Masturbating For Your Husband: Turning Up the Heat

Okay, so you have the basics down and you are ready to do a bit more in front of your darling husband. I have some tips and suggestions that will help you to knock his socks off!

First of all get creative and take advantage of transition times during sex. If your husband stops to reach for the condom, or bottle of lube, then use that time to touch yourself. As he is putting on the condom or lube, give him something to look at. Spread your legs and rub or finger yourself in front of him. If you are in a well-lit room, then use your fingers to spread your labia open so that he can see his destination.

Another transition is position changes. Switching to doggy or rear entry position is a great one to use to your benefit. When you are getting on all four, reach between your legs and let him see you touching yourself again. Tell him how wet you are and how you can’t wait for him to enter you. It’s just a few seconds, but you will be stimulating him visually with all the extra effort you are making.

Another thing to try is simply giving him a show. After he’s come home from a long day at work, ask him if he would be up for some home entertainment? Tell him that you have been thinking of him all day long and you want to show him how hot you’ve become because of it. Let him sit in a chair or on the bed in front of you, and start undressing. Make sure you have enough light so he can see! Then touch yourself using fingers or even a toy. Expose yourself to him so that he can see clearly what you are doing. If you normally just masturbate by rubbing your clitoris, then I suggest that you do insert a finger or two anyway. He will be drawn to watching your fingers (or toy) disappear inside of your vagina, and it will probably have some noticeable physical affects on him. If you are able to take yourself all the way to orgasm, then do so! Let him watch you. It may be that your husband is so turned on that he joins you before you get to that point though!

You could also use the shower to help you give a good show. I recommend getting a clear, see through shower curtain. Then have him sit and watch you shower one day. Soap up your breasts really good, and the rest of your body too. Use your hands and fingers in blatantly sexual ways, to entice him more. Drop the soap, so that you need to turn around and bend over seductively to pick it up. Then you could use the shower head to bring yourself to orgasm, or you could simply hike up your leg and let him watch you masturbate with your fingers. A waterproof vibrator would also be wonderful for this type of play. The question is, would your husband be able to sit there watching, or would he eventually have to join you?

If you are comfortable with the whole idea of touching yourself, then that can also lead to some fun sexual games.    You could play sexual poker, where the winner of each hand gets to tell the loser what to do for 60 seconds.  Some board games even work well with new “sexual rules” added to them!

I know that some of my ideas may be out of your comfort zone right now, and that’s okay! I simply want to encourage you to pray about it and see if you can decide on a way to bless your husband this upcoming week with something special.

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