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How do you look when you are looking at your husband or better yet your husband’s penis? I love looking at my husband’s body and I am sure he can tell by just the look on my face and my actions but I let him know verbally as well. Having the right attitude in bed can do wonders for your sex life.

If your man isn’t visual and more audio receptive tell him everything you plan on doing to him.  If your husband is visual you may want to strategically place yourself in front of a mirror so he can see you from different angles. Does he love lingerie? Why not put his favorite one on while you perform oral sex on him? If you can walk and chew gum at the same time you may even want to use a toy on yourself while you pleasure him with your mouth. 

During oral sex slowly take your time devouring your husband. Make sure he knows that you are happy being down there and that can’t get enough of him. I mentioned in my “Pleasing Your Wife” article that the husband should make you feel like the most delicious thing he has ever tasted and you should do the same for him. If you try one technique and it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Cumingirl wrote a helpful article on “Drinking Him Down” with some helpful tips on swallowing as well as some alternative methods to swallowing.

Don’t forget to smile. OK, smiling while performing oral can be a challenge but eye contact can do wonders as well. If you are stimulating your man with your hands you can certainly smile and tell him how he makes you feel. I’ve often wondered how the phrase ‘Blow Job’ and ‘Hand Job’ came to be. These acts are not like any job I have ever had they are a privilege. If something funny happens, laugh. You are celebrating each other. Not only are you stroking each others bodies, you are stoking each others egos too. Let him know how much he blesses you.

The key is to enjoy what you are doing. If you do swallow and you look like you just consumed a plate full of liver then your husband is not going to feel very good about it. If you are attempting a sexual act that is painful then you are not going to be too enthusiastic about it in the future. He is going to want you to enjoy and look forward to these acts as well so do only what you are comfortable doing. Is there something he really wants you to do but you have reservations? Pray and talk about it. Hopefully the two of you can meet in the middle. I have learned to extend my comfort zone and it has definitely added some spice to our marriage bed. So, what is his top priorty? It’s you, silly.  He wants to know that you are receiving pleasure from him. Don’t keep it a secret and if you are not receiving pleasure then talk to him about what can be done differently. Now go have fun and remember to show him some enthusiasm!! 😉



  1. This is just an awesome post!! GREAT ADVICE! Thanks ladies for a wonderful site!

  2. I agree that this is an awesome post. I adore pleasing my darling man. I feel as though it has become my life calling to bless and love him to the max. And, I am reaping fantastic benefits from him, too….delicious sex.

    I enjoyed reading and learning from this article. Thank you, PeppermintGirl 😉

  3. Great article! I have really grown to love oral play with my hubby. Since he had a vasectomy his semen is much better tasting, but it is still a texture to experience. I wanted him to taste it so one time I popped up and gave him a deep tongue kiss with a mouthful of semen. He found it really hot to share! It’s another kind of intimacy, a spicy little inside joke between us.

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