Orgasm, Chocolate and Friends…..Oh My!!!!!!



After a woman experience an orgasm (especially one where their husband is involved) they immediately get this happy euphoric feeling. They have more patience, feel more attractive, and their confidence is soaring sky high. Forget all those infomercials trying to sell the miracle cure all for feeling good. Their husband has found how to do this all on his own without any aides!!! (Or so I thought.)

A lot of it does have to do with the connection you have with your husband but there is something else happening within the body. Endorphins are being released. These are neurotransmitters that are produced in the brain. They reduce pain and help you have a better sense of well being.

If you are unable to have an orgasm you can still get this endorphin release from other ways!!!!

* Positive thinking. Try to see that silver lining in everything you do. Praying may help you do just that.

* Eating chocolate has a similar effect. A bite or two will do. No need to over indulge. Unfortunately, the endorphin rush from chocolate is pretty short lived.

* Becoming emotionally moved by a movie, music or taking in some touching art.

* Move physically. Working out is a great way to feel and look better. They don’t call it a ‘runner’s high’ for nothing.

* Be frightened. Do you remember the thrill of hide and seek? Wondering if you will be found? The thrill you feel after going on a roller-coaster? These are all activities that release endorphins. (And my kids wonder why I am constantly trying to par take in their hide and seek games.)

* Sunlight. Ever feel those winter blahs? Sun light helps to brighten our mood as well as our day.

* “Laughter is the best medicine.” I always wondered why it is so hard for me to go to sleep after going out at night with my friends. We laugh about 95% of the time we are out.

All of these activities release different level of endorphins. I am thinking that eating chocolate is the lowest and having an orgasm, the highest. Other benefits to releasing endorphins, besides the sense of well being, are it jump starts your libido and suppresses your appetite.  Personally, I’m going for the endorphin overload. I would love to figure out a way that my husband and I could do everything at once. My challenge is eating chocolate while being frightened, I’ve never been a very emotional eater, but I think the rest is doable. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!!!


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