In Someone Else’s Home

For the first several years of my marriage I notice a peculiar pattern forming on the part of my husband. Whenever we visited family or friends it seemed to bring out his frisky side. For whatever reason, he always seemed to want to fool around when we were in someone else’s house. Perhaps it was simply the ability to relax away from home and be free enough in his thoughts to think about it or maybe the excitement of being in a new place. Interestingly enough, this tendency on the part of my husband played a key part in my awakening.

We were visiting friends and everyone had gone out so we were in the house alone. My frisky husband asked if he could take some risqué pictures of me and I timidly agreed. This was the beginning of my awakening. Somehow through the voice of Jesus to free me and the voice of my husband to speak life to me, in my soul and spirit I suddenly believed that I was incredibly beautiful to him and that it felt good to embrace my sexuality in a godly and passionate manner.

So I have very positive feelings about taking opportunities to push out of our comfort zones a little bit and be a little risky if we are staying with friends or family, while at the same time not disrespecting the people we are staying with by purposely invading their space with loud screaming and moaning.

Having said that, trying to be quiet is part of the thrill. When a certain touch usually causes you to vocalize, the need to be quiet can build the intensity. When your husband has to resist the urge to tell you in one way or another how great it feels to have your mouth on him during oral sex, the need to release those feelings without words can be very exciting. Thus, the thrill many feel at the prospect of having sex with others nearby.

In much the same way that a couple might embrace having sex outdoors as exciting, but limit the true potential for voyeurism you need to consider the same when you decide to have sex at someone’s home you are visiting. The point is not to parade your sex life in front of your friends and family. The point is to take an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your love to one another in a unique way.

So go for it. Next time you are visiting friends or family and you have chance to sneak away for a little romp, give it a try.

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  • March 2008
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