Bunches of O’s (Multiple Orgasms part 2)


 Whenever I heard of a woman saying that their orgasms would last forever or come right after one another I usually assumed that they were over exaggerating.  Then it happened.  I experienced this wonderful phenomenon for myself.  My husband and I were making love and I actually had to ask him to stop because it was just going and going.  The only analogy I can think of is riding this wave of pleasure but instead of coming down from the crest I just kept going and going. 

These types of orgasms usually come from a little luck and a lot of hard work.  First my body had to learn how to shorten my refractory time to nothing.  You read that correctly, women have a refractory time too.  I talked about how to do this in “Multiple Orgasms; Part One”.  Once you master sequential orgasms then your body may start having these “bunches of  o’s”.

Bunches of O’s:  This type of orgasm comes one after the other in a continuous string until you decide to stop.   They are much less common then the sequential o’s but they are possible.  You just need to work at shortening the time between your sequential o’s and with some persistence these “Bunches of O’s” can be achieved.  Instead of basking in the glow like we discussed in part one of this series you keep the stimulation going constantly. The last time I had one of these my poor husband thought he was going to have to perform CPR.  Do I have this type of contraction every time I have an orgasm?  No, but when they happen it is a nice surprise.

Warning:  If this is making you lose focus on what lovemaking is really about then it is not worth it.  Becoming one with your spouse is much more satisfying then any orgasm.  Trying for multiple orgasms should be a fun thing not something that consumes you. These are much easier to obtain if you just happen to ‘fall upon them’.  Meaning, don’t think about them too much. If you find yourself frustrated then just go with the one orgasm.  Quality is far better then quantity.   



  1. Mmmmm, yes. I have experienced this myself! The first time I could hardly breath and I think I had a couple of burst blood vessels on my face!

  2. I agree, I think it is learned. If you still feel really turned on after the first O, give yourself about 30 seconds of no stimulation – then start up again. I can get the second O within about 2-3 minutes after the first one now. It’s almost a sure thing. The third one seems to be harder and takes longer to get to. After that, I’m too wiped out to go for anymore, plus I’m ready to start concentrating on my husband’s pleasure.

  3. True, if it’s too sensitive stimulating indirectly or taking a short break usually works. 🙂

  4. I’ve never really had any problems in the area of orgasms. My DH and I have been blessed with a great marriage both in the bedroom and out of it. Which I think helps with O. All of this is because of God’s grace which we rejoice in. What I’m wondering is if you’ve ever heard of having an orgasm without genital stimulation. Lately I have experienced such a thing from me giving DH oral sex also from intense nipple stim. Is this weird? I’m not sure what it’s all about. Has anyone else experienced/heard of it?

  5. Hi lady,
    Have had the same wonderful happenstance pretty much every time I ‘taste my man’s fruit’.
    I push myself over the edge because for years, I offered him this service without ever feeling a ruddy thing and thought I was doomed to be asexual for the rest of my life.
    Now, I simply go ahead and allow delicious feelings to pervade my entire body resulting from either his light fondling of me or more serious caressing or self pleasuring. I get extremely excited along with him. Gets pretty steamy for me so that I feel quaky for at least half an hour afterwards.
    Amazing and so cool from my stand point and as you can imagine, his too 😉

  6. Hi Intended for Pleasure,
    I don’t think what you are describing is at all weird. I have not experienced this but since experiencing a sexual awakening a year ago I have been reading a lot on the whole subject of female sexuality. I read a book which I am not sure if I am allowed to post the author and title of so I won’t (not a christian book) written by a respected sex therpaist, the results of her study of hundreds of what she describes as “highly resposive women” (women who love sex!). Many of them described being able to achieve orgasm through thinking alone and no physical stimulation at all. Lucky them! And you!

  7. Thank you both for the comments. That’s exactly what it’s like, totally physcological just thinking of sex, and really concentrating on my thoughts can get me there! I’m not complaining, it’s sheer delight! However I had never heard of such a thing and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I’m so grateful for this site and like minded women! What a wonderful loving God we have that he would design our bodies to respond this way to the spouse he gave us.

  8. That happens to me as well and it is a wonderful thing. It goes to show that the brain really is the biggest sex organ in our bodies. 🙂

  9. I’ve been able to enjoy this, but only when my husband “goes down” on me. I’ve only achieved the big “O” one time during intercourse, and that was with the help of a vibe.

    I could hit about 6 or 7 times, though lately, possibly due to the fatigue that goes along with caring for a houseful of kids all day, I only seem to be able to hit 2 or 3 these days. I’m very grateful to experience any, given the struggle some of the women here have shared in not having any.

    I think I might be getting some g spot mini-O’s too. It’s a recent development that I only seem to get in certain positions, especially “doggie-style.” They’re not nearly as intense as what I’m used to with oral, but certainly very pleasurable in their own way.

  10. Yes, we do exist! Sometimes all I have to do is think of him, but mostly it’s brought on by things that have his familiar smell: clothes, etc. And pow! Also, stimulation of the nipples releases oxytocin, a powerfully euphoric hormone involved in maternal/infant bonding and sexual pleasure. Many breastfeeding mothers experience such sensations and approach their doctors with concern re: sexuality. Very common.

  11. Since the mind truly is the most important sexual organ, it can turn you on (or off) of having an orgasm! I have had orgasms without genital stimulation, too. I learned to when I first got married. My husband and I were doing FAM without using any barriers (condoms or diaphragms) so we used outercourse and major kissing. I think the first time I had an orgasm without genital stimulation, he was riding my upper back. Lots of great friction, we were both super excited sexually, and lots of sweet (hot) conversation. After the first time, it was much easier for me, since I knew that it was possible to actually finish, even though we were not having PIV sex–without fingering to climax or giving oral to climax.

  12. So, this is an older post, but I thought I would chime in. I’ve always been able to have multiples and I never knew that this was uncommon until recently! To me, though, it’s sometimes WAY too intense to keep going. I often have to ask my husband to stop because it’s so overwhelming, I feel like I just can’t go any more. My husband finds this particular attribute of mine (multiples) fun to play with and sometimes keeps it going until I pass out, literally!! Which probably sounds horrible, but it’s actually kinda fun 🙂 But I totally agree that O’s are a mental thing, too. I can’t achieve one without direct stimulation, but sometimes I can inadvertently prevent any by being stressed out or thinking too hard about having one.

  13. I know this post is really old, but I just became multi-orgasmic in the last couple months and was curious to ask y’all a couple questions about your experiences.

    I typically get off cowgirl with the help of a vibe, though the vibrator isn’t necessary–it just makes a little faster and/or more intense sometimes. Honestly, I very rarely go without the vibrator, though when I have, I’ve always been able to come. So when I suddenly decided to keep going one day recently, I wasn’t really sure what was giving me the 2nd orgasm. Was it the G-spot stimulation, the clitoral stimulation from the vibe, or both?

    Well, tonight I decided not to use the vibrator, and I easily got off once, then twice, and then I was feeling like I’d definitely get a third… but my husband was encouraging me to add the vibrator, in hopes that it’d make it especially awesome… And, well, I did get my 3rd (my first 3rd ever!), but it took a LOT longer and was a LOT more work.

    I am not certain if that is more just because it was the 3rd… or if I’ve discovered something about the type of stimulation that works best. Maybe actually even though the vibrator makes #1 easy and #2 guaranteed, I can more easily get a 3rd or 4th if I stick to G-spot only? Or maybe I’ve invented this correlation?

    I’m sure it differs for everyone, but I was really curious to hear if anyone else has noticed a difference in terms of what combination of stimulation helps them reach the most orgasms. Do you typically do best with clit, G-spot, both, or some sort of alternating pattern?

    I thought it might have to do with the clitoris getting overstimulated too easily. I know that’s a common issue, but I wasn’t sure if my perception that the G-spot basically NEVER gets overstimulated was accurate. Do you find that to be true–that the G-spot can’t experience overstimulation like the clitoris or nipples?

  14. my dh has always been able to stimulate me manually to multiple orgasms and I did once pass out. I just assumed this was normal. I also get orgasms without stimulation, while I’m asleep. It wakes me up of course bit it’s an amazing way to start the day.

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