Position #8: Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT technique is a modified version of missionary. We use our own version of it often in this house. It has been criticized for being complicated, yet many couples seem to love this position. This technique is all about getting pressure applied to the clitoris. That makes sense, because we all know that clitoral stimulation is most often what women need for orgasm to take place anyway.

In this position, the husband enters from on top, as in missionary. He then moves his body upward a little, so that the base of his penis, or his pubic bone, is applying pressure to the wife’s clitoris. Then, instead of just thrusting in and out like a piston, the couple takes turns rocking back and forth, keeping constant pressure on the wife’s clitoris. The husband isn’t able to achieve deep penetration this way, but it does help to arouse the wife. She needs to be mostly in control of this give and take. It is all about constant pressure with subtle movements from both partners continuing. For more information on this position, click here.

The wife can fold her feet around her husband’s legs to gain leverage for doing her own thrusting. The key to this technique is for both spouses to be moving their pelvis, not just the husband. It works best if he does not have to hold himself up on his hands or arms. He can lay down halfway on top of his wife, leaning part of his weight to one side of her, while wrapping his arms around her back and holding her tight. I’ve looked for an illustration or sketch of this technique online, but it really can’t be showed in a picture. All pictures of it just end up looking like regular missionary position. There is another site that gives specific steps for mastering this technique, located here.

The CAT can be used to sufficiently arouse the wife to the point where she is almost at orgasm. Then the husband can start thrusting like normal missionary while the woman is experiencing her orgasm. Often times this can result in almost simultaneous orgasms!

Pros: This position gives clitoral stimulation to the wife. It also allows for kissing and closeness.

Cons: Coital Alignment Technique does not allow for deep penetration. It can take the husband a little while to get the hang of it, because it isn’t about thrusting.


  1. I want to update this article by giving another link that may be useful to couples.
    This is another “eHow” link that gives specific steps used to achieve this position, and it also gives a pencil sketch of what the position should look like. If you click on the sketch, it will enlarge it for you, showing you how the husband’s pubic bone should be situated over the clitoris. **This is a pencil drawing of male and female genitalia in the act of sex. In my opinion it is used for informational purposes, to show how parts line up, and not intended to titillate.**

  2. I am confused about “rocking” v. “thrusting” I know what thrusting is but I can’t get a visual in my head. Does your H rock back and forth is a slow thrusting motion? Does he rock side to side?

  3. The ehow.com links seem to no longer be valid. I also did a search for the article titles and could not find them.

  4. My husband is great at this! The other day though, I was on top and he grabbed my hips and pushed me lower on him and basically achieved the same stimulation with me on top and him moving me with his arms…LOVED IT!

  5. Help! My hubby and I tried the CAT last night. We we’re both excited and it felt good for a while but it started causing a lot of pain seemingly on my pelvic bone. I thought it might get better so I didn’t ask him to stop right away but it was eventually quite a turn off for me. My hubby was no longer fully alert either. What a bummer! I had low back surgery a few years ago and maybe I’m misalighned down there, but I don’t know what else we/he did wrong. Any ideas?

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