Satin Sheets

I love satin sheets. We’ve only had them for a year or so. Some friends got them for us for Christmas one year, in sexy black! Now that I know what it’s like to have satin sheets, I’m hooked!

I know some people who don’t like them. They complain that the sheets actually allow for too much movement. In other words, when they are being intimate, they can’t do some of the stuff they are used to doing because the sheets are causing them to slip around on the bed. This has caused some frustration.

When we first got ours, the main thing I noticed was that my pillows kept falling off the bed! And remember, we have bed risers. So it was a pretty good fall. So when I would try to reach down and get it, I couldn’t reach it. That was somewhat frustrating, but I got used to keeping a firm hold on my pillows, and now that is no longer an issue.

The satin feels so nice against our skin, and not just during intimate times. I love sleeping on the satin. We have noticed that we do slip and slide a bit more during sex now, but we don’t view it as a bad thing. We almost look at it as if our bed is wearing lingerie. It’s sexy and inviting, and it makes us feel even more erotic when we are making love on it. It makes our bedroom romantic, and is really pretty when using candlelight.

Our children love the feel of the sheets also, and have asked for them for their bedrooms too! If you are interested in trying them, you can find some reasonably priced sets at Wal-Mart and Amazon. also has some good deals on them. Be sure to read the customer reviews for each product.

We give pepper heart ratings here, when we write a review for a new toy or product. I’ll give satin sheets 4.5 pepper hearts, because I really do love them!


  1. I don’t mind the sheets for the way they feel during sex, but I get soooo hot when I’m sleeping & satin doesn’t “breathe”, so I just sweat when I sleep on them. Blech! No thanks. I’ll stick with my cotton sheets. 🙂

  2. Egyptian Cotton. It’s expensive, but worth every dollar sign.

  3. I agree, at least 400 or 600 thread count. You can find them in some outlet stores pretty cheap or even online. I bought ours at our state fair very cheap. (2 king size 600 count for $60) They,re very soft, but not as slippery as satin.

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