Sexual Play Using Coconut Oil


If you have read any of our past articles, then you know that we all really like coconut oil. It is a wonderful lubricant. You can find it at grocery stores or Walmart on the aisle with cooking oils and cake mixes. It stores easily, lasts for a very long time, and doesn’t get sticky like some other lubes do. But coconut oil can also be used other ways.

Here is an idea for the next time you want to try something new with your husband. Go to your bedroom and turn off the lights. Light several candles all around the room. Then undress and grab that coconut oil. Apply it all over your body. If you are a little uneasy with that, then at least lube up your breasts. The oil will melt once it comes in contact with your skin, and the results will be wonderful! Your skin will glisten in the candlelight. If your husband is a “rear” man, then lube up your back side for him! Look at yourself in the mirror to see how your body is shimmering. Then call in your husband. You can be standing there totally nude, or you could put on a sexy thong. Either way, notice your husband’s reaction when he sees your body shining in the candlelight.

Another idea is a full body massage using the coconut oil. My husband and I have done this and it is sensual and relaxing. You can use an old sheet on your bed (or on the floor in front of your fireplace!) if you are worried about the mess. You simply take turns giving each other a full body massage, using the oil to help your hands glide easily around each other’s bodies. We also used candles to make it more sensual and had soft music playing. Although we haven’t ever noticed the coconut oil staining our sheets, we still put down a couple towels across our bed to catch excess oil during the massage. . The last time my husband did this, he spent about an hour massaging all my muscles. I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. It was then very hard for me to get up to give him his turn! So you may want to take separate days to do this.

If you are planning on making love while coated with coconut oil, then be aware that you two will slide around more! You may find it fun and exciting, or you may decide that it makes sex more difficult. The feel of both of your bodies sliding around on each other is unlike no other though, so I encourage you to at least try it once, and see what it’s like!


  1. Just did this Saturday night. Veeeerrry nice;)

  2. Just bought some today at the Grocery store….can’t wait to try it out. Wish me luck!

  3. I wanted to put a reminder up here that this is oil and should be handled as such around an open flame. Some people set up candles on their nightstands and I wouldn’t want them to toss their coconut oil in the candles proximity.

    Just something to keep in mind.

  4. I bought the coconut oil and I will never use anything else. One of the good things about it, it is really good for you skin. Hubby and I really enjoy using it even when we don’t really need it. It tastes pretty good too.

  5. i just bought some after reading this and i’m SO excited to try it!! we’ve never used any type of lubricant before so this should be fun 😉

  6. massage time coming up for my, ‘recovering from a horrible allergy induced cold’, husband so am going to use coconut oil which will be a first time for me. have used sesame, olive and mineral for many years of massage but never coconut. will be interesting using a solid oil yet could microwave/warm it beforehand, for ease. love it on my face and hair so now we’ll play with it. i’m already smiling at the possibilities we could enjoy.

  7. There is no need to microwave it. Once you dip out some of the solid coconut oil in your hand, it starts melting immediately! I like the fact that it starts out as a solid because I can dip some out and not worry about it dripping on anything as I’m taking it to its destination. Once you start rubbing it on your skin, or your husband’s skin, it is just a few seconds before it’s all melted and slick.

    It seems like we did warm it in the microwave once before when we did our body massages on each other, but that was just so that we could drop very warm oil on each others bodies to make it more sexual 😉

  8. thanks for the info Cumingirl….love the idea about dropping warm oil. my naughty side is getting plenty of ideas. now i just have to help my man to finish a massage for me ? he’s so cute. way too much visual and there we go….end of massage therapy and onto the therapy which i crave anyway !!

  9. are there any really good natural lubricants that will work with condoms? we don’t normally use condoms, but on those rare occasions that we do, i didn’t know if there were any natural oil alternatives.

  10. Any oil based lube runs the risk of damaging the latex. If you are using condoms as birth control, I don’t know of a natural product. Maybe someone else can help with that…

  11. If you use non latex condoms (such as Durex Avanti) then I believe it is safe to use natural oils as its only latex condoms which are damaged by oil based products.

  12. Illi, did a quick check and yes, they are made out of polyurethane and therefore oils can be used with them. will look into gettimg some for us as I love to use oils for massage and am always paranoid about getting some on the condom… thanks for the info.

  13. Are there possible issues with having coconut oil in the vagina? I am prone to infections, just wondering if anyone has has it cause problems.

  14. It is very rare, but I have heard one woman say that she had a bad reaction from using CO as a lube. She posted on TMB about her seemingly allergic reaction to it, but there were hundreds of other women who had posted and said that they had no ill effects from it. (I *think* she had posted about experiencing a burning sensation) We love it and use it almost every time we have any type of sexual encounter. Oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, handjobs, breast sex, masturbating sessions together, using toys, ANYTHING.

  15. I went to the local health-food store today, but while looking at the selection of coconut oil I discovered that there were two different kinds: 1. Refined; 2. Unrefined. Which one do I want to buy? One said it was for use with higher temperatures (during cooking) and one for medium temperatures. I’m thinking I should go with the medium temp. so it will melt easier with body heat, but I want to make sure there’s not some major difference in the two that could affect health when used as an internal lube. Thanks in advance!!

  16. I’m not sure that it really matters much which one you use. I did find this information, that explains the difference in refined vs. unrefined.

    I just buy the plain kind in the white & green container from Walmart. It’s easily found on the cake isle with the other cooking oils. 🙂

  17. I’ve heard that egg whites are a natural lubricant that you can use with condoms.

  18. The way I found the CN’s site, was in my google search for a natural lubricant. The lubricants we tried before were irritating both of us in the genital area, my DH also didn’t like their scent.I purchased the coconut oil, and we absolutely love everything about it!!!!. The scent, the feel of it and the fact that it is edible… Since discovering this wonderful site almost two weeks ago, I have incoporated a mirror in front of our bed, we tried anal sex and I drank him down for the first time in over 27 yrs. of marriage!!The coconut oil on him while giving him oral was like a delight of almond joy…LOl… Next, I am incorporating pineapple juice to my DH’s diet for a delightful pina colada….lol I had my awakening a little over a year ago, it is so wonderful to now have this site to be able to learn more and enjoy a newness and a freedom we never had in our marriage bed before….

  19. Eek! I’d be very cautious about using any food product besides oil down there. Eggs can carry some very seriously bad bacteria once cracked open….. you could be introducing a potentially serious vaginal/UT infection. Besides the danger of infection, I can’t imagine it’d smell too pleasant either!

  20. If anyone’s interested in coconut oil as a lube, you might also be interested to read this link that I happened on today. It has all kinds of info about it’s components and what amazing things it can do for your body- inside and out!! Very cool stuff!

  21. oils are said to add too much moisture to the vagina… and therefore potentially causing infection.. but coconut oil, the unrefined, unprocessed, virgin kind actually has healing effects!! it’s anti-microbial even!! so have fun! 🙂

    oh! and i’ve found a natural lube that isn’t oil based.. for latex condom use… it’s organic, paraben free and vegan! it’s called sliquid organics and is water based.

  22. I’ve tried two different types of coconut oil and frankly hate the taste of both of them. What brand do you recommend? One of mine is tasteless and nearly odorless so it works in my hair and as lotion which I like but the other has a great smell but an “off” taste. It doesn’t taste rotten or anything bad like that but if yours actually tastes like something good I’d prefer to get that kind instead….it opens up more worlds for sexual play. Thanks.

  23. I knew the link Erin4Him posted above… to motivate all to read here’s the 1st paragraph.

    The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, *weight loss*, *increased immunity*, proper digestion and metabolism, **!! relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, **HIV and cancer**, dental care, and bone strength. These benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc.

    EVCO Cubes
    I used small mold like an ice cube tray, or candy molds are fun. Then gently melt a portion of the tub in a measuring cup, pour in molds, becomes really firm/had in the fridge. I make small suppositories with a measuring spoon. Then store them in the fridge. Having them ready keeps the container clean. Or you can have one tub for kitchen one for bedroom,

    According to the Coconut Research Center, coconut oil kills viruses that cause influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes, SARS, etc. It also kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gonorrhea, etc. Coconut oil is also effective on fungi and **yeast** that cause candidiasis, ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush, diaper rash, etc.

    I’ll wake up ‘wet’ from the frozen suppository. No sign of yeast infection (I also use sub-lingual B complex, and take lots of probiotics.

    We really enjoy taking the frozen chunks and doing massage, as they melt as you rub them on skin. I was writing words so he could guess. It really makes us find time.

    I’ve lost 50 pounds, and had no fat in my diet, my skin and hair were dry, so now I eat a few tablespoons a day. It’s easy, pleasant, good for dental health, so I swish it around for 1 minute and swallow. It’s called Oil Pulling. Fresh breath is sexy!

    I am not sure all the claims are tested/proven. But I’ve had nothing but positive results.

  24. I love reading about the coconut oil. As someone who has severe eczema, I am always looking for new ideas to help my skin. Now to be able to use this for foreplay and sex too? I’m excited!

    I want to try incorporating coconut oil into our anniversary getaway, but am unsure about using it as a lubricant while I’m pregnant. Does anyone have any information about this?

  25. I bought coconut oil after learning about it here and pulled off a very nice suprise candlelit Valentine’s Day massage for my man. He LOVED it. It was an hours long and he thought that I had secretly taken massage lessons! I have been apprehensive about giving massage before because my hubby hates lotions and oils of all kinds, but this oil did not bother him. He didn’t even want to shower after, and I was SURE he would. I bought the refined and unrefined just to try them both. The virgin unrefined has more coconut flavor. (BTW I made cookies substituting half the butter with unrefined co and the cookies were outstanding if you like coconut flavor!) I have also enjoyed using it as a lip gloss instead of the gunky stuff or chapstick. I found it at the health food store and bought organic. It is yummy just to taste on a spoon! 🙂

  26. lovely smooth sensual feel not sticy or tacky really nice to use istead of the usual lubricants

  27. My husband HATES coconut – the smell and the taste. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? We tend to just use baby oil for massages.

  28. My husband is the EXACT SAME WAY.I can’t even bring a Scentsy scent in the house, just the smell of coconut …. we don’t go there.

    THat being said, we do use Louana Coconut Oil. We buy ours at Walmart. It has NO odor or taste of coconut AT ALL. He is very happy and satisfied with it. You might look and see if you can find that brand where you shop.

  29. How about the Eucalyptus Spearmint oil from Bath & Body Works? I happen to have a bottle of it and use it to give my husband a nice back rub. He loves it :).

  30. I just wanted to add, that I’ve been using coconut oil on a cotton pad to wash my face. It removes all my makeup and dirt, you can see it on the cotton pad. Then I use another pad with rubbing alcohol. My face feels so clean and perfectly moisturized not to mention tighter. (No lotion needed) Forget all the expensive beauty regimens for me. This is working Great!

  31. Get MCT oil instead. Its coconut oil without the smell. u can even add perfume of your choice

  32. I have a 20 litre tin of cocnut oil for my soap making. I’ve been dealing with a consistent headache for almost 2 weeks now (trying out in my personal time a new position my husband requested lol) tonight he rubbed coconut oil on my back and neck, what a wonderful feeling AND it soaked wonderfully into my skin. I think we’ll give this a go next time we go for a romp and see how it goes.

  33. sugarcookie I have tried your tip and really like the results. I have rosacea and have to be careful but the CO followed up with a gentle facial soap leaves my skin clean and soft. Thanks!

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