Oh, The Embarrassment

Although I am getting better at laughing at myself and the longer I am married, the more comfortable I am with the bizarre things that can happen with my husband in bed, the thing I experience that still causes me embarrassment is the quif.

A quif is the noise your vagina makes that sounds like you are passing gas. I hate it. It really spoils the mood for me. My husband tells me every time that it’s no big deal, but it bugs me none-the-less. The cause for a quif is that air is being pushed into the vagina. Although sex is a common culprit for causing it, it can also happen with other daily activities from yoga and pilates to simply shifting your weight.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to experience a quif during sex and not have it bother me. I can’t imagine ever being comfortable with it. If you’ve got tips for me, I gladly welcome them, but it ruins the mood for me to be getting into it and then have that happen. And it would appear that the more aroused I am, the more it happens. In addition to this, some of my favorite positions for when I want hotter sex affect it more readily than others, such as doggy and reverse cowgirl.

I remember the first time it ever happened to me. I was an adolescent and it happened in the morning when my mom was waking me up. I didn’t understand what was happening and she didn’t explain it. That was very awkward and left me wondering what strange thing was happening to my body. I have come to understand how normal it is, but I still wish it didn’t happen.

I find that when I start to experience quiffing during sex, my options are to forget about it and continue on with the position because it is feeling great, or to change to a position that influences it less. I hope that in fifty years it can happen and neither I nor my husband takes much note of it at that point anymore.


  1. Cinnamon Sticks- This used to bother me to, guess it happend to much i got used to it. One thing that helped me, and I hope it helps you, is when that happeds during sexs I would say to my hubs somthing like ” oh baby youv turn my [edit] on” or something along those lines. But for when it happens durring work outs there really is not much to say but laugh 🙂

  2. That’s a good tip. I’ll use that. It may end up having both of us laughing, but that wouldn’t be the first time 😛

    (I edited out the slang in your comment because some of our readers are uncomfortable with it. I appreciate your intent and the feedback you have offered to our blog. It’s great!)

  3. I read a great article on this while I was at the gym the other day. I wish I could find a link to it.

    It basically said that you are more likely to trap air in your vagina if you change positions while engorged (aroused). You could start in a different position and then have you husband get into doggy or you into reverse cowgirl without pulling out. If he does need to pull out have him re-enter slowly. The chances of a pocket of air being trapped will decrease.

    That being said, my husband and I don’t take extra precautions to avoid these noises. He takes full credit for these sounds and says that they are equivalent to a burp after a good meal. 😉

  4. “He takes full credit for these sounds and says that they are equivalent to a burp after a good meal.”


  5. “He takes full credit for these sounds and says that they are equivalent to a burp after a good meal.”


    I agree!!!!! LOL! LOL!

  6. Where the heck have I been??? Never even heard of the term, “quif”. It doesn’t happen that often to me but my body isn’t normal anyway with a tilted pelvis and tilted uterus. The only time it has happened to me is when I am bearing down hard while my DH “tickles” my G-spot. I wasn’t about to let it interfere with the wonderful things that were going on but I was a little embarrassed. Hubby said, “Oh, Honey…it’s cute…a little c_ _ t fart”. Well, that cracked me up and now I think revisit that memory when it does happen. It makes me giggle.
    It is nice to be able to laugh at ourselves. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be at this place in my life…so comfortable with our sexuality and everything that goes along with it. What a tremendous joy.

  7. Now I have a cutesy word for those horribly mortifying noises. My husband actually gets a light in his eye because he is getting the message that he is causing this to happen when we please each other so heavily.
    Soooo, I can say ,”Oops, my QUIF” versus ‘my bad’….yyyyeeeesssss.
    Way too cool and a great addition to our secret code words. Thx again ladies 😉

  8. After 10 years of marriage, this past week I entered the stage of craving my husband. The thoughts I have are so new to me. I have been reading all of the blogs and love finding out that this is normal. We did it 10 times last week. (He’s away on business this week). Anyway, thank you for educating me on the quif. I came close to experiencing this several times last week and was mortified, and I would just twist (which my husband finds sexy) and the feeling would go away. I really thought my body was trying to pass gas.

  9. This happened to me for the first time last night. We were literally rolling on the bed laughing afterwards, but it was still kind of embarrassing, too! I guess if it only happens once every three years…I’ll laugh about it again – just hoping it doesn’t start happening too often, because after we were done laughing, it took a little time and work to get the mood going again. 🙂

  10. Yeah, for us it depends a lot on the position and I also didn’t have it happen before I had my kids. But glad you guys were able to enjoy the humor of it and then recover 🙂

  11. If anyone knows exercises or ideas on how to stop this, please post. We laughed & laughed the first few times…but it is getting not funny anymore! Some times we are goofy, but there are times we want just romantic and hot and this just kills the mood.

  12. Kegels should help if it’s a frequent problem during most of your love making. Also, note any patterns such as what position you are using, time of your menstrual cycle, and your arousal level. By being aware of what combination of factors influence it for you, you can better control the circumstances. I can appreciate your frustration, though, especially if this is a common problem for you.

  13. The best is when you are so relaxed and in the moment that you really do pass gas..even worse when he’s “down there”! It was MORTIFYING but I have never laughed so hard with my hubby. You just gotta roll with the punches sometimes!!!

  14. Hubbs thinks my queefing is hilarious. It seems pretty position-oriented.
    The first time it happened, we both stopped and were like, “What the heck??” And then, this is kinda weird, it became a bit of a turn on once we established that I was not breaking wind from the back door! It’s like, wow, really pile-drivin’ it, aren’tcha….

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