Toy Review: The Jack Rabbit


(This article contains links to pages featuring sex toys that are not on Christian sites.  Although these pages are “clean”, please be aware that if you travel off of these pages that you may see offensive content.) 

The first actual sex toy that we bought was the Original Jack Rabbit.  This isn’t some pseudo sex toy that can double as a “massager”, but this one is a real deal Lucille vibrator.  I was a little intimidated at first.  I was wondering if I would like it and if it would do what it was supposed to do, which would be to help me achieve orgasm. 

 The Jack Rabbit offers a rotating shaft for vaginal and G-spot stimulation, jumbling pearls that “pop” at the vaginal opening for added sensation and a rabbit-eared clitoral stimulator all at the finger tips of a wired control.  One of the great things about this product is that the user can isolate the shaft or the clitoral stimulus or use both together.  The control has easy dials to set the speed of the shaft rotation and the clitoral stimulation.   It’s made from a jelly material which makes for easy clean-up with an anti-bacterial wash or toy cleaner. This particular model is not waterproof , so it can’t accompany you in the shower.  It relies on batteries to run it’s motors and it’s always nice to keep extra batteries on hand.  The Jack Rabbit is on the lower end as far a pricing goes, so you get what you pay for in some respects, because this only lasted about six months before it started malfunctioning.    

Well, I’m pleased to report that it did just what it was supposed to do.  And I’m equally pleased to say that it happened quicker than I had imagined.  And since our bunny bit the dust only after a few months of ownership, we decided to upgrade to a higher end product.   Although, the Rabbit has been replaced, it’s still on my wish list to get another because we enjoyed using it so much.  I enjoyed its simplicity, its results and my favorite part was the jumbling beads… a sensation that’s not matched in any other vibrator that I own.  The Jack Rabbit is a great beginner’s toy and just as good for veterans as well. I definitely give this toy two bunny ears up and


  1. Oh yes. I give it many, many bunny ears UP (WAY UP!) myself!!

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I just got mine, and it is really good (not as good as DH, but good enough). 🙂

  3. I submitted a question and didn’t know if it actually got received cuz I didn’t receive any sort of notification or answer…but just wondering if a toy like this has a tendency to put distance between a couple or help closeness?

    I ask because we have enjoyed external, clitoral vibrators and that’s worked well, and we’ve done it together and it’s been fun for both of us and we’ve been able to stay close…in fact, she can’t seem to “finish” until my services have been rendered, which is nice for me. Now, I’ve considered including toys like the jackrabbit, but I’m concerned that inserted toys are going to be so good at doing the job and satisfying that need for internal contact (that normally I provide) that suddenly the services I provide won’t be needed. After all, my “toy” doesn’t have pearls, or a rotating head and doesn’t vibrate, so by comparison mine is pretty tame. From a woman’s perspective, is it possible to include toys like that which might be very satisfying for a woman, but still keep or increase the closeness between a husband and wife?

    What say ye?

  4. there is one thing that I would like to say about vibrators that I think more people should look into and be aware of, first im going to give some personal history. at the start of me and my husbands marriage it was really hard for me to achieve orgasm, I have never been with anyone but my husband or even dated. and after about six months later my husband made me O but even after that it would take so much time and effort to get me there that it was only on occasion that I would have one. so we decided to try using a vibrator, and that helps well at first ( and when I say at first I mean like 2 or 3 times) then it would take just as long, and with a lot of effort. about six months went by, and my husband looked up if there were any health ricks or side affects from using a vibrator, and it turns out that they can cause nerve damage and loss of sensation and sensitivity. and even aside from medical reasons, how does a piece of plastic unite two people? when I can tell you that most men especially with something like the above product being discussed, feel very threatened, and most wont say anything about it because they know you enjoy it. so if your husband has any feelings on this issue, or even hinted at it to you, then maybe you should try and work on your sex life together instead of always having a piece of plastic in between the two of you. another reason I can give you is that you get used to the sensation of a vibe, making it harder for a person to achieve orgasm without it, so again, if its not working to your benefit together and helping you both get better as lovers then how is it bringing you closer as a husband and wife? how is this cherishing one another if your husband is secretly hurt because of your love and choosing of a piece of plastic, that maybe making him feel obsolete? how is that raising him up to be the best man he can be? I can understand vibrator use for people who have to, like people with medical problems, or people that really cant achieve orgasm without one.

    im not trying to sound harsh, I just wanted to give another point of view about vibrators and give people something to think about. I know that for some couples its okay if you both are for sure okay with it, but I just cant see how this would uplift our husbands because it sure didn’t uplift mine and if it doesn’t then that means its wrong.
    also since me and my husband have been working on our sex life just the two of use it has been WAYYY better then any vibrator can give me, and we have grown so much closer, I have achieve orgasms faster, and even have achieved Female Ejaculation.
    and mind you this is nothing against your site or anything like that,
    just something to think about..

  5. I can definitely see how it became a division between you and your husband and so I completely agree that it was not beneficial for you to add vibrators. Having said that, what you experienced with them and were lead to do in response can not be transferred as a standard for others. For other people vibrators are the equivalent of wearing lingerie or sensual massage or any other spice. They help draw a husband and wife closer together. I know it is hard for you to imagine since it had the opposite effect on you, but a lot of men really enjoy seeing their wives use a vibrator and using it on them.
    Still, I agree that since it became a distraction to intimacy for the two of you, that you are better off without them and it sounds like the two of you are thriving! That’s fantastic.

  6. Your answer was already part of my post lol. I understand what your belief is on the subject, you completely missed the point of what I was saying. What I was saying was more about the heart of the matter.

  7. I understood what you were saying and felt it unfair for you to transfer your heart of the matter as a standard for everyone. When you say “I can tell you that most men especially with something like the above product being discussed, feel very threatened, and most wont say anything about it because they know you enjoy it,” I believe it unfair to use the term “most men.” You know it to be true for your own husband, but for many men that is not the case at all.

    We, the authors of this blog, appreciate different points of view, but at the point where people transfer a personal conviction as a standard for different practices in the marriage bed, unless it is expressly forbidden or commanded by God, we speak up to defend each couple’s ability to work out the grey areas between themselves and the Lord.

    What you originally posted has a lot of helpful information to consider and it’s just this one aspect of what you said that I wanted to discuss.

  8. you are right I shouldn’t have said most men. I didn’t mean to cause any kind of conflict. but it isn’t really about what i said its about the heart of the matter and I think that its good to bring out a different point of view then what is usually the main. like if this is causing loss of sensitivity then is this going to grow my sex life, or hinder it? im all about moving on and growing with my partner, i just think we should take a closer look at this issue and I mean research it. if i am used to the feeling of a powerful vibe, and less sensitive to my husband, then is this really helping us grow together and become the best we can be together? and i know that this site is mainly women, i know there are men readers and men who comment, but its still mainly women, other sites that i have researched about this had other blogs and most of them said that at first they thought it was hot but after a while they felt that they were not truly wanted or needed to say it shortly. im not saying all men or anything like that, im just saying more then what you think, because when you truly think about the heart issue of the matter, its not very up lifting to them, its not showing them that you need them, or that you truly want them. and again not saying all men or most men, just some men on other sites, secular sites, medical site ect. sorry if i offended you in anyway that was not my intension what so ever. it just seemed like you blew off my main point without truly taking it into consideration. one man said that he works with a hand saw, and from the vibrations of the hand saw, can no longer feel his hand. if that can do that to some ones hand then what is it doing to our most sensitive area of our bodies? the sex toy industry isn’t going to advertise their products by telling people its vibes are medically proven to cause loss of sensitivaty.

  9. No offense taken and I appreciate the intention of what you are saying in that it is best to make sure that your husband is comfortable with the idea and to be aware of the risk of reduced sensitivity.

  10. Using a hand saw as part of a profession may have an adverse effect on a persons hand, however I don’t think using a vibe for a short time will have any lasting adverse effects on ones “sensitive areas”. Just my .02.

  11. My husband was in the “acting threatened” category on this topic. It caused some sexual strife for us (I aired some of my discontent on here, in fact); but after a long talk and much prayer, his attitude changed. Now I’m awaiting my delivery from ChristianLoveToys. Can’t wait! It has helped him to know that in the meantime, he’s been able to help me orgasm nearly every time on his own. I fell into a “most men” trap myself, believing that what women say on this site about their husbands reflects the majority of men – and it caused me to question my husband’s “normalcy.” But in truth, God made them individuals, just as he made us women individuals. The nerve damage info is quite interesting, though. It’s certainly worth looking into.

  12. I agree with you that we should be aware of the sensitivity issue… but I don’t think that it really would be a great big deal unless we are using a vibe ALL the time. For some of us it’s just a here and there thing that in no way replaces our love life with our DH. I don’t really agree with the statement that “it’s not very uplifting to them, it’s not showing them that you need them or that you truly want them.”
    If your husband likes to use it on you or with you, then it IS uplifting him, and I don’t think that wanting or needing your husband would ever be replaced with a vibe unless you refuse your husband and only use a toy. Which, of course, would be against everything the bible says. It doesn’t have to be used in place of my DH, we can have fun together. If he thinks it’s sexy and wants to use it on me, or have me use it during anal, or whatever, then it can truly compliment our sex life.
    I’m not trying to offend you, and I respect your convictions, but saying that it doesn’t uplift “them” or show” them” that you want or need “them”, kinda puts an unfair guilt trip on those of us who enjoy vibing with our DH.
    I don’t want to argue or anything, I just thought that should be put out there.

  13. I’m not trying to argue either, I just thought it would be good to bring it up on this site because it is biblically based. I kinda feel like the black sheep of the blog lol. But when I said most, I already clearified that it was wrong to say that. What I truly meant was there are more men that feel that way then what you would think. I also said that it is okay if both are for sure okay with it, but everyone seems to think that I’m talking about EVERYONE when I never said that, so what I said was fair because I did state that from the very begining, I know it probably came off the wrong way, I’m sorry that that happened. All I was saying is that people should take a closer look at the heart of the matter, if you want to know what that is read my other 2 posts because I really don’t want to go over it again. And yes it is medically proven that vibe use can cause loss of sensitivaty, and also women have found that it can make it harder for them to acheive orgasm with their husband alone after using a vibe for a while. I understand that this has never been questioned on this site before or on any sex toy site, so it probably sounds taboo to everyone.

  14. What I am finding difficult is that the vast majority of your posts bring up valid points and then you say something like “I just thought it would be good to bring it up on this site because it is biblically based” and at that point, I start to find your comments bothersome.
    It bothers me that you are taking what has been a true “heart of the issue” matter for you and your husband, and something I have already said that I believe to be a legitimate reason for you to not use vibrators, and you transfer what God has lead YOU and your husband to do as a standard for everyone.
    If the use of a vibrator becomes a point of division in the marriage, it should not be used, but the truth remains that for other couples it has nothing to do with replacing the husband.
    Also, for many women, they have the opposite response to the use of a vibrator and it’s effect on orgasm. For many of us, learning to orgasm with a vibrator taught us how to have one at all and then once we knew how to achieve one, we could teach our husbands how to give us one.

  15. Before I got married, I kinda had mixed feelings about vibrators and other forms of sex toys. My husband has a book on sex (with a chapter dedicated to introducing the reader to the different kinds of toys out there), and I admit I’ve been going through it a LOT since our wedding day.

    Seeing he’s a Navy man and sometimes goes out to sea for a few weeks (or for 6 months next year), now there’s a valid reason for considering vibes, seeing we’ve only been married for 4 months.

    I’m not afraid of dependency. While it will feel good during the time he’s away, nothing can take the place of him :).

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