Position #7: Froggy Style


My husband and I lovingly call this position “froggy style” because to me, he resembles a frog that’s about ready to jump.   

A few things to keep in mind about this position are:

*This is a modified missionary or man on top position. 

*Deep vaginal penetration and G-spot stimulation can be achieved. 

*This requires a bit of stamina on the part of the husband, since he’ll be doing all of the work.

*Although acrobatic training is not required, this may not be a great starting off position. It may require a little warm up before getting into it. 

1.  The husband is on top, but sitting up on his knees… the wife will be lying on her back with her legs on either side of her husband.

2.  The husband then gently moves his wife’s legs so that they rest on his shoulders. 

3.  The husband then repositions his legs so that his shins are resting on the back of his wife’s thighs… her ankles should now be on his shoulders.

4.  The husband may put his hands either on the bed beside her hips or grasp onto his wife’s shoulders for balance.

5.  The husband then thrusts with his hips using his hands and feet for balance.  The wife may hold onto the husbands shoulders or  brace her arms against his for added support.  

If your husband looks as if he’s ready to take a flying leap, then he’s adequately achieved froggy style.

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  1. The other night, my husband asked me if I had ever posted on the position we were currently enmeshed in. At first, rather shocked, I said “No!”–then I realized he did not mean on Facebook! Ummmmmmmmmm. Here. Of course! And it seems that I am the first to post on this position. 🙂 My husband (and I) like lots of things about this position.

    Our main difference is that, as far as I can tell, my husband never does the positioning change in #3, above.

    My legs–they can be straight up, wide apart, wide apart while bent at the knees, bent at the knees in front of me, supporting his chest/full weight, etc…

    When I first was married, I wore out while holding my legs wide open. It was definitely something “lady-like” me had to learn to do! And don’t think that this fun position is only for the skinny/toned! I weigh 185 lbs., and did this before losing quite a bit of baby weight. My husband weighs at least 30 lbs. more than I do.

    Like Sugar and Spice mentioned, this is a great position to work into. Get warmed up and well-lubricated with some other action–cowgirl? Then when you are both ready for a great lay, switch places, (or if you have already been on your back, just draw you legs up). As he thrusts, you may decide to reposition your legs some, to get him in deeper, to be more comfortable for your legs, or to make sure you are being rubbed in a really great way.

    Some things on the plus side:
    One thing is that he can see you better, unlike a straight-on, plain man-on-top position.
    He can touch your breasts, while thrusting, if you are supporting his weight on your legs.
    He can ask you to touch yourself–and get a great view.
    You MAY be able to kiss. It depends on the angles.

    You can lock your fingers behind your head, and relax into the bed that way–your breasts and neck will be in full view that way.

    If you and he like the slight bondage–he can hold your arms down in this position, and there is nothing you can do to keep from being taken.

    When you are both exhausted and/or finished, you can slide your legs down his back, and down to the sides of his body, and relax (at which point he will probably slide out of you, unless you are both making sure he does not)! He can roll to one side, (and off of you) right away, or not–depending on your mood–or level of exhaustion!

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