bye and went on my way.  Then I started thinking,”Have I pushed the envelope too far?”  Later that night I asked how he liked my love tap and he said “I loved it!!!” much to my relief.    Make your man feel good.  It doesn’t have to be a butt slap it could be as simple as saying that the shirt he is wearing really brings his sexy eyes out.  He will love you for it!!!


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